Political Exploitation

"Yet it is evident that not all social welfare programs have been successful. Some have been ill-designed, ineffective and wasteful. No one has been more aware of this than the poor themselves, who have suffered the consequences. Where programs have failed, we should discard them, learn from our mistakes, and fashion a better alternative." Economic Justice 192. U.S. Bishops

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This is an era when the poor are heartlessly exploited for the selfish gain of those in politics. Using polls and negative media campaigns, they think nothing of demonizing the poor with the most outrageous of lies; it is a reminder of the truths we have learned from the totalitarian tyrannies of this century: the bigger the lie, the easier it is for people to believe it. Such routine and uncritical acceptance of false witness by the public and the media is a troubling indicator regarding the low levels of American political morality.

Democratic Party exploitation of the poor

Republican Party exploitation of the poor

Poverty Pimps