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A Plea for the Poor, or A Word of Remembrance and Caution to the Rich, by John Woolman, Quaker, written about 1763-64, originally published in 1793. A detailed examination of the plight of poor people in the American colonies. Change some of his examples to modern situations, and the book would be as relevant today as it was then. John Woolman was an early personalist, who went and knocked on the doors of slave owners to teach them better morals. See also the Journal of John Woolman.

Los Angeles Mission, website of the print publication by the same name, published by the Los Angeles Lay Mission, an organization of lay people calling the Church to faithfulness and orthodoxy.

International Network on Personal Meaning, in the tradition of Viktor Frankl. Worthy Lives - Corrie Ten Boom, Mother Teresa, Albert Schweitzer, among others.

Viktor Frankl at 90, interview in First Things magazine.

Viktor Frankl, Holocaust Survivor, a tribute page with photographs, quotes from his works, various introductory info.

Viktor Frankl, links, info. Comprehensive access.

John Ryan Institute for Catholic Social Thought, at St. Thomas University, Center for Catholic Studies.

Social Justice, from e-Catholic2000, an excellent brief into to the Church's social justice teachings.

Justice Studies Association, from the Dept. of Sociology of Wheaton University, An organization for academics, practitioners, and activists involved with the topics of criminal justice, restorative justice, social justice, economic justice . Sponsors the Contemporary Justice Review.

Harvard Living Wage Sit-in , Harvard University, a wealthy, powerful, and prestigious academic institution, does not pay many of its workers a living wage. These students, have come together in solidarity to call their institution to a better standard of behavior. This link has action info - we urge everyone to call, write, fax, or email Harvard University in support of the students - and contact the students directly, by phone or email, too! We invite all to join in a novena of prayers to Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin for the intentions of these students and the Harvard workers. Find our novena prayer here.

Oscar Romero , from the Archdiocese of San Salvador, in Spanish, information about the canonization process, texts of his homilies.

The International Vincentian Family , new interactive website sponsored by the worldwide Vincentian family. Besides access, the site offers discussion forums, news updates, art, links, spirituality.

Twomey Center for Peace through Justice , at Loyola University in New Orleans, focus on workers rights, racism, poverty, and justice.

Office of Social and International Ministries , from the US Jesuit Conference. In All Things , online version of a print magazine (free subscriptions available).

Justice and Peace Studies Program , Creighton University, multi-disciplinary academic major and minor programs involving discussion, reflection, and praxis.

Thomas , on line US legislative information. Find status of bills, search for legislation.

Jesuit Center for Faith and Justice , sponsored by the Irish Jesuits, a response to structural injustice.

Is Dorothy Day's Laetare Medal in Jeopardy? By Mark and Louise Zwick, discusses opposition in the faculty of Notre Dame University, led by noted Americanist theologian Fr. Richard McBride, to the teaching of a priest associated with the Catholic Worker movement at the university. Discusses the "americanist" errors in US Catholic ethics and its accomodation to the traditional American values of greed and materialism.

Catholic Web Directory , 250 of the most prominent Catholic places in cyberspace.

Traditional Catholic Reflections and Reports , "news, opinion, and hope for a post-modern world," excellent access to news, information, and theological documents regarding the Church and the world. References some social justice material and has highlighted some of Dorothy Day's writing..

Columban Voices , newsletter of the Columban Missionary Society, Justice , and Ecology .

Feminists for Life , non Catholic but pro-life in the continuing tradition of Susan B. Anthony.

Jubilee of Politicians and Government Leaders, homily of Pope John Paul II. "Certainly, the application of these (Catholic social principles) principles to the complexities of political life will often and inevitably meet up with situations, problems and circumstances which can legitimately give rise to diverse concrete judgements. Yet at the same time there is no justification for a pragmatism which, even with regard to essential and fundamental values of social life, would reduce politics to the mere balancing of interests or, worse yet, to a matter of demagogy or of winning votes. If legislation cannot and must not be coextensive with the whole of the moral law, neither can it run "counter" to the moral law."

Apostolic Letter proclaiming St. Thomas More as patron saint of politicians, John Paul II.

Sudan's cry for peace, from the Office of Social Development of the US Catholic Bishops, chronicles the pain and suffering of the Sudanese people.

Whose birthday is it anyway? From Alternatives for Simple Living. Check out their Carols with Justice.

OneWorld.Org, exploring the new medium of internet communication to facilitate worldwide work of social justice, articles, links, campaigns.

Charity Village, Canada's supersite for non-profit organizations.

Global Board for Church and Society, of the United Methodist Church. Social witness and justice ministries, access and info.

Serbia deploys peacekeeping forces to the US. Yes, the Justpeace Front Page is ignoring the presidential election fuss, but we do appreciate the various humor articles that our deadlocked election system is inspiring, especially the "Revocation of Independence" proclamation that has circulated around via email.

Faithful Citizenship, a letter from the United States Bishops regarding the national elections this year.

Practical Distributism, 102 actions that support economic justice, social peace, and world harmony, by your Justpeace webservant.

Suggestions for Compassionate Conservatives (and Liberals, Socialists, Libertarians, and Greens), a new Justpeace page inspired by this year's trendy political slogan. Suppose we took this talk of compassionate conservatism seriously?

A Moral Assessment of Progress Towards Jubilee, from structural adjustment to just economic relationships, from the Religious Working Group on the World Bank and IMF.

My View of Distributism, by Antoine Valentin. A nice selection of links and commentary.

Jobs of our own: A distributist future for Australia, text of the G.K. Chesterton Memorial Lecture, May 1999.

The Urban Distributist, discusses the similarities -- and the differences -- between distributism and capitalism. "Capitalism does not mistake itself for God as communism does, it just acts as if God were dead."

Just Desserts, Amartya Sen reviews "Equality, the Third World, and Economic Delusion" by noted conservative economist P.T. Bauer who argues that gross income inequality is not only inevitable, but desirable. Sen refutes the thesis.

Why people go hungry, a review of Amartya Sen's "Poverty and Famines: an essay on entitlement and deprivation." Most people think that famine and chronic hunger are caused by a combination of population pressure and crop failure. Sen refutes this thesis too, arguing that famine results from "the working of the economic system in allocating the ability of people to acquire goods."

What to the slave is the Fourth of July?, a speech by Frederick Douglas, July 4, 1852, before the Rochester Ladies Anti-Slavery Society. "Oppression makes a wise man mad."

The death of moral distance, how the globalization of fear will make us all better people, from Slate on-line magazine. "In the end, we may have to try a radical approach to fighting terrorism: reduce the number of people who feel alienated and aggrieved enough to become terrorists in the first place." What a concept. As the Bible says, "Sow not in furrows of injustice lest you reap a sevenfold harvest."

The betrayal of Adam Smith, an excerpt from "When Corporations Rule the World." As far as Adam Smith was concerned, smaller was better. It would appear that the great exponent of capitalism would take a dim view of todays gigantic transnational corporations. The Smith idea would be small farmers selling to small milling companies, not small farmers selling to four transnational grain conglomerates.

The Censoring of Women's History, a March 2000 column by Nat Hentoff in the Jewish World Review, exposes how the pro-life views of early US feminists are ignored or obscured in modern discussions of the history of feminism.

Covenant to Overcome Poverty, from Call to Renewal and Sojourners Magazine, their goal is to get 1 million signatures and change the political and social debate on poverty in the U.S.

Ballot Access News, chronicles the on-going defense of your right to vote for the party of your choice, even if it isn't the Democratic or Republican party. The US likes to claim that we have the freest political system on earth. In fact, we have a highly regulated system cleverly designed to favor two specific parties and to disadvantage everybody else. It's easier for a new party to contest a national election in Russia these days than it is in the United States. The site (which mirrors a monthly printed publication) reports on all non-"major party" political organizing efforts and lawsuits challenging various aspects of our ballot access system. The story of the 20th century was that while the voting franchise was extended nearly universally in the US, the choices we are allowed to vote for have been steadily restricted.

Murrah Federal Building Memorial Opens, on April 19th this year, the national monument at the site of the OKC bombing was dedicated. It is a peaceful place, I've been down there to pray. Having personally seen what the place looked like shortly after the bombing, I'm glad the designers have wrought a bit of architectural redemption of the site of this terrible violence.

Corporate Europe Observatory, a European research and advocacy organization targeting threats to social justice posed by the economic power of corporations.

A Nasty Caricature, a point by point refutation of allegations that Pius XII aided Nazism.

Pro-life, anti-death penalty considers the connection between these two moral positions. From America magazine.

Let the bloody truth be told, a chronology of US imperialism. Includes a list of US military interventions from 1890 - 1999 and information on recent and current US human rights violations. There's a lot of history here that isn't in most US textbooks, nor do we read about this in the newspaper.

Boondocks.net, a trip to the "unexplored lands" of the history of US imperialism. Has great access to Mark Twain's anti-imperialist literature, and access to many 'new century' essays and news reports from the late 1800s, many of which express grave concerns about growing US imperialism. Alas, virtually all of their negative predictions have come true. In particular, see Anti-imperialism in the US, 1898 - 1935. We have seen the Empire, and it is US.

