India flagAccess to Amartya Sen

Winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize for Economics

His Personal Website

Wikipedia on Amartya Sen

Poverty and Famines, Googlebooks online version.  Oxford Scholarship Online review and summaries of chapters.

Hunger and Public Action, full text of an on-line book,

Press Release from the Nobel Prize Committee regarding the awarding of the prize in economics to Amartya Sen

Nobel Autobiography | Nobel Prize Lecture

Infrapoverty - presentation of Amartya Sen at conference on Making Infrastructure Work for the Poor,

Poverty, Evil, and Crime - Oct 5, 2007

Democracy as a Universal Value, Journal of Democracy, 1999.

Human Rights and Asian Values, the 16th annual Morgenthau memorial lecture on ethics and foreign policy, Introduction and summary (summary by Amartya Sen) of the speech, free download, address for ordering the hardcopy full text ($5.00).

Identity and Violence,  NY Times review of his book.

Amartya Sen, his Harvard faculty page. His CV.

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