A Letter to the Editor

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I've finished reading Dorothy Day's Long Loneliness (ed. note: her biography), and Loaves and Fishes. I would like to have known Dorothy and Peter and the many others she references in her books. I must have been in some deep dark pit not to have known of their existence during their living. I surely do connect with them.

Dorothy writes in her book, Loaves and Fishes, a feeling I've never been able to put into words. She describes this feeling I had over and over while living in an economically depressed area. Dorothy writes about one of her "family in need" -- the man, a writer, a drinker -- his wife, a lover of herself and needy of men's attention. While living elsewhere the man and woman had been murdered by another mentally crippled soul. She writes, "The newspapers emphasized the sordidness of the room on Third Avenue where their bodies were found. As I read, I thought how, over and over again, I have seen just such rooms in our houses of hospitality. They reflect the grim and hopeless chaos of the minds of their occupants, the disorder of people who do not appreciate the material even while seeking in it all their pleasures."

I've finished reading "Romero - A Life" by Brockman. After putting the book down, I felt so terribly small. . . our little grievances so trite compared to the cause Romero was called to lead. But I'm reminded in all things great or small to defend, the sinister and demoralizing culprit always remains to be greed and power.

It was the first Sunday of Lent, and the gospel was of Christ's temptations in the desert. "This Sunday speaks to us of a victory, the victory of Christ over the enemy of God's plan of salvation," Romero said. The devil challenged Christ to turn stones into bread, "but bread is not made only from stones. The bread that must nourish all has to be the just distribution of goods. It has to be when the rich give up what they have in order to share with the poor. It has to be a society arranged according to the heart and the justice of God. This is the redemption that I bring, says Christ." (Romero, A Life, page 231-231).

Well, I felt compelled to write and to share. I'm so glad you are birthing the Catholic Worker movement here in Oklahoma City. Elizabeth York, OKC

Psalm 14

Will these evildoers never learn? They devour my people as they devour bread. They do not call upon the Lord. They have good reasons, then, to fear. God is with the company of the just. They would crush the hopes of the poor, but the poor have the Lord as their refuge. Oh, that from Zion might come the deliverance of Israel. That Jacob may rejoice, and Israel be glad when the Lord restores his people.

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