Tax Money Not People, two years ago I floated an idea in cyberspace discussion about a "transaction tax" to replace all current federal taxation. Effectively it is a tax on the velocity of money, the faster it moves the more tax is paid. Because so much money moves around so fast, the rate could be very low, I speculated 1/4 of 1% if it was applied universally. But I lacked the economic information necessary to prove its workability. Well, great minds think alike, I suppose, and this site fell into my inbox last month. They say such a tax could be even lower -- 1/10th of 1%, every time money moves, whether it be for a sale, a loan, a whatever, and the site has the economic data to document the ability of this tax at the rate of 1/10th of 1% to replace all federal and state taxation. When we talk tax policy, we tend to fixate on the rate, and don't notice the bigger question which is "what is being taxed?" The powerful always manage to get much of their economic activity exempt from taxation, which drives up the rate everybody else must pay. This eliminates the possibility of tax shelters and loopholes, because it is universal. Although "flat" in its rate, it is progressive in that business and the wealthy will pay a lot more, because they have a lot more economic activity. The annual tax on a minimum wage at this rate would be $9.60. The Federal Reserve System would pay a lot more, as they should.

The century now beginning ought to be a century of solidarity, address of Pope John Paul II to the Vatican diplomatic corps, January 2000.

Power to the people can only mean property to the people, by John Medaille, originally published in New Oxford Review, a presentation of distribution as advocated by G.K. Chesterton, Dorothy Day, and Peter Maurin, as the solution to poverty. John is a regular participant in the Cinjust forum I moderate.

My response to Fr. Neuhaus' attack on the Houston Catholic Workers, the Catholic neo-conservatives seem to think that Catholic Workers are promoting envy, resentment, and class warfare. This is my 5,000 word response last year's First Things attack on CWers, sent this week to Fr. Neuhaus. (One of the interesting things about this controversy is that both Workers and neo-conservatives read Chesterton.) Here is the ten word executive summary: The neo-conservatives need some inductive to go with their deductive.

A Tale of Two Nations, a chapter from Arianna Huffington's new book "How to overthrow the government", on the disparity between rich and poor and why this situation is so dangerous for the nation.

Catholic Information Network, a great resource and meeting place. They graciously host my Cinjust, Cinjustann, and Cinmusic listservs, and are a good place to find recent documents from the Vatican. Lots of resources nicely organized, and a huge number of listserv emailing lists.

At the Threshold of the Great Jubilee 2000: To the Nations of the World and All People of Good Will On Behalf of the Poor, from the Vincentian family. Considering their solidarity with the poor, the size of their movement (more than a million people worldwide collaborating in four major priestly, religious, and lay institutes in the Vincentian charism), and their long and cross-cultural experience with the poor (they have hundreds of years of personal and institutional experience in journeying with the impoverished), we should pay attention to what they have to say to us.

Dissenting opinions of federal judges, relating to "mandatory minimum sentences". Who's Who among those opposed to the present US "war on people who use drugs." The top of the list is noted pro-life leader and conservative Republican congressman Ron Paul of Texas (he is also one of the most consistent voices in favor of peace and against war in the current Congress).

The Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, working to find alternatives to our culture of death reliance on jails and prisons. Has research, chapter and verse.

The abortion debate is over, from Frederica Matthews-Green, of the Orthodox faith, on the transformation of the abortion debate (she predicts victory in the long-run for the pro-life cause).

Justicia y Paz, from Spain, English version,

Church offers true hope to modern man, address by Pope John Paul II to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, November 18, 1999.

Ecclesia in Asia, post-synodal exhortation of Pope John Paul II to the Bishops of Asia.

Jubilee calls for economic solidarity, General audience message of Pope John Paul II, November 3, 1999.

IN ALL THINGS CHARITY, A Pastoral Challenge for the New Millennium, issued by the US Catholic Bishops November 18, 1999. The U.S. Bishops have issued a new pastoral letter on justice and charity. They speak with increasing plainness about the situation we face in the world. In this, they echo the Holy Father, whose reflections on the social justice teachings of the Church are pointed and urgent and filled with compassion and concern. Is anybody listening?

Because God Loves You, a message from the US Catholic Bishops for the Jubilee Holy Year 2000. This is the "popular" version, which will appear as a series of full page ads in major media markets on Sunday, January 2, 2000. Full Text

Democracies paying the price, globalization survey reveals that US corporations prefer to invest in dictatorships, not democracies, from the Chicago Tribune. Follow the dollars! This story is based on a report from the New Economy Information Service : Dollars and Democracy. "As a group, the democratic countries in the developing world are losing ground to more authoritarian countries when it comes to competing for trade and investment dollars."

1999 Bribe Payers Index, and Corruption Perception Index, from Transparency International, indices ranking export countries most willing to pay bribes and perception of the willingness of authorities to ask for or accept bribes.

Special WTO Issue, from the National magazine. As this edition is being published, I am currently receiving 20 or so emails each day from various lists about the upcoming WTO meeting in Seattle. Victims of globalization are mobilizing to protest as the mandarins of trade gather. Morale in the organization is reported to be low, there've been lots of secret meetings to hammer out agendas, but countries that were excluded from the meetings are upset. World leaders have declined to attend.

Ten reasons to dismantle the WTO, from Focus on the Corporation.

Mobilization against corporation globalism, www.seattle99.org , information regularly updated about protests/activities scheduled in conjunction with the World Trade Organization talks in Seattle,

Development as Freedom, a review by James North of this book by Amartya Sen. The review itself is an excellent primer in Sen's thought about the deficiencies of modern economics. Why is it that there are 100 million missing women in certain parts of the world? Why do famines occur in the midst of plentiful supplies of food? Why did famines in India stop when the nation received its independence and gained control of its own government? Great tragedies that afflict the poor are not accidents, they are the deliberate and forseeable results of bad public policies.

Free Trade and the Common Good, by Jim Wallis of Sojourner Magazine. "Does anyone care about the world's poor?"

The multiple functions and benefits of small farms, debunks the "conventional wisdom" that large farms are more efficient.

Inequality by the numbers, documents the growing gap between the very rich and everybody else. The net worth of the top 1% of households is equal to the net worth of 95% of the rest of the population. With the top 1% of households taken out of the figures, the average net worth of American households declined 10% in the last ten years.

The End of Materialism. "When good times turn bad, faith comes to the rescue." Interesting and provocative essay about the limits of materialism. Echoes this page's thoughts about the coming collapse of the American Empire. "If something can't go on forever, it won't." Maybe a bang, maybe a whimper, but the essay suggests materialism is reaching its limits.

Socialaction.com, "an on-line Jewish magazine dedicated to pursuing justice, building community, and repairing the world."

Political Literacy Course, from Common Courage Press. I think this is a bookstore, but it is also a weekday email that is provocative. While I don't agree with everything I've read thus far, everything I have read has been challenging and interesting and worth reading. It's free, I've been reading it for a couple of months. Quotes a lot of Noam Chomsky. Archive

Electronic bracelets, anyone? A Focus on Corporation column examining the problem of corporate crime. Quotes my short essay on "measures necessary to curb corporate crime," which I originally posted in the Sojourner's email listserv, and later sent out on various lists.

Social Justice Documents, at the Office for Social Justice of the Archdiocese of Minneapolis-St. Paul. Has links for US Bishop's documents.

The crash of '99? More evidence regarding the growing gap between rich and poor in the world, and the problems that this disparity is creating that lead to instability.

Why boycotting sweat shop merchandise does not hurt the poor. The view from 21st Street, by Robert Waldrop.

United Nations Human Development Report, for 1998, the basic factoids: the income of the 3 richest men on earth is equal to the Gross Domestic Product of the poorest 48 nations.

. . the richest 20% of the world's population consumes 86% of all goods and services, while the poorest 20% just 1.3%, the middle 60% get 12.7%. Of the 4.4 billion people in so-called 'developing countries', nearly three-fifths lack access to safe sewers, a third have no access to clean water, a quarter do not have adequate housing and a fifth have no access to modern health services of any kind. Yet by the year 2050, 8 billion of the world's projected 9.5 billion people -- up from about 6 billion today -- will be living in developing countries. The average African household today consumes 20% less than it did 25 years ago.

Catholic Campaign for Human Development, doing the works of justice and peace with Operation Rice Bowl and a grant/empowerment program (the average contribution per US Catholic to Operation Rice Bowl is about 25 cents.)

Coalition for Human Needs, alliance of national organizations promoting public policies that address the needs of the poor and vulnerable in US society.

Bethlehem.org, from Fr. Labib Kobti, a priest of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, whose Al-bushra site has been featured from time to time in this publication. Open your hearts to the plight of the Palestinians, many of whom are Christian and have been so since the time of Christ, born in Bethlehem.

Dorothy Day, page of interesting links. Not sure what it's relation is to the parent site, Taxpolicy.com, but the parent site has an interesting questionnaire that you answer and then it gives you a tax policy based on your answers.

Caelem et Terra, after the magazine, a cyber-conversation continues. CET was faithful to Catholic teaching and promoted sustainable lifestyles rooted in the social justice teachings of the Church, "orthopraxis in practice," distributist, personalist, agrarian. Located on the Chesterton home page, a "web site for counter cultural Catholics. Library. One of my treasured library possessions is a complete back file of this magazine, 1991-96.

Ecological Catastrophe Lingers in the Wake of Kosovo War, from DisasterRelief.Org, very credible site. Disaster losses on the rise, chapter and verse on the steady increase in the financial costs and the human tragedies caused by disasters.

Preparing for a grave new world, Secretary of Defense Cohen orates on the danger of weapons-of-mass-destruction terrorism in the modern world. Hmmm. . . what role has the US had in creating the international climate where such warnings become necessary?

Alba House - Society of St. Paul, access to the Paulist family, and their Catholic communications materials, including books and videos on social justice issues.

