Ten things you can do with a plastic bucket

1. Store food.

2. Use it as an improvised clothes washer.

3. Raise plants in it (vegetables, flours, herbs, small trees).

4. Use it as an improvised toilet.

5. Use it as a fire extinguisher (filled with sand or water).

6. Make it a diaper pail (with a water/chlorine bleach sanitizing solution).

7. Fill with a mixture of "green and wet" and "brown and dry" materials (such as dried leaves and kitchen scraps) and make compost.

8. Raise worms for your garden or for fishing.

9. Turn it into an improvised crockpot. Line the interior with foil and layer the bottom with insulating material, heat the food to boiling, place in a covered pot and put in the bucket. Pack the sides and top with insulating material, and put the lid on tight. Depending on the diameter of the bucket, it may be best to lay the bucket on its side, you want 4 inches of insulation all around. This is good for 2-4 hours of cooking, depending on the insulation.

10. Paint it black, fill it with water, put it outside in the sun, and voila, solar water heater.