The 2001 St. Joseph's Table of the Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House

Presented at Epiphany of the Lord Parish in Oklahoma City

In grateful thanks to St. Joseph for his many blessings on our house.

We presented our St. Joseph's Table in conjunction with Epiphany's Lenten mission. These two photos were taken early on March 19th, after the Table had been blessed by Fr. Hernando Ramirez, SJ, of Dallas, Texas. By the end of the mission, the floor around the Table was completely filled with bags of groceries donated for our food bank. We are very grateful to all those who brought food for this devotion..

The statue of St. Joseph was given to us by Sister Elizabeth Determan, ASC. For many years it graced their convent at Corpus Christi parish in Oklahoma City, and was given to us when they closed their house. The icon of Oscar Romero was sent to us by the Social Justice Committee of the Sisters of the Incarnate Word in Corpus Christi, Texas, and was one of the first donations our Catholic Worker house received when we opened in August 1999.

St. Joseph, Worker and Father, ora pro nobis!

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