International Institute for Sustainable Development, a Canadian non-profit, offering a database of information.

The Working Poor: A poll, from Silicon Valley News, reports that the working poor are more willing than the general population to work long hours and sleep less to get ahead; they also desire to learn more to improve their situation, but are hampered by lack of access to educational opportunities.

Simple Living, Christians, and Ecology, an interview with Fr. Al Fritsch, SJ, a founder of an Appalachian alternative technology/sustainable living project.

Secrecy in Government Bulletin, from the Federation of American Scientists

Red Cross World Disaster Report, summaries and highlights from the just-released 1999 report. Last year was the worst disaster year on record, tens of thousands of deaths, hundreds of millions of people uprooted and displaced by disasters. They expect a decade of increasing deaths and damage from disasters.

Jubilee Justice, from the NCCB/USCC, a gathering July 15 - 18, 1999 in Los Angeles.

Daughters of Charity, Mater Dei province, check out their excellent newsletter inside this new site.

Communitarian Network, home page, links, newsletter, publications, platform, bibliography.

Campaign for America's Future, progressive politics, inequality, living wage campaigns.

Secrecy in Government Bulletin, from the Federation of American Scientists, includes archive of previous issues.

The Work Book a resource guide for community economic development.

The War on Welfare , traces the history of the conservative war on government welfare for the poor.

Application of Distributive Justice Theory to CEO Pay, considers how the ability of CEO's to manipulate their own pay violates both distributive justice and free markets.

Best Practices Database, from the UN Center for Human Settlements (Habitat) and the municipality of Dubai, 650 proven solutions to urban social and economic challenges. Full access requires a paid subscription, but project summaries are available for free viewing.

Cooperation, Money, and Wealth, analysis of the traditional theories of why some countries are rich (e.g. Hobbes, Locke, Marx) in light of actual reality, and presents theories and evidence of actual causes of the "wealth of nations". Leading his list: education and income equality. From a sociology professor, provocative. Also predicts the stabilization of world population in the year 2030 at about 7 billion population, well below many of the currently popular theories, due to an expected rise in the death rate (of almost 50%, from 9 per 1,000 population to 13.3).

Antiwar.com, anti-imperialism/anti-war from the libertarian viewpoint,

Kosovo organizing resources, from Sojourners Magazine. http://www.sojourners.com/kosovo/kosovo.html

Kosovo Page, from Pax Christi USA. http://www.nonviolence.org/pcusa/kosovo0399b.htm

Franciscans and Dominicans, cooperating together at the UN in Geneva for human rights. Excellent new website.

Balkans: War criminals on all sides. Milosevic may not be the only war criminal currently active in the Balkans.

Trends jumping off the charts, fascinating survey of facts and figures of the modern world. . . 2.5 million people died of AIDS last year and there were 6 million new infections with HIV. . . projections of the world population in the year 2050 have been reduced by 500 million, in part due to rising death rates. . . worldwide damages due to storms were a record $92 billion, up 55% since 1996, 300 million people were displaced by natural disasters last year. . . From the World Watch institute. See also Matters of Scale: food for thought for more interesting info bytes.

A Moment of Silence for Peace in Kosovo

East-West Women on Kosovo, reports from Pristina, Belgrade, and Croatia by women "on the ground".

25 Most Under-reported News Stories of 1998, from PeaceNet. There is one anti-Catholic choice, or perhaps it could be read as an under-reported piece of good news (although I don't think that's what the authors intended). It is about the growth of Catholic hospitals, and how this has the effect of "reducing access" to abortion and assisted suicide. Unfortunately, there is only a short synopsis and bibliographical information for each article, no links to the stories themselves.

CharityVillage, on-line supersite for Canada's non-profits. http://www.charityvillage.com/charityvillage/main.html On-line publications for the non-profit community, http://www.charityvillage.com/charityvillage/ires2.html

Inequalities in Education, an extensive on-line Oxfam report. http://www.caa.org.au/oxfam/advocacy/education/report/chapter3.html

Island of Freedom, access to theologians, composers, poets, philosophers. Nice place. Currently featuring Confucius . http://www.island-of-freedom.com/

Philanthropy Search, sophisticated search engine of special importance to charities and non profits. http://www.philanthropysearch.com/

New and Recent Conflicts in the World, from "the History Guy," several of the listings have links to further resources about the particular conflict. Some will hardly be known by people whose primary news source is the US media.

Covenant House, a place for kids and people who care about kids. http://covenanthouse.org/

Policy Debate on Inequality, access to primary sources and commentary on the causes of the increase in wealth inequality.

Why the US will Lose the War in Serbia, an analysis of the "Clinton Doctrine."

Nuclear Futures: Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction and US Policy, from the British American Security Information Council. Read Appendix 2 first.

Trained to Kill, thought provoking essay by a military expert on the psychology of killing, explains how we condition our children to kill.

Peter Maurin Commemoration, at catholicworker.org; papers in remembrance of the 50th anniversary of the death of Peter Maurin on May 15, 1949. Maurin was co-founder with Dorothy Day of the Catholic Worker movement, and supplied the basic Worker program of clarification of thought, hospitality/solidarity with the poor, farming communities, opposition to war. Maurin's Program, by Dorothy Day, from the Catholic Worker of June-July 1933.

NATO, its official site, read the latest agit-prop justifying the murder of poor people.

Dismantling Yugoslavia, Colonizing Bosnia, by Michael Chossudovsky, professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa, author of the Globalization of Poverty, Impacts of IMF and World Bank Reforms. Originally written in 1995, discussed the macro-economic reforms imposed by Belgrade's external creditors since the 1980s and their impact on the breakup of Yugoslavia and rise of nationalism there.

Interesting Facts, Spring 1999, from the Catholic Worker Roundtable. Reading this can make you think you have somehow woken up in the midst of a science fiction story. Truth is truly stranger than fiction.

Undermining Empire: Living the reign of God in a fallen world

Notowar.com Just say no to war! From the Duncan and Porter Houses and Farm.

Voices in the Wilderness, the campaign against the US embargo against Iraq, is being threatened with fines of up to a million dollars by the United States Treasury Dept. for violating the embargo by bringing food, medicine, and toys to Iraq. Text of the letter, from R. Richard Newcomb, Director Office of Foreign Assets Control, Dept. of the Treasury. Please write Secretary of the Treasury Robert E. Rubin, 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20220, protesting this attempt to squelch free speech and dissent to the international thuggery of the US government. Send a copy to Mr. Newcomb at the same address. This is also a good topic for a letter to the editor, as news of this tyranny has generally been ignored by the mainstream media. See also Compassion is not a crime!, a Catholic Worker Roundtable essay, reprinted from the Catholic Radical.

NATO Embassy Addresses, in Washington, DC. Take some time to write the ambassadors of other NATO countries and express your views on their unlawful aggression.

Here's what God says about the poor and justice.

1999 Urbi et Orbi message, Pope John Paul II

1999 Justpeace Easter Letter

A Good Friday Appeal to End the Death Penalty, statement of the Administrative Board of the US Catholic Conference

Easter Message from Michael Sabbah, Patriarch of Jerusalem

View an icon of Dorothy Day

Kosovo Regional Emergency, from Catholic Relief Services; the organization is currently assisting 200,000 refugees in the Balkans, their April 2nd estimate is that 1 million people are now displaced in and around Yugoslavia.

Letter from the United States cardinal archbishops to Presidents Milosevec and Clinton.

Links to the writings of Dorothy Day on war and pacifism, collected by Jim Allaire.

March 24, 1999

Three important articles from the March April 1999 issue of the Houston Catholic Worker, published by the Casa Juan Diego Catholic Worker House. Mark and Louise Zwick give a tremendous witness of the application of the authentic social justice teaching of the Catholic Church, and prophetically call Catholic "neo-cons" such as Fr. John Neuhaus and Michael Novak to repentance for their distortions of the Church's teachings.

Pope John Paul II condemns neo-liberalism is a social sin that cries to heaven, a veritable Syllabus of Errors of neoliberalism/neoconservatism (the terms are synonymous).

Fr. John Neuhaus should withdraw his book, in favor of an authentic interpretation of the Pope's document, Ecclesia in America.

Mexico brought to its knees, editorial from El Observador de la Actualidad, a Catholic publication in Mexico. "Why is it more necessary to keep the bankers, the investors, and the market happy than the millions of poor people in the country?"

A Nike Sneak, from the Nation Magazine, an article about an appalling letter written to the Vietnamese government by a Nike vice president, which expresses admiration for the authoritarian system of that country, and belittles those who were working for just wages at Nike factories in Vietnam and elsewhere.

The Church: called to repentance, called to prophesy, on-line tribute to Oscar Romero.

Voices in the Wilderness, Update Letter, March 22, 1999, a campaign to end the economic sanctions against the people of Iraq.

Nonprofits in Business -- Learning from Practice, main findings of a study on non-profit community enterprises.

Making Many Squirm, article regarding the Pope's affirmation of life.

Poverty and human rights the bases of rights discourse, from a law professor, about the 2 strands of human rights discussion, one emphasizing individual autonomy and the second with a social vision and values and couples economic with political rights.

February 17, 1999

Message of the Holy Father for Lent 1999

Ecclesia in America post-synodal apostolic exhortation of the Holy Father John Paul II.

The European Kairos Document , extensive and detailed consideration of the signs of the times in Europe, analyzed based on the preferential option for the poor. The document is proposed by approval and signature by religious leaders and groups. (40 printed pages)

Les Miserables , by Victor Hugo, in English, online e-text.

