Defend the lowly and the fatherless, render justice to the afflicted and needy. Rescue the lowly and poor, deliver them from the hand of the wicked. Psalm 82, 3-4

The Oklahoma City Catholic Worker

Internet Edition + Volume II #1 + The world will be saved by Beauty + Fall 2001

Harambe is an African word meaning, "Let's all work together!"HOME

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May-June 2000 edition

Right to work for less? Seven ways that Oklahoma's right to work for less proposal violates the social teachings of the Catholic Church.

Catholic popes and bishops on the importance of labor unions, John Paul II, Paul VI, Leo XIII, US Catholic Bishops.

How can I help the OKC Catholic Workers? Lists of items needed and volunteer opportunities.

Basic facts about recycling, occasionally you still hear people say that they don't recycle because it doesn't help the environment. Here's some basic facts that disprove that notion.

In memory of Bernice Watts, an 86 year old OKC woman who died of heat exhaustion after OG&E cut off her electricity last July.

The Disaster of Globalization, excerpted from an article in the Agribusiness Examiner by E.V. Krebs

Novena to St. Joseph, for the defeat of SQ 695, the "right to work for less" referendum.

Upcoming OKC Catholic Worker activities:

All activities are at 1524 NW 21, OKC, 73106, 405-557-0436

Sept. 17 - 25, Novena to St. Joseph for the defeat of SQ 695

Sunday, September 23rd, 6 PM, Evening Prayer

Sunday, October 21st, 6 PM, Evening Prayer

Saturday, November 3, 9 AM, Morning Prayer for the feast of St. Martin de Porres.

Each Saturday morning, 9 AM, grocery distribution

Defend the lowly and the fatherless, render justice to the afflicted and needy. Rescue the lowly and poor, deliver them from the hand of the wicked. Psalm 82, 3-4

The Oklahoma City Catholic Worker

Internet Edition + Volume I #3 + The world will be saved by Beauty + May-June 2000

Harambe is an African word meaning, "Let's all work together!"HOME

Mondragon A Better Way to Go to Work? "Many visitors come here and ask us why we have such an unusual business. But, I say to them: Don't you think it's strange that more organizations in the world aren't like this one?" Comment by a Mondragon Cooperative worker-owner.

"Nothing differentiates people as much as their respective attitudes to the circumstances in which they live. Those who opt to make history and change the course of events themselves have an advantage over those who decide to wait passively for the results of the change". Fr.José María Arizmendiarrieta. . .

"Right to Work" or Attack on Civil Society? Didn't your daddy teach you not to buy a pig in a poke? There's been a full court press this year in Oklahoma pushing "right to work." People say that unions are passe, superfluous, not needed. . .

Who is Dorothy Day? Since starting our little Catholic Worker house, many people have asked our headline questions. Dorothy Day was born November 8, 1897 and died on November 29, 1980. During World War I, she adopted the "Bohemian" lifestyle, and ran with the radical literary circle that included Eugene O'Neil. She was active with a number of political causes, and was first arrested in 1917 in front of the White House, demonstrating for women's suffrage. . .

Update on Oklahoma Natural Gas We had a nice visit in April with Dr. Doug Newsom, a journalism professor at TCU in Ft. Worth, who is a member of the board of directors of ONEOK. She is the only one from ONG or ONEOK that has responded to our letters. We've had no further word from the Corporation Commissioners, Denise Bode and Bob Anthony did not respond to our letter. . .

On Worker Solidarity and Unions , from Laboren Exercens by Pope John Paul II. (8) This question (of workers in industrialized societies) and the problems connected with it (in the 19th century) gave rise to a just social reaction and caused the impetuous emergence of a great burst of solidarity between workers, first and foremost industrial workers. . .

Letter to the Editor I've finished reading Dorothy Day's Long Loneliness (ed. note: her biography), and Loaves and Fishes. I would like to have known Dorothy and Peter and the many others she references in her books. I must have been in some deep dark pit not to have known of their existence during their living. I surely do connect with them. . .

Accelerating Hopelessness My name is Eunice Kazembe from Malawi, currently Malawi's Ambassador to Taiwan. I was born in an African village, my mother and relatives still live in villages. I have on-the-ground personal experience with the realities and effects of grand sounding economic theories thrust on people in the last three decades. . .

The plight of the poor under globalization , 1. The already thin margins of the poor everywhere are being stretched to the breaking point. . .

Ten Commandments for Corporations #1. Honor and serve the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not exclude faith and morality from the marketplace. . .

Bricktown needs a public market! What has 9 acres, 9 million annual visitors, 100 farmers, 150 craftspeople, 300 commercial businesspeople, and 50 performers? Pike Place Market in Seattle.

Easter Lectionary Readings Last month's issue consisted largely of justice and peace meditations on the lectionary readings. We prepared them for the Easter season, but couldn't squeeze them into this issue so we posted them on the internet at the address below. If you do not have access to the internet, call us at 405-557-0436 and leave your name and address and we will send them to you right away.

Living Justly on this Good Earth

These articles highlight practical applications of the Gospel call to stewardship. Our emphasis is on what families, individuals, and civil society groups can do to be proper stewards of this good Earth on which we live. The common good benefits when people voluntarily accept responsibility for their civic duties.Like charity, environmental justice begins at home.

Just Composting Composting is not very glamorous, but it is at the heart of community stewardship. If you need evidence of our abuse of the prosperity God has generously given us, look at the leaves, branches, grass clippings, food, and other such useful organic items that we routinely wrap in non-decomposing plastic and send to the dump, thus interrupting the cycle of nature, which was established by God.

Community Canning Kitchens Home preservation of garden produce (including making pickles, relishes, chutneys, etc.) is experiencing a revival. It involves work, but it also provides much value. Home preservation in the year 2000 isn't what it was in the year 1900. There is more than one way to reduce the work and increase the value.

Two Incomes, Three Expenses, Just Wages You wouldn't be the first family to question both parents working outside the home. We often forget that there is more than one way of creating wealth and income comes in many forms.