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Healing Hunger, from the Vincentians, a 2 year campaign to heal hunger. Hunger-related news.

School of the Americas Watch, we've featured this link before, but since the annual public witness at Ft. Benning is coming up November 16-18, now is a good time to revisit this important issue, especially since President Bush says everybody ought to shut down their terrorist training camps. See their FAQ page for basic info.

Closing the School/Planting the Garden, Food not Lawns pilgrimage to the SOA witness page, we hosted them in Oklahoma City November 7th-8th.

Backyard Terrorism, if we are going to rid the world of terrorism and close down all the terrorist training camps, shouldn't we start with the one at Ft. Benning, Georgia, whose graduates are responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Latin America?

National Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice, organizing support in religious communities for issues of worker justice. See also Labor in the Pulpits.

The History of the Mondragon Experience, it's been a while since we've mentioned the Mondragon Cooperatives of Spain, which we consider to be a model application of Catholic Social Justice, here's a short history from the official Mondragon site, pdf file, for new readers of this page.

Labor Links, excellent access to the US labor movement.

Companies funding abortion make everyday products, a list of corporate abortionists, including Bufferin, Burger King, Cheerios, Diet Pepsi, Haagen-Dazs, Levi Strauss, Nickelodeon, Reebok, and Wal-Mart/Sam's Club. From Human Life International.

Justice Place, Australian site offering access to a wide range of social justice and solidarity organizations.

Life and Debt, Life and Debt is a summer release feature-length documentary which addresses the impact of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and current globalization policies on a developing country such as Jamaica.

Czarnecki's Labor Education Links, a major resource for accessing information about the labor movement and worker issues. Very comprehensive.

Alcoholics Anonymous, much information can be found here about addiction and recovery and the role of faith and love in those journeys.

Al-anon and Alateen, helping the families of alcoholics recover from the experience of living with alcoholism.

Supermarket Co-op, website delivering rural cooperative products directly to your door, find some interesting gifts for the holiday season here, and put some of your holiday spending to work ending poverty the old fashioned way - creating jobs and livelihoods in poor areas in the US and abroad.

Corporations supporting abortion, from the St. Antoninus Institute, scroll down the page for the current list.

Madonna House , hospitality and solidarity with the poor, founded by Catherine de Houeck Dougherty, a friend of Dorothy Day.

Poverty USA , America's forgotten state, from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development,

Volunteer Opportunities at Catholic Worker houses throughout the nation.

Rural Mexico Research Review , online academic publication, premier edition, reviewing academic literature and discussing Transnational Communities. Jointly published by the University of California at Davis and El Collegio Mexico.

No to Plan Colombia: land reform essential for desperate campesinos , from the Houston Catholic Worker, an indictment of US policy in Latin America.

Witness for Peace , conducts research and sends delegations to examine the effect of US policies on the poor of the western hemisphere. Founded in 1983.

Mines Advisory Group , UK charity involved with clearing land mines throughout the world and helping victims of land mines.

Creighton Center for Service and Justice , at the Omaha Jesuit university, sponsors service trips during spring breaks and during the year in Omaha.

Jesuit Social Commitments , in Japan and Asia.

Pacific Institute for Community Organization , serves a national network of congregation-based community service organizations.

Witness for Peace , promoting justice in the Americas, in particular, see their Colombia information, with reports from delegations recently returned from the country.

Justicia, Paz, Vida , justice, peace, and life, social justice information and spirituality in Spanish, from the Claretian Missionaries.

LivingWage.Org , from the Employment Policies Institute, tracks the burgeoning living wage movement in the United States.

Giving gardens to the needy , story of a British man who creates gardens for poor people.

The Seton Institute, established by the Daughters of Charity to assist people in the developed countries who want to partner with and be in practical solidarity with people in poor countries.

Carecen - New York, The Central American Refugee Center, plentiful access to Central American solidarity. Excerpts from the UN Truth Commission Report on the Assasination of Archbishop Oscar Romero,

Wings of Valor, dedicated to rebuilding lives torn apart by war, poverty, and disaster.

BOND, British Overseas NGO's for Development, association of 221 British voluntary organizations involved with overseas development projects.

Resource Center of the Americas, "one stop accessing" for much information concerning social justice in the Western Hemisphere.

Good News India, "of positive action, steely endeavor, and quiet triumphs."

Rrojas Databank, the political economy of development studies, an academic site referencing, archiving, linking development studies, this is a big source with lots of articles.. E.g. The Crimes of the Chilean Generals. Indices include globalization, poverty, sustainability.