Vietnamese Catholic Network , in English and Vietnamese, sponsored by the Vietnamese Catholic National Pastoral Center, Overseas Vietnamese Catholic Mass Media, and Vietnamese Catholic communities in Asia, America, Australia, Europe, and Africa.

Papers of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr from the Stanford archive.

Institute for the Public Good , academic institute considering questions of ownership, poverty, and participation in the economy for poor people.

Vincent's Genius: In our hands, in our hearts , a reflection by John Freund, C.M. regarding the spirituality of St. Vincent de Paul and the role of his religious order, the Congregation of the Mission in that charism today.

The poor suffer less from a lack of generosity than from a lack of organization." St. Vincent de Paul

January 6, 1999

Respect for Human Rights: the secret of true peace, World Peace Day 1999 message of Pope John Paul II.

Urbi et Orbi, Message of Pope John Paul II, December 25, 1998, and his homily at Midnight Mass.

National Summit on the Churches and Welfare Reform, sponsored by Call to Renewal, which is associated Sojourners Magazine, February 1-3, at the 4-H Center in Maryland.

Pax Christi Atlanta, VERY attractive site, "Respect for human life is the starting point for confronting a culture of violence."

International Labor Organization, UN agency concerned with protecting the rights of workers. http://www.ilo.org/

The Land is Ours, site celebrating the 350th anniversary of the "Diggers" of England, a movement advocating the land rights of the poor. Has an extensive report, "Defining Rural Sustainability", also, "an Activists Guide to Exploiting the Media", United Kingdom-based, the Diggers manifesto was a pretty pure statement of the "universal destination of all goods." http://www.oneworld.org/tlio/

Literacy Links, from the internet community the Mining Company, great list of places to visit. http://publishing.miningco.com/msub29.htm

National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund, proposes allowing citizens to designate the portion of their taxes that would typically go to the military to a different government fund and used for non-military purposes only. http://www.nonviolence.org/peacetax/

http://www.scorecard.org the Environmental Defense Fund has set up a huge interactive site that enables anyone in the US to learn about what pollutants are being released into any community, and by whom. Enter your ZIP code, or click on their maps, to see who is doing what to your air, water and soil. Found in the newsletter of Action Without Borders, http://www.idealist.org/newsletter.html

Genuine Progress Indicator, the Gross Domestic Product numbers are inherently flawed when used as an indicator of wealth. They count a lot of things (like the Exxon Valdex incident, or pollution in general) as positives, and don't count a lot of other things that contribute significantly to the common good and the national counts (such as the work of women in the home). This article proposes a Genuine Progress Indicator as an alternative measure. http://www.betterworld.com/BWZ/9610/learn.htm . See also http://csf.colorado.edu/lists/ecol-econ/gpi.html

Child Only Cases Rise on Welfare Rolls a Washington Post article, in some states, half of the welfare caseload are "child only" cases, typically, a child abandoned or abused by a parent, now in the care of a relative. There are those who are saying that providing welfare for such kids is a "perverse incentive" that encourages mothers to be irresponsible. (!!!) Read this and see where the next attack on the poor will be coming from.

December 9, 1998

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted December 10, 1948 by the General Assembly of the United nations. Comment on the 50th Anniversary, various news stories from the Zenit News Service.

50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, presented by the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute.

Vatican Justice and Peace News from the Zenit News Service.

Emphasis on Person not Profit to Overcome Unemployment Crisis article about recent letter of Pope John Paul II to the Rome diocese.

Mark Twain's Anti-Imperialist Writings, a guide to online resources. The creation of the US overseas military empire in 1898 provoked a tremendous amount of domestic discussion concerning the wisdom of this projection of American "power". Mark Twain quickly became a leading spokesman for the movement. His anti-imperialist views go back to his opposition to US adventurism in Hawaii and the Caribbean in the 1860s.

Anti-Imperialism in the United States, 1898-1935 extensive bibliography of on-line resources (10 printed pages) of anti-imperialism writings. Covers all the major controversies of the era, including the Philippines, US militarism, the "white man's burden" and its critics, essays, speeches, newspaper editorials, platforms, and petitions. Very nice find.

Adbusters great spoofs of corporate advertising. Features "Joe Chemo", a look-alike for Joe Camel, in a hospital bed receiving chemotherapy for cancer.

Center for Media and Democracy on-line access to PR Watch, institute study of corporate public relations campaigns, exposes manipulative and misleading PR practices. "Toxic sludge is good for you."

Living with the Land: Interdisciplinary research for adaptive decision making, the 10th international conference of the Society for Human Ecology, to be held May 27-30, 1999 in Montreal. Deadline for paper abstracts (student papers encouraged) is January 15, 1999.

America's Maginot Line with the increasing military sophistication of East Asia, US forward bases in Japan, South Korea, and Guam become sitting ducks for incoming missiles.

December 2, 1998

Charity, Justice, Purification of Memory, extracts from the Zenit News Service article about the bull of indiction (Incarnationis Mysterium) announcing the Jubilee Year 2000.

Giving Thanks Through Action, November statement by the Roman Catholic Bishops of North Dakota on the crisis in rural life. Very excellent summary of Catholic social teaching. North Dakota Catholic conference . . . Catholic Social Teaching resource page... Testimony before the Commission on the Future of Agriculture

Alternatives for Simple Living has been featured on this page before, but their Whose Birthday Is It Anyway campaign is topical for this season.

The Synod for Oceania, from the New Zealand Catholic Bishops, access to the lineamata and the proceedings. Regular updates as the synod is currently in session.

How can we use the internet for fundraising? A practical guide for non-governmental organizations.

Training Course for Virtual Activists, highlighted in the recent Idealist.Org newsletter, a complete guide for using the net to advance ideas.

Church News daily updates, from the Christian Life Movement (Catholic).

November 25, 1998

Statement on Iraq, from the Most Reverend Anthony M. Pilla, November 19, 1998.

Living the Gospel of Life: A Challenge to American Catholics, statement of the Catholic Bishops of the United States, November 1998. Calls Catholics to respect human life from conception to natural death. "The Gospel of Life must be proclaimed, and human life defended, in all places and all times. The arena for moral responsibility includes not only the halls of government, but the voting booth as well. Laws that permit abortion, euthanasia, and assisted suicide are profoundly unjust, and we should work peacefully and tirelessly to oppose and change them. Because they are unjust they cannot bind citizens in conscience, be supported, acquiesced in, or recognized as valid. Our nation cannot countenance the continued existence in our society of such fundamental violations of human rights." Section 32.

The Synod for Oceania, from the New Zealand Catholic Bishops, access to the lineamata and the proceedings.

Everyday Christianity: To Hunger and Thirst for Justice, a Pastoral Reflection on Lay Discipleship for Justice in a New Millennium, from the United States Catholic Bishops. Invites all Catholics to make a justice commitment for the new millennium. Due to its importance, I am reproducing it here in full:

November 11, 1998

Corporate welfare destroys incentive, perpetuates dependence, Molly Ivins column of November 10th. References a new investigative journalism project which show that many corporate welfare recipients are not creating jobs, but rather cutting employment.

November 4, 1998

To live like Dives with Lazarus at the Gate, by Scott Steinkerchner, OP. A common contemporary Catholic definition of social sin and a proposed modification to this definition based on contemporary Trinitarian theology. This article is very challenging, and it is very important.

South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission released its Final Report last week, links on the site, 10 MB of information.

Search Institute, an independent, non-profit organization that generates knowledge and promotes its application, with an emphasis on practical research about youth development and how to translate that research into locally based neighborhood initiatives. This site is a must-see and tell-your-friends. It has dozens of pages of practical information on how to strengthen your community and help young people make it through adolescence into adulthood; they have surveyed more than a quarter of a million adolescents in developing their programs and tools. Has several pages in Spanish. Forty Developmental Assets, the more of these that are present in a family, the more likely it is the young person will graduate from high school, and refrain from illicit drugs and extra-marital sex. Healthy communities/Healthy Youth, a comprehensive look at building community and family assets. Taking responsibility for our children and adolescents, ideas for getting started, risks to avoid, the power of caring individuals, families, and neighborhoods. Ideas for building assets: in Congregations in Families

Vatican Justice and Peace News, gleaned from Zenit News Agency, Vatican Information Service, Al-Bushra.

Twomey Center for Peace through Justice, at Loyola University, New Orleans. "To create a society in which the dignity of the human person, in whomsoever found, shall be acknowledged, respected, and protected.

Another Sort of Learning, this is not the first time Fr. James V. Schall, SJ has been on the Justpeace Front Page, but this site is new (to me anyway). A professor in the Department of Government at Georgetown University, Fr. Schall says this site is about how you can get an education even if you are in college, or even if you are out of college, or if you never dreamed of going to college. It's not a technical discussion of education, but rather a discussion of learning.

Aristotle's Political Philosophy Page, call this one Access to Aristotle, on-line works, his politics, journal articles, academia, ethics, natural law.

The Zenit Weekly Report The world as seen from Rome. Now publishing a daily dispatch in English, also available in Spanish.

October 28, 1998

Catholic-Labor Network, home page dedicated to documents and articles concerning Catholic and Labor issues; sponsors a Catholic-Labor Network email list. Msgr. George Higgins, a page devoted to the writings of a man who for 50 years has been at the vanguard of Catholic-Labor relations. The articles on this page will be an inspiration, and a challenge, for many. My diocesan newspaper carries his column, and it is very interesting and useful. I always read it, and am glad to find an on-line source for this material by a Catholic priest who takes the justice teaching of the Church very seriously. It is a blessing of great value to benefit from the mature wisdom of someone who has walked this journey for many miles. If you're not familiar with his work, this link is a must-see and tell-your-friends.

