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People often ask me how they can work for justice and peace. The first and most important thing that people can do is to consult the Works of Justice and Peace in the box on this page.

January 1999.

4,000 copies of Better Times, my cookbook and almanac of useful information for poor people, were delivered in December and most have been distributed free to the poor in food baskets given out by Catholic Charities and food pantries in Catholic parishes in the Kansas City area.. I have some left, and will be happy to send anybody a free copy who sends me a manila envelope (at least 9" x 11" size) with $1.47 in US postage on it ($1.63 to Canada, $5.00 airmail to Europe and most other overseas locations, $1.63 for surface mail to these places). Thanks be to God, and to all who sent donations to bring this project to press.

Since there remains a need for more copies, I am initiating another begging project for funds to reprint (4,000 copies cost $905, delivered to KC, with additional 1000s costing $125, so this is a very cost effective way to deliver information.)

Community Gardens & Food Security

On February 27, 1999, the justice and peace office of the diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph is sponsoring an all day conference, Food, Justice, Community, a symposium on rural-urban connections, to build local support for a more just, sustainable, and resilient community food supply.

Besides the justice and peace office, we've got the Sierra Club, National Farmers Organization, U of Missouri Extension Outreach and Dept of Rural Sociology, the Kansas City and Columbia food circles, and the National Catholic Rural Life Conference. The week following, the Sierra Club is sponsoring a seminar for community activists interested in a more just and sustainable food supply, together with a farmers exhibition where urban customers can meet rural farmers, plus there will be exhibits of food processing and preservation technologies. Coming soon, perhaps, the "Better Times Urban Self Reliance Center".

Prayer and fasting

As always, lift the ministries of justice and peace up in prayer and fasting, especially for discernment as to where this should go, what should be done, how it should happen. I invite you to consider joining in a day of fasting and prayer, the first Friday of each month, and then to give a fast offering to your local SVDP group or save it up and donate it to the upcoming Campaign for Human Development offering (usually the last Sunday of November) and/or Operation Rice Bowl (Catholic Relief Services) during Lent.


If you are moved to send a contribution, send to 1406 Oakley, Kansas City, MO 64127. I am sorry, but I have nothing so fancy as credit card donation capability. The current begging project is for printing more copies of Better Times for free distribution.

Keep me informed.

Tell me about what is happening with justice and peace in your neighborhood. Send me URLs, reports, news articles, press releases, whatever.

Grace, Peace, and Justice,

Robert Waldrop, Justpeace webservant

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