Justpeace Advent Resources

Here, "from the vault", are some Advent resources we previously published here at www.justpeace.org . RMW

http://www.justpeace.org/advent2001.htm From 2001, a Justpeace Advent Simple Living Calendar

http://www.justpeace.org/actinglocal.htm Taking personal responsibility for peacemaking: our 2001 Advent letter

http://www.justpeace.org/advent2000.htm the year 2000 Justpeace Advent wreath, dedicated to the Four Martyred Churchwomen of El Salvador - Maura Clarke, Ita Ford, Jean Donovan, Dorothy Kazel

http://www.justpeace.org/advent98.htm the 1998 Justpeace Advent wreath, with three candles (as I recall I got impossible busy about the time of the 4th week and never got around to adding the 4th candle. The three candles honor Dorothy Day, Fran Jaegerstatter (a martyr under the Nazis canonized by Pope John Paul II), and Oscar Romero of El Salvador.

Meditations on Advent Lectionary Readings

http://www.justpeace.org/jubilee-33.htm Metanois, Jubilee, Beauty, Advent 1999, 1st Sunday

http://www.justpeace.org/jubilee-29-25.htm The poor will find joy in the Lord, Advent 1999, 2nd Sunday

http://www.justpeace.org/jubilee-20-14.htm Let justice descend like dew from the heavens, Advent 1999, 3rd Sunday

http://www.justpeace.org/jubilee-13-9.htm the Ark of Salvation, Advent 1999, 4th Sunday

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