Jesuit Volunteer Corps, information about community, spirituality, and social justice.

Seventh Storey view a window to mercy, from the archdiocese of Canberra and Goulborn, Australia, about a Texas businessman who gave up his job and changed his lifestyle so that he could serve the poor.

Habitat for Humanity its principles.

Secular Franciscan Order, Franciscan spirituality in the world. CIOFS weekly e-publication. International Solidarity, article relating Franciscan spirituality to this important globalization issue. Part II

Seed House, a multi-faith social justice organization which exists to facilitate meaningful dialogue and action leading to repair and reconciliation. Provides access to information and tools.

Catholic Family Perspectives, a monthly electronic magazine providing a forum for the presentation of Catholic perspectives on issues which affect families.

Compassion, on-line magazine published by the Passionist Order, archive available back to Spring 1996.

The Zenit Weekly Report The world as seen from Rome. The edition of October 25th has numerous important news and information items regarding social justice.

October 21, 2002

Fides et Ratio, a new encyclical letter from Pope John Paul II on faith and reason.

Homily of Pope John Paul II at the canonization of St. Teresa Benedicta de la Cruz

Nobel Peace Prize 1998 text of the announcement awarding the prize this year to John Hume and David Trimble for their efforts promoting peace in Northern Ireland.

Access to Amartya Sen, winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize for Economics.

Pax Catholic Communications, a new high quality site from the Archdiocese of Miami. Attractive, easy to use appearance, lots of information, access to a bunch of Catholic radio via the internet. This one is a must-see and a tell-your-friends. Justice and peace information is available there, has a Radio Peace program you can listen to, which is also heard on radio stations in the Miami area.

Orthodox Peace Fellowship of the Protection of the Mother of God, an association of Orthodox Christians trying to live the peace of Christ in daily life, including situations of division and conflict. Peace News, roundup of peace news from the Orthodox communities, articles include Russian Patriarch speaks out against capital punishment, abortion, and violence, message from Kosovo monks on violence, appeals from the Serbian Orthodox Church for tolerance, repentance among the Orthodox for anti-semitism. Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Raska and Prizren, access to Kosovo information, site presented by the Decani Monastery, has a mailing list about events in Kosovo. Serbian Democratic Movement, at Kosovo.com, a people caught between a rock and a hard place.

My Catholic Start Page, links, daily bread, Liturgy of the Hours, calendar information, mass readings, Vatican Radio, Catholic News headlines, EWTN news headlines, BBC News, ABC News (Australian). . . L'Osservatore Romano, unicuique suum non praevalebunt, weekly edition in English. On-line Canon Law Code

October 14, 1998

We Cannot Be Resigned to World Poverty, Pope John Paul II, full text of the Angelus homily of the feast of St. Vincent de Paul, Sept. 27, 1998. "Where are we with our commitment?. . . In the stark contrast between insensitive rich and the poor in need of everything, God is on the latter's side. We cannot resign ourselves to the immoral spectacle of a world in which there are still people who die of hunger, who are homeless, who lack the most elementary education, who cannot find work an who are unable to receive the necessary treatment when they are ill."

Iraq Action Page, Catholic Worker Roundtable. Access to on-going actions regarding the US war of sanctions against the people of Iraq. Interesting Facts for Summer 1998. "The world trade in all illicit drugs is worth $400 billion, and US banks covertly handle much of that money." The Lilliput Strategy: Globalization from below, essay by Jim Allaire.

Edges on Line the new issue of Edges is now available on the internet, a cyber publication in solidarity with the poor, from the United Kingdom. Very good reading.

Action NOW! is the title and theme of a new email listserv launched by people affiliated with the Maryknoll folks. It's purpose is to broadcast action items of interest to people working for justice and peace. Sample letters will be sent and subscribers will be able to post their own suggestions for letters and issues to the list.

Crucified between two thieves: Catholic Social Teaching vs. Right and Left, from Culture Wars magazine. Very challenging. Recommended reading.

Campaign to Stop House Demolitions in Palestine, this page has often reported the tragedy of the demolitions of the housing of Palestinians by Zionist authorities. The American-Arab Anti-discrimination Committee and the American Friends Service Committee are sponsoring a cross country speakers tour beginning October 21 to draw attention to these acts of oppression and tyranny. Fr. Labib Kobti, a priest of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, invites all to join in prayer every day at 8 PM for one minute, to pray for peace and justice in the Middle East. Al-Bushra.Org

Action Without Borders, a non-profit organization promoting the sharing of ideas, information, and resources to help build a world where all people can live free, dignified, and productive lives. Produces Idealist, perhaps the richest directory of non-profit and volunteering resources on the web, with information provided by 15,000 organizations in 130 countries. They have just launched a bi-weekly email newsletter, go to their website to subscribe. TOOLS, resources for fund-raising, grant writing, non-profit management, leal and accounting issues, starting organizations, promoting non-profits. LIBRARY, thousands of books, newsletters, tapes, and videos on human rights, health, education, the environment and 40 other categories. NEWS informative and frequently updated nonprofit news sites on the web.

A Busy Justice and Peace Week at the Vatican and the UN, three Vatican Information Service stories: Migration in our Time, from the World Congress for Pastoral Ministry to Migrants and Refugees, Speech by the permanent Vatican observer at the UN on Social Development, and the Holy See addresses the UN assembly on the high commissioner for refugees.

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet, a major gateway. Iroquois Confederacy Links access to this important Native American group.

Witness for peace is a grassroots, faith-based, politically-independent non-profit organization dedicated to the principles of non-violence. They are dedicated to changing US economic and foreign policies which contribute to poverty and oppression in Latin America and the Caribbean, and to the promotion of just alternatives. A People Damned, the impact of the World Bank Chixoy Hydroelectric Project in Guatemala, full text of this document, a report from Witness for Peace.

Blessed Edith Stein canonized Sunday October 11th New updates and articles on this page (which is continued with the new material from last week) regarding St. Teresa Benedicta de la Cruz (Teresa Blessed by the Cross, born Edith Stein) convert to Roman Catholicism and a noted philosopher, the first women to teach philosophy in a university in Germany. This page is my tribute to this holy woman of the mind and of the Cross.

The Hidden Side of the Clinton Economy, article from the October 1998 Atlantic Monthly, shows how the official government measures of unemployment and poverty disguise the fact that millions of Americans can't make a decent living. Articles on Poverty from the Atlantic Monthly.

The World as seen from Rome The Zenit Weekly Report. Troubled times in the world, questions about the Asian crisis, the family, Vatican summit on emigration, African bishops denounce conflict in Zaire, Edith Stein, the Palestinians.

October 7, 1998

Rights for All - USA Amnesty International has launched a campaign to draw world attention to the human rights abuses prevalent within the U.S. Oops, as they might say in the movies, somebody's noticed some of the more tawdry aspects of life in these United States. Amnesty International home page

Blessed Edith Stein to be canonized Sunday October 11th Edith Stein (1891 - 1942) was a Jewish convert to Roman Catholicism and a noted philosopher, the first women to teach philosophy in a university in Germany. She was a Discalced Carmelite sister and was martyred in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II. This page is my tribute to this holy woman.

The Jubilee and the International Debt Crisis. On the occasion of the annual meetings of the governors of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, an appeal on behalf of the poor from the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.

International Action Center, founded in 1992 by Ramsey Clark et al., to expose unjust US actions through military and diplomatic adventures. International Days of Action against the Sanctions on Iraq, October 1 to 14. Iraq, Bosnia, Cuba, Haiti, Panama Canal, Palestine. Lots of information, most of it very troubling.

International Buy Nothing Day Campaign a crusade against consumerism, over-consumption, and in favor of human rights, sustainable development, and distributive justice. From the Netherlands, the site is in English and Dutch, offers a list-serv discussion list on the campaign (not sure if that is in Dutch or English).

Thomas Aquinas Institute for Law and Education a self-described "little mom and pop think tank and home school", whose webmaster is a regular participant in the CINJUST forum.

Jakarta Governor says poor can farm city land. In Indonesia, desperate poor people are tearing up horse tracks and golf courses in order to plant food so that they can avoid starvation. An Agence France Presse story from August that has just come to my attention. The city government is trying to limit poor people to 1.2 hectares each (2.96 acres), and they have found 6,000 sites around the city to be cultivated.

City Planners threaten New York gardens with destruction! New York City has a well developed system of community gardens, some of which go back 20 years of consistent cultivation by many poor people who benefit from being able to grow some of their own food. Many of these plots will be destroyed so the city can auction the plots to big developers. A recent city auction of garden plots plus a Hispanic cultural center was disrupted by the release of 10,000 crickets into the hall where the auction was being held. Police officers were rushed to the scene to kill the crickets.

Urban Agriculture Notes, by City Farmer, Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture. This site is so important I'm putting it in the main part of this site, rather than in the Living on the Earth section. Urban farming is a way that poor people can better their lives by making their own bootstraps to pull themselves up with. This page is full of articles and reports about them that's doin'. The world's urban population is growing at twice the rate of total population growth; by 2025 urban population will be 5.34 billion, half of whom will be living in Asian cities. 800 million people today practice urban agriculture, growing 10% of the world's food supply (UN figures). Urban and Periurban small and medium-sized enterprise development for sustainable vegetable production and marketing systems a study of experiences in Vietnam, Laos, and the Philippines.

