Our work against unjust war.

+ Protect the poor and powerless-- listen, learn, educate, organize, empower participation, and respect life from the moment of conception to the time of natural death. The 4th work of justice and peace.

With the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Catholic Church in the United States had an evangelical opportunity to truly witness to the depth of our belief in the Gospel of Life.  Alas, that catechetical moment was not to be, and the Catholic Church and our bishops for the most part lined up with the rest of the crowd calling out, not for a just response to the aggression, but for acts of unjust war that, as time has proven, have not made us safer but instead have increased our risk of danger from terrorism and outside aggression.  At no time did we conduct an examination of our national conscience, in order to determine who the 'secondary terrorists' were in these actions -- these are those who, by their actions, goaded these people towards violence and enabled their actions.

Instead of standing forthright for the Gospel of Life and defending the rights of the people of Afghanistan and Iraq to life, from the moment of conception to the time of natural death, the bishops have essentially preached a gospel of moral relativism. These themes are drawn out in greater detail in the documents linked below.  The moral facts on the ground are simple:

  • The Iraq War has an objective moral reality that is not dependent upon our perception of it.
  • The Iraq War is either a just war - or it is an unjust war. It is not "both-and", it is "either-or".
  • Both John Paul II, and then Cardinal Ratzinger ( who at the time of the Iraq and Afghan wars was head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith), judged these wars as unjust. These were the two most eminent Catholic authorities on both the teachings of the Catholic Church and the application of its teachings to situations such as prevailed in the first decade of this century.
  • Therefore those who claim that the wars on the people of Iraq and Afghanistan are just were and are to this day wrong. Those who say that there is more than one Catholic response to these wars are wrong. This is not a debate about the prudence of engaging in a just war. This is about the immorality of participation in an unjust war.  The killing associated with those wars, by the aggressors, is the moral equivalent of abortion.  See also the Lenten letter of Bishop John Michael Botean and Fr. Charles Emmanuel McCarthy's work on Moral Law and the US Bishops.

This page has links to the my commentary and work on the Afghanistan and Iraq War issues going back to 1998. It is roughly in chronological order, from the most recent to the oldest.  It is unlikely that I have found everything that I have had to say on the subject, but a lot of it is here.  It includes all of my responses to the poor response of the U.S. bishops to these unjust wars. There is some material missing from 1999-2001, due to the non-availability of the archives of the Catholic justice and peace listservs which I moderated at www.cin.org. I have also included links to the statements of the Catholic Worker
 movement about the war, Bishop Botean's declaration of the injustice of the Iraq War, and Fr. Emmanuel McCarthy's essay on moral law and the Iraq war,  all of which have been influential in the development of my thoughts on these issues.

No bishop has ever responded to my writings on this subject even though some of this material was sent by postal mail to all of the US bishops and all of the Vatican bishops.

The whole world should be worried about the fact that the Catholic Bishops of the world's most heavily armed country, which has more troops in foreign countries than any other country, and is fighting three wars at this time, appear to believe that there is an American Exception to the teachings of the Catholic Church on war, peace, justice, and life.

Bob Waldrop

Oct 31 2016 Call to boycott the national collection for the military archdiocese.

Sept 30, 2016 Oops! The US Catholic bishops forgot to include war on their list of issues for pro-life month.

April 2016 Catholic Worker -- special edition for the Vatican Conference on Nonviolence and Just Peace.

Letter to Cardinal Turkson sent with 100 copies for distribution to those attending the conference.

No, we have not received a reply to this letter, nor did we really expect one. We have not had a reply from any of the other Vatican cardinals and bishops who also received a copy of this, nor from any of the United States bishops that we also sent this edition to. 

And yes, we sent one to Pope Francis but there is an army of ecclesiastical bureaucrats between usn's and him, so we doubt our missive got anywhere near his desk. The Vatican is well practiced in managing popes.

We have been attempting to correspond with the Vatican and the US bishops since December 2001 on this issue. We don't really expect a reply, because well, who are we? Long haired radical peacenik Catholic Workers who actually take the Church's teachings on war and peace seriously.  Is there anyone more marginal than that in this world of violence and wealth? The rich and powerful are well practiced in the art of marginalizing those who object to their depredations, and it starts with refusing to notice that someone is talking to them, or attempting to talk with them anyway.  That's OK, we're also praying for all these bishops. We love them and care for them, which is why we have invested so much in attempting to help them understand how their betrayal of the Gospel of Life is such a scandal. 

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