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Pray for the conversion of this man,

James D. Wolfensohn

president of the World Bank Group.

His institution is responsible for much death and suffering in the lesser developed countries. His financial institution and the Rich Countries demand that the poor pay a cruel price in the blood of their children in order that arrogant and wealthy bankers can receive their interest on the interest of loans made to corrupt and authoritarian governments. Most of the original loan money was frittered away on military expenditures, grandiose projects, and the private Swiss bank accounts of rulers. The poor are now asked to foot the bill for this grandiose waste and the greed of the rich in the west.

The World Bank claims to be offering "relief" to "Highly Indebted Poor Countries". Yet, the relief is slow in coming and not very substantial when it does arrive. Mozambique saved 13 million pounds a year -- but they are still required to pay one hundred million pounds every year. Uganda saves even less. Next year, when their relief kicks in, they will save all of one million dollars -- and they will still be paying $117 million annually. Wow. I'm sure we're all really impressed by the generosity of these rich people.

In some of these countries, up to 40 percent of a nation's total income is grabbed by these financial fanatics, who close their ears to the cry of the poor, show little mercy, and are blind to the effects of their policies on the poor.

So let us pray for the conversion of James D. Wolfensohn, and all of the employees of the World Bank. May they come to understand the grief and suffering they are causing by their worship of money and their devotion to the values of the culture of death. And here's a suggestion all those Pharoahs in the Rich Countries and at the World Bank, straight from the book of Exodus:

The Lord God sent me to you with this message: Let my people go!

Memo to the World Bank: This is a clue from God. In the name of basic humanity, of all that the human race holds dear, have mercy on these poor people that you currently oppress so hard. Put up your taskmasters' whips and wield them no more on the backs of those you grind into the dust. There are no good outcomes from such wickedness. You are planting seeds of despair and alienation that will yield bitter fruit for decades to come. Stop beating around the bush and avoiding the issue, quit trying to baffle everybody with glitz and glamor, and just do the right thing, for once in your lives, and forgive the debts of these lesser developed countries.

The World Bank known financier of tyrants, persecutors of the poor, advocate of culture of death values.

A Letter to Mr. Wolfensohn by Robert Waldrop, Justpeace webservant

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Statement from South Africa An Anglican Bishop from South Africa lays the facts on the line about the effect of World Bank policies on the poorest of the poor, and notes that South Africa has been quick to forgive the debts owed to it by poor countries, and wonders why the World Bank and the Rich Countries are so slow to have mercy.

Letter to the World Bank, from members of the Lambeth Conference of the Anglican Communion; they are willing to let the World Bank employees, including Mr. Wolfensen, off the moral hook as individual persons, but I disagree.

The Catholic teaching is that structures of sin always begin in individual acts of sin. Nobody is holding a gun to any of these employees' heads and requiring them to do the dirty job of extracting money from the food bowls of the poor in lesser developed countries. They could do other things. But Mr. Wolfensen, and the rest of his employees, have made a voluntary moral decision to contribute to death, suffering and genocide through their Bank's policies towards these countries. And they make good money doing this, they benefit financially from this persecution of the poor. They are guilty in the same way as many Germans share specific responsibility with the Nazis for their acts of commission and omission in service to evil.

They are in desperate need of evangelism, catechesis, and conversion.

Let us pray for the conversion of James D. Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death, Amen.

Send email to James D. Wolfensohn, chairman of the World Bank

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