First Poverty Plunge in Kansas City, Missouri In September, I was an adult small group leader and chaperone for a group of young people from my parish who attended the first Poverty Plunge sponsored by the Bishop Sullivan Center. This links to a post I sent to CINJUST and Sojourners-list about this event, written on the night I returned home, very tired, but very blessed.

Holy Spirit is Source of True Freedom, general audience of Pope John Paul II, September 2, 1998.

Ad limina address, Pope John Paul II to the bishops of California, Nevada, and Hawaii, October 2, 1998, on the importance of a consistent ethic of life.

The political parties within the political parties an article from the Washington Post about the various groups that constitute the Democratic and Republican parties in the US. A very interesting article with important information.

LIVING WAGE LINKS. Access to a municipal movement that encourages city governments to establish a living wage requirement for employees of businesses with contracts with local governments. Solidarity.com ...http://libertyhill.org/grsrtvic.htm ... http://www.lol.shareworld.com/activism/living3.htm ... A study on the results of living wage campaigns.

The World as seen from Rome The Zenit Weekly Report. North Korea, IMF Meeting, Latin American bishops to meet in Cuba, denunciation of Iraq sanctions, Black Catholics in St. Louis, and much more.

September 29, 1998

POPE ISSUES STRONG APPEAL FOR SOLIDARITY WITH WORLD'S POOR, at the Angelus on Sunday, September 27, the memorial of St. Vincent de Paul, Vatican Information Service wire story. The full text of the Holy Father's remarks will be published in a future Front Page, as soon as it is available in English (about 2 weeks).

Africa 2000 Media Group on-going reports regarding the African Continent, news and information and reference source materials about foreign aid programs, population control initiatives, political intervention, military affairs, covert operations in the Southern Hemisphere. Created by African Americans and Africans, highly recommended by this webservant. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, describes in detail her plan for concentration camps and other coercive measures aimed at racial and ethnic minorities, from the April 1932 edition of Birth Control Review. Shocking and candid self-expose of racism.

The Buying of Congress, website of Public Integrity, brings the light of public scrutiny to bear on corruption in government.

Center for Economic and Social Justice, "Too few own the wealth of nations; too many own nothing." Seems to be kind of a latter-day distributism. Proposes an asset-based currency to curb inflation, vastly increased ownership of stocks by workers and poor people, "capital homestead investment" proposals. Founded in 1984 at American University; is looking for a third way between socialism and hard-core capitalism. Intriguing site and interesting concepts, draws on the thought of Louis Kelso (developer of the Employee Stock Ownership Plan), Mortimer Adlers (Great Books), and Pope Pius XI (Quadragesimo Anno).

The Papacy in Political Philosophy, essays by Fr. James Schall, SJ, professor in the Department of Government at Georgetown University: the Pope on the human person, to teach and defend: the intellectual legacy of Paul VI, the teaching of Centesimus Annus, plus others.

Pierre Toussaint, story of this century candidate for sainthood, who was born a slave in Haiti in the 18th century.

Structurally Adjusting the Poor to Death, by Dr. L.C. Jain, former member of the Planning Commission of India, from the Population Research Institution Review. Among other discussion items, shows how neo-liberalism has unemployed millions in India, and links deaths by starvation among unemployed hand weavers to structural adjustments imposed on the poor (he refers to such as structural "adventurism".

Cardinal George on the Transformation of Society from the Catholic Key, publication of the diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, reports on the Cardinal's speech to the recent Missouri Catholic Conference meeting.

September 23, 1998

Community Development Links Bookmark this one for sure! Great collection of links relating to community development.

Virtual Library on Micro-credit. Find out the latest news on micro-enterprise and micro-credit activities that enable people to help themselves.

Promote Real Economic Democracy, Pope John Paul II to the Central Institute of Co-operative Banks, June 1998

Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center faith-based clearinghouse and action/communications/education center. Is sponsoring a study tour of the Mondragon Cooperatives of Spain, November 6-17, 1998. Looks like a great experience. Mondragon Study Tour

Florilegia Institute, presenting the works of philosopher Rene Girard and Gill Bailie. Some of this is kind of deep, but it seems important. There are Catholic roots here, although his conclusions about the anthropological uniqueness of Christianity are controversial in some modernist and post-modernist circles.

Public Information Research has quite a collection of information. Specializes in researching publicly available information and then compiling it into a searchable database that provides descriptions of the various links among the people indexed (generally interested in all "ruling class"-types). Offers diagrams describing those networks, left, right, and center. Some good stuff about Iraq and US foreign policy, the World Bank and etc. And humor, too: A note of thanks from the rich.

Africa 2000 in the New Global Context, interesting and challenging essay on the re-colonization of Africa. Lots of access to the consequences and content of World Bank demands on poor countries, including the 50% cuts for university education and other cruelties of "structural adjustment".

School of the America's Watch latest updates on this important action-item, including some letters from those imprisoned for past actions at Ft. Benning. Announces a large demonstration and civil disobedience November 20-22, 1998 at te School of the Americas, the goal is a thousand people to cross the line and if necessary be arrested.

Congress, the Presidency, and the Culture of Death a Justpeace editorial by Robert Waldrop

Zenit Weekly Report of September 20, 1998. Paul VI, Chiapas, handicapped children, Islamization in Pakistan, Rwanda.

September 16, 1998

Jesuit.Org is a tremendous gift from the Jesuits of the U.S. Offers access to Jesuit resources, Jesuit Advocacy Network, Jesuit Refugee Service, and a tremendous section on Ignatian Spirituality, including meditation and contemplation, and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. A particularly important link at the site is to the 1996 letter from the Jesuit superiors of Latin America regarding Neo-liberalism.

Letter to our Readers at the Beginning of our Fifteenth Year, by Dorothy Day, published in the Catholic Worker of May 1947. From the Dorothy Day Library on the Web, an interesting account of the origins, aims, and spirituality of the Catholic Worker movement.

President Clinton Should Resign, a Justpeace editorial.

Racist Oklahoma County charges black man with possessing medicinal herbs, a sad story found in mailbox of tyranny, racism, and the War on Drugs.

Zenit Weekly Report of September 13, 1998. Mother Theresa, peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Illiteracy and marginalization, beatification of Paul VI and John XXIII, among other good stories.

Sudan September Report from the Sudanese Catholic bishops; discusses the aftermath of the US attack on the country.

September 2, 1998

Labor Day: Not a picnic for everyone, annual statement from Most Reverend William Skylstad, Bishop of Spokane.

AFRICANEWS Four important sites are located here; the Africanews monthly feature and news service of African journalists, from Nairobi, the Documentation et Informations Africaines site (the only Catholic news service in Africa, founded in 1957), the Sudan Catholic Information Office of the Sudanese Catholic bishops (most recent Monthly Report was August 15th), and Wajibu, a quarterly journal about keeping African traditions alive and adapting them to new circumstances.

Nine Days for Life, a novena to Our Lady of Sorrows, from the Archdiocese of Boston home page, daily meditations and biblical readings, prayers, on behalf of the cause of life. September 7 through 15, a national journey of intercessory prayer.

Everyday Peacemakers ABC-TV will distribute this Catholic Communication Campaign documentary to ABC-TV affiliates on Sunday, September 27, at 12:30 pm, ET.

Sharing Catholic Social Teaching, Challenges and Reflections from the US Catholic Bishops.

Multinational Monitor Globalization in Crisis, analysis and commentary about the role of corporations in the modern world. Speculation, Foreign Capital Dependence, and the Collapse of the Southeast Asian Economies

Roots of the Catholic Worker Movement saints and philosophers who influenced Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin page at the site of Casa Juan Diego Catholic Worker House in Houston, Texas.

A LAMENT for the SUMMER of 1998, a view from Oakley Street by Robert Waldrop.

Send email to James Wolfensohn, chairman of the World Bank. Share your concern for his immortal soul due to his bank's cruel and wicked persecution of the poor. Read Robert Waldrop's Letter. . . Pray for the conversion of James D. Wolfensohn

August 26, 1998

More Catholic and Christian Response to US military misadventures comments from Maryknoll, Pax Christi, Sojourners, Vatican Radio, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem

Global Policy Forum great website (non-Catholic, secular) with piles of dirt on major international organizations such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The focus is on the United Nations.

Power -- Action -- Justice access to the work of the Industrial Areas Foundation, inter-faith community organizing. See also Creating a multi-racial democratic community a case study of the Texas Industrial Areas Foundation. The IAF was originally founded by Saul Alinsky, with funding assistance from Catholic bishops.

August 19, 1998

A Lament Concerning the Foreign Policy of the United States of America August 20, 1998

August Internet Express, from Community Peacemakers of Oakland, California, US of A

UN Third World Youth Forum is targeted by the pro-abortion front, two reports from the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute

Zenit Report of August 9th situation in the Sudan, China, Vietnam, the World Youth Forum.

Zenit Report of August 16th Israel challenges appointment of Bishop, Auschwitz, Savonarola.

August 5, 1998

+Sollicitudo Rei Socialis a release from the Vatican Information Service, summarizing and discussing the importance of this social justice teaching document by John Paul II, promulgated in 1987. For the complete text, see the Document page inside this site.

Kansas City Catholic Workers 8 Day Fast against the Iraqi Embargo. More children have died in Iraq due to the embargo than were killed by atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A letter from Brother Louis and Susan Lee.

Front Line News from Palestine housing demolitions (again).

The Friday Fax from CAFRI news about an upcoming UN conference.

The rich get richer, the poor get sicker in the US link to a Reuters story served up by Infobeat.

Zenit Weekly Report, North and South Korea, Missionaries of Charity martyred, Humanae Vitae, Hunger in Kosovo, Human Rights, and much more.

July 29, 1998

Injustice Studies an on-line academic journal offering reports and studies regarding injustice. The premier issue includes information on bride burning in India, genocide and criminology, turmoil among nations, street kids in Central America, lessons from Vietnam, and the use of force to suppress genocide.

Casa Alianza Covenant House of Latin America, direct access to issues involving the street children of Central America. Some very disturbing stories.

Injustice Line "a web site devoted to exposing and publicizing injustices". There are some things here that will make the hair stand up on the back of your head. Focus is on prison injustice and law enforcement injustice issues.

International Debt an Anglican Bishop from South Africa lays the facts on the line regarding debt cancellation and the rich countries at the Lambeth Conference, a world meeting of Anglican bishops.

Zenit Weekly Report, big news this week -- assassination of Bishop Gerardi in Guatemala, Sudanese famine, papal support for the new International Court, New Guinea tragedies, racist politics in Australia, and the use of aborted fetuses to pave streets in Germany.

July 22, 1998

From the United Kingdom, Edges, an on-line publication in solidarity with the poor. Excellent reading from the front lines.

A new apostolic letter from Archbishop Chaput of Denver, re-visiting Pope Paul VI's famous encyclical "On Human Life". To the People of God of Northern Colorado

'The International Court meeting in Rome adjourns with an agreement on a charter -- but the proposal is rejected by many major countries, including the United States and China. New International Court

Zenit Weekly Report, human rights statement from Vietnamese bishop, prostitution, immigration, gambling, a new bishop for Algeria, and much more.

July 15, 1998

Read and weep. $1.7 billion was spent by Corporate America to lobby Congress. http://allpolitics.com/1998/07/08/ap/lobby/

A tragic story about the demolition of the house of a Palestinian family. As told by an eyewitness. Lena's Story.

Solidarity, the path for development and economic integration, a speech to a UN organization by the representative of the Vatican. VIS Story.

Extracts from the Zenit Weekly Report: Troubling information about slavery in the Sudan, more on sterilization in Peru, the latest from North Korea, Brazilian bishops elect social justice champions as officers.

July 8, 1998

Pope John Paul II makes a major statement on human rights and pastoral ministry. Papal Statement

Fellow travelers along the road of justice and peace offer inspiration, ideas for action and praxis, and even a few "warm fuzzies" to help us keep on keeping on. Internet Express

The Latin American bishops issue a scathing indictment, drawing a direct connection between poverty, corruption, and politics. Celam Meeting

The Week in Review extracts from the weekly report electronically published by the Zenit News Agency in Rome. From Rome to Ho Chi Min City, a grab bag of what's happening and them that's doin'.

July 1, 1998

The Zenit News Agency (a Latin American Catholic news sources located in Rome) this week published an exclusive interview with Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, a world pioneer in microcredit lending to the poor.

East Timor has been under attack by Indonesia for many years. The predominately Catholic country has suffered much from its annexation to its larger and more powerful neighbor. Changes in Indonesia may bring hope. Access to East Timor

News from Voices in the Wildnerness, a group in opposition to the US embargo of Iraq. Fast for Life July 25 - August 13, with special call for actions August 6-9.

The Week in Review extracts from the weekly report electronically published by the Zenit News Agency in Rome. Portugal, Guinea-Bissau, Jubilee amnesty for prisoners?. Lots of good and interesting news

Vol. 1 No. 14, June 24, 1998

Some African countries have a 25% HIV infection rate; others are moving in that direction. World wide deaths last year are at 2 million, Glaxo-Wellcome's profits are doing fine. AIDS in Africa.

From Father Labib Kobti, a priest of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, outlining the tragic history of the Zionist invasion of Palestine. Click here for details.

The Mexican bishops plan a trip to Chiapas to listen to the poor and hopefully set the stage for direct talks between the Zapatistas and the Mexican government. Details here.

A journey of prayer, beginning on the Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (June 20th) and ending on the vigil of the Memorial of the Queenship of Mary (August 21). Details/prayers.

June 17, 1998

A former Chinese official reveals horrific details of the Chinese government's "one family one child" policy implementation. Violent and coercive tactics, including forced abortions and destruction of property of families with more than one child are common. Read the sad details HERE. And here's an offer from Studies in Pro-Life Feminism that is worth checking out.

A conference in Rome kicks off a discussion about the need for a new international court that would consider issues such as genocide. The idea is derived from the Nuremburg and Tokyo war crimes trials. The Vatican weighs in on the side of the court, but warns it must respect human rights and not be a forum for the advancement of the pro-abortion cause. Read the New International Court news for more information. Click HERE for a late update regarding convention debates surrounding "enforced pregnancy."

Films about justice and peace. How many have you seen? Access Here. Check out the Homeless Home Movie!

A Week of Novenas for Justice and Peace A journey of prayer, beginning the Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (June 20th) and ending on the vigil of the Memorial of the Queenship of Mary (August 21).

A growing on-line archive of the many writings of Dorothy Day, mostly from the files of the Catholic Worker. Dorothy Day Library on the Web

June 10, 1998

If you need some ideas for action and contemplation for justice and peace, here's some ideas. The Justpeace List

The bad news is in. New Jersey was the first state to enact a "welfare cap", a policy of denying welfare benefits for additional children born after a cutoff date. A new study from Rutgers University indicates that hundreds of additional abortions resulted from this policy in one year. 20 states now have such laws. Click here for this sad story.

This is not a Catholic site, but its webmaster is a person of faith and there is a lot of material that should provoke a lot of thought. From the site:

"Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. But teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime. . . is the greatest half-truth ever spoken, for. . . If the man has no tools to fish with nor a place to fish, all the knowledge in the world will not produce the next day's catch." The Sticky Wicket A site in serious and loving solidarity with the poor.

Vol. 1 No.. 11, June 3, 1998

On the Solemnity of Christ the King last November the Pontifical Council on Justice and Peace issued an important document on Agrarian Reform. Thanks to those wonderful people over at the Catholic Information Network, the text of this important teaching document is now available in cyberspace. Check it out at http://www.cin.org/docs/agrarian.html . For a front line report about this issue, read this shocking email from a Brazilian Bishop and learn how Japanese corporate interests are conspiring with Brazilian government officials to dispossess small farmers and convert the land to factory farming for export: Letter from a Brazilian Bishop

The House has passed an African trade and aid bill that mandates continued progress in "family planning services", which sure sounds like abortion to me. Call your senator now to urge him or her to oppose this bill and invite your representatives and senators to support an alternative bill that does not mention family planning services or abortion. DETAILS ON THESE BILLS

Information on the performance of welfare reform. Everybody seems to be bragging these days about how many people are off welfare due to welfare reform. But what is really happening? Are these people getting jobs and improving their lives, or are they callously being thrown into the street because they make a mistake with their paperwork? Check it out here.

If you haven't been to Al-bushra, check this one out for sure! Justpeace Site of the Week

www.al-bushra.org created by Fr. Labib Kobti, a priest of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, has documents and links relating to justice and peace in Palestine. Lots of stuff, highly recommended by this webservant. Offers several mailing lists through CIN.

May 19, 1998

Roots of the Catholic Worker movement: saints and philosophers who influenced Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin directory page with links to on-line copies of articles in the Houston Catholic Worker about Emmanuel Mounier, Virgil Michel, OSB, Nicholas Berdyaev, Jacques and Raissa Maritain, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Teresa of Lisieux, St. Thomas Aquinas, Fr. John Hugo, Peter Kropotkin, distributism, labor and workers.

The Pope Speaks on Rural Life speech delivered by His Holiness, Pope Pius XII, to the delegates of the Convention of the National Confederation of Farmer Owner-Operators, November 5, 1946. The Pope gives a trenchant critique of the evolution of the role of capitol in post-war economies, and strongly endorses family farming, small holdings, and widespread land and property ownership. Extensive bibliography.

Distributivism short discussion plus links, access to primary documents, (also links to three encyclicals: Rerum Novarum, Quadragesimo Anno and Centesimus Annus).

My View of Distributism a Catholic page, appreciative of the Church's contributions to distributism. Includes several links of interest, including some articles by Dorothy Day originally published in the Catholic Worker. The page author, Antoine Valentin, has a home page with a bunch of other interesting links, not necessarily related to distributism, but worth a look.

Defending Distributism response to an article in First Things magazine that was critical of distributism.

The American Distributist brief article about distributist philosophy.

Belloc Studies a Belloc "home page", with access to on-line writings, bibliographies, reference, and links.

American Chesterton Society "the mission of the ACS and its members is to extend the influence of G.K. Chesterton by promoting an interest in his writings. . . "

G.K. Chesterton Mega-Links Page big page of links to all things Chesterton, has a section on Distributism.

G.K. Chesterton a "home page", with short biography, has links.

May 12, 1998

Putting Life Before Debt. Start HERE! This is the statement (30 pages when I printed it out) of Caritas Internationalis and International Co-operation for Development and Solidarity (CIDSE). These are two major international Catholic organizations. They are alliances of Catholic organizations working international regarding poverty alleviation and justice issues. I'm not sure of their canonical status, but the organizations that compose these groups are all officially sponsored by national conferences of Catholic bishops. Has complete contact information, a suggested plan of action, and a complete explanation of the whys and wherefores of the issue. Considers the theological and the practical.

Executive Summary regarding the International Debt Crisis on the website of Catholic Relief Services, the official overseas relief and development agency of the US Catholic bishops. This is based on the longer "Putting Life Before Debt" page listed above. So if you don't have time to read a 30 page report, this one is three pages. Testimony on FY 998 Foreign Assistance on behalf of the US Catholic Conference and Catholic Relief Services, before the Subcommittee on Foreign Operations, of the House Appropriations Committee.

International Debt Page from the official site of the US Catholic Bishops. Go to their Main Page and search using the term "International Debt". Many other resources will be found.

International Monetary Fund

Jubilee 2000: An Internet Resource great Catholic site

Jubilee 2000 Campaign, non-Catholic, secular orientation.

In the Spirit of Jubilee non-Catholic, but Jewish/Christian alliance advocating debt forgiveness. Good links. Access to scriptures regarding the Jubilee and debt cancellation.

Religious Working Group on the World Bank and International Monetary Fund a group of 40 religious organizations and denominations, many are Catholic.

Global Action Network sponsored by the TearFund, an alliance of evangelical Christians in the UK and Ireland. Has debt cancellation information under its Action Section, see "Wicked Web of Debts".

The World Bank mega site, lots of stuff, some of it is very technical, some is more accessible.

May 4, 1998

This movement continues today, with a world-wide focus. The University sponsors the Coady International Institute, which offers a Diploma program in social development, a five month program of study, and three to six week Certificate Programs in Adult Education and People-based Development, Community Economic Development, and Participatory management for social change. The Coady Institute has four decades of experience, and has trained more than 22,000 men and women in Antigonish and in overseas programs. History and Philosophy. ...Partners and Linkages an overview of the Institute's activities worldwide, in areas such as savings and credit, producer's organizations, tribal development, women and development, community health, food and water security.

The Mondragon Cooperatives of the Basque people of Spain began in the apostolate of a Catholic priest, Fr. Jose Maria Arizmendiarrieta to teach the social doctrine of the Catholic Church, at a technical school he had organized. In 1956, five of his students began making paraffin stoves. By 1959, the movement had its own bank. Its 1991 gross was $3 billion in sales, it's productivity and profitability is twice that of similar enterprises owned by corporations. It is one of the 12 largest business enterprises in Spain.

Mondragon Corporacion Cooperative web site of the Mondragon cooperative movement, available in English, Spanish, and Basque languages. Basic Principles a discussion of the 10 principles that govern the Mondragon cooperatives. Today the movement has about 30,000 workers in close to 100 cooperative enterprises, gross assets of US$20 billion, producing everything from machine tools to refrigerators to electronic equipment, and operating schools, housing cooperatives, a consumer/worker cooperative with over 40 stores, plus four second level cooperatives that provide services to the primary cooperatives (these second level co-ops are a bank with 120 branch offices, a technological research institute, a League of Education and Culture (which funds a Polytechnical College, a business school, and a professional college) and a social security and medical cooperative.

Mondragon: the Remarkable Achievement a look at the Mondragon Industrial Cooperatives, describes its personalist approach to economics and business organization. The first rule of a Mondragon cooperative is that the chooser and the doer, the owner and the worker, must be the same person and every member must be in both. Mondragon and Relationships article in a secular journal discusses how the Catholic-founded and inspired Mondragon cooperatives manage their relationships.

Enabling Employee Ownership examination of the business organizations in Spain known as the Mondragon Cooperatives, located in the Basque region, movement founded by a Catholic priest and heavily influenced by Catholic social teaching. These co-ops are owned by the employees and some are large industrial enterprises. (Article in a non-Catholic secular website devoted to considerations of alternative economics.) "Always begin a new cooperative venture with a group of people who are already friends with each other."

Mondragon Cooperatives discussion at a United Nations site, surveys history and activities of the Mondragon cooperatives.

Democracy in the Workplace: Theory and Practice from the Perspective of Communication, considers workplace democracy in cooperatives, with special attention to the real-world situation of the Mondragon Cooperatives in Spain. Long academic journal article (32 pages), comprehensive bibliography. By the same author is Many Meanings of Solidarity, which discusses the negotiation of values in the Mondragon Worker-Co-operative system.

More Co-operative Resources (secular, non-Catholic)

Aries -- online network for the social economy European co-operative network. Social Economy European description of the co-operative movement ("social economy", originally a French description, is used in Europe to describe cooperative enterprises. The European Commission statistics indicate there are 269,000 cooperatives in Europe, employing 2.9 million people, annual economic volume of 1,550 billion ECU. 53.7 million people belong to one form or another of cooperative economic activity in Europe, over half in credit unions and co-op banks.

Canadian Co-operative Association, on-line presence for Canadian co-operatives. Has cooperative FAQS. . . Starting your own Co-operative, a guide for young entrepreneurs.

Co-op America"Consumer Strategies for a Better World". Sweatshop stuff, co-ops, alternative economic organizations and methodologies.

Cooperative Peace, by James Peter Warbasse, published in 1950 by the Cooperative Publishing Association, this is a cooperative "manifesto" advocating cooperative economic enterprise as an alternative to international competition that has led to war.

Economics in an Intelligent Universe directory of grab-bag of articles about small enterprise, co-operative enterprise, and alternatives to Marxist/corporate capitalism.

Federacio Valenciana d'Empreses Cooperatives de Treball Associat, in English and Spanish, has excellent description of the cooperative movement in Spanish, plus Spanish instructions for starting a co-operative business enterprise.

International Co-operative Alliance an international non-governmental organization which unites, represents, and serves co-operatives worldwide. Located in Geneva, Switzerland, big site, lots of very interesting stuff, worldwide access. List of famous cooperators includes several Catholics. Statement of Co-operative Identity -- principles of the co-operative movement.

National Cooperative Business Association, founded in 1916 as a national association to protect and advance the interests of cooperative enterprises and their member/workers. Site includes information on how to start cooperative businesses. Food Co-ops ... Child Care Co-ops ... Co-op Web Site.

Society of Co-operative Studies in the United Kingdom

University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives mega-site with world access to the cooperative movement, plus academic research on the movement and its economics. Industrial Cooperative Association, promotes human and economic development through the creation of model worker-owned and community-based enterprises that create and save jobs, active since 1978.

April 29, 1998

Campaign for Human Development official home page, sponsored by the US Catholic bishops. Access to resources.

Catholic Relief Services Home Page, for the official relief and development agency of the US Catholic Conference. Operates a microenterprise program to alleviate poverty.

International Association of Charity is the oldest continuing charitable organization for lay women in the world, founded in 1617 by St. Vincent de Paul. With the theme, "Against all forms of poverty, acting together", and with 250,000 members in 42 associations on every continent, the associates concentrate on the situation of women, their children and families, focusing on working with the destitute to assist them in their self-help efforts to better their own circumstances. They encourage the poor to launch initiatives and to plan self-achievement projects, as well as defending the human rights of the destitute. This site has excellent catechetical materials on the practical, street-level application of the Church's justice teachings.

Landless Peasants Movement in Brazil movement organized with Catholic seed-money, has helped 140,000 families acquire land and membership in farming cooperatives in the past 12 years. Has 38,000 students and 1500 teachers (teaching poor self-help techniques and learning how to teach them). Sponsors formation of cooperatives, has established 1,564 movement settlements (site is in English).

Accion International creating income and employment in the Americas. Microenterprise publications and policy issues.

Action Without Borders, non-Catholic, secular, linking people and organizations in 20 countries, lists of volunteer opportunities, internships, non-governmental organizations. Type "microenterprise" in their search engine for several useful links.

Co-op America, non-catholic, secular, "Consumer Strategies for a Better World", has information about sweatshop issues, alternative economic organizations and methodologies.

Development Capital, globally responsible investments. Site of a mutual fund that invests in microenterprise programs in the third world and that pays excellent returns to individual investors. Has downloadable prospectus. Microenterprise development fact sheet.

Enterprise Development Website an annotated meta-index and information clearinghouse on enterprise development, entrepreneurship, business, finance, international trade and the economy. The focus is on microenterprise, small and medium scale enterprises, cooperatives, community economic development, in both developed and developing countries.

Grameen Bank of Bangladesh a financial institution pioneer in the area of microcredit and microenterprise.

Partners of the Americas programs for microenterprise and community development. In English and Portuguese. Latest News on Social Banking information regarding microenterprise including links to the page for the microcredit summit.. Links in English and Portuguese.

Real Change, Seattle's homeless newspaper (sold on the streets by homeless people to make money.)

Results is an international clearing house, perhaps the largest microenterprise group active today. Considers the problem of microcredit -- which is the need for microentrepreneurs for capital to start their programs. Excellent and attractive site. Sponsored a microcredit summit last year.

Trickle-Up Program an international non-profit organization working to reduce poverty by providing the poorest people with the opportunity to develop their own microenterprises (non-Catholic, secular). Provides business training material and $100 start-up capital to a family or group to start a business. Has assisted 300,000 entrepreneurs and their dependents in 114 countries. In 1996, the program was managing work in 57 countries with a staff of 14 in their head office. They added 9,000 new micro-businesses in 1966.

April 19, 1998

Their Faith has Touched Us, by Maria Ruiz Scaperlanda, a frequent contributor to Our Sunday Visitor and the Sooner Catholic, tells the stories of three young Catholics who perished in this tragedy.