The state of food insecurity in the world, 1999, from the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Poverello House, nondenominational charity serving the poor and homeless in Fresno, California.

Web resources for socially responsible investing, lots of links, university oriented.

Trocaire, Irish organization "working for a just world."

The impact of neo-liberalism on Chile, a report prepared for Trocaire. Discusses the actual economic effects of the Pinochet regime's embrace of "neo-liberalism" as defined by the Chicago School (Milton Friedman et al) and its tragic effects on both the common good of the nation and the living conditions of everyone not in the nation's economic elite. Executive summary: the top 20% mad out like Fat Rat, the rest of the population experienced a steep decline in living standards.

The truth about Pinochet, Chile's legacy of torture, murder, international terrorism, and the "disappeared". On line access to a lot of primary material, including photographs, much of which originated in the Catholic press in Chile, documenting the crimes of the Pinochet regime. The myth of the Chilean economic miracle.

Chile, the laboratory test, a critique of the Chicago School of Economics.

Conflict and Competition, the Latin American Church in a Changing World, on-line text of a book which looks quite interesting, has a particular focus on Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Guatemala, Peru and Venezuela.

Economic Apartheid in America, extract from a United for a Fair Economy report on the TomPaine.Com site. Facts and figures on economic inequality. The largest US employer is Manpower, Inc -- a temporary help agency. Virtually all the income growth for 25 years has gone to the top 1% of households. The rich get richer. More chapter and verse, with statistics, showing how income inequality in the US is increasing, and how the "rising tide" is lifting only the boats of the top 20%, with the rest of the population experiencing stagnant or declining incomes. In 1999, the average middle class family worked 256 additional hours than they did in 1989 to make ends meet (that's 6 weeks of work added to the 52 week year).

Rowel, Reform Organization of Welfare, fighting poverty and discrimination in Missouri, working for economic justice and a fair welfare system. When I lived in Kansas City, I was a volunteer with this group. They have an innovative Life in the State of Poverty welfare simulation game, which they present regularly throughout the state (the game may be purchased from them for use elsewhere). This simulation takes people through a month in the life of typical welfare families. Very educational.

We have met the monster, and it is us, by a Jesuit priest ministering in the barrios of Los Angeles, on the unlearned lessons of the recent Ramparts police scandal. Dehumanization is dangerous.

Belize Development Trust Library, I think it is good to read the press in third world countries, this site is maintained by their equivalent of a 501-c-3 charity. Lots of articles, three good picks would be Social justice for the Belizean people, Can you preserve your culture and raise your standard of living at the same time? , The politics of efficiency, regarding the problems "free trade" is causing small countries in the Caribbean.

Africa-Europe Faith and Justice Network, working to promote more just and equitable relationships between Europe and Africa, a network of religious and missionary congregations.

Maryknoll Office of Global Concerns, peace, justice, the integrity of creation.

Azerbaijan Internet Links access to all things Azerbaijani, including human rights information and the Azerbaijani side of the conflict with Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh.

Project Underground, supporting the human rights of communities facing exploiting by oil and mining companies.

Responsible Wealth, a site assisting those who have assets in doing justice in the management of their wealth. Lots of reports about corporate doings. See "Paying a living wage is good for business", their study of the many business advantages of paying employees a just and living wage. Complete text is available on their site.

Payday Loans lure vulnerable customers into spiraling debt, one of the sleaziest aspects of the US financial industry is the "pay day loan", with interest rates in the neighborhood of 650% per annum! This report from Chicago's Woodstock Institute debunks the common defenses of the industry.

Ya Basta! Initiatives against neoliberalism.

Three well-kept secrets about abortion, its racist, post-abortion stress syndrome, and the link with breast cancer.

A poor town gets water. This website is sponsored by the Association of Concerned Guyanese, with a Canadian address, and offers a window into life in a very poor country. Note the articles about increased privatization and the threats of civil disorder. Agitators are blamed. Click on the "Water supply for more city residents" article, which reports that 14 faucets have been installed to serve 5,000 people. People are ordered not to bathe or wash their animals or dishes at the faucets, rather, they should carry the water home. Oh, and the water will only be on twice a day.

The Militarization of the US-Mexico Border, an interview with Maria Jimenez, of the Immigration Law Enforcement Monitoring Project of the American Friends Service Committee.

Africa-Europe Faith and Justice Network an association of men and women religious and missionary congregations in Africa that seeks to promote justice in Africa and in relations of European countries towards Africa. Has over 1000 people throughout Africa that provide information and news to the network. Check their link page for some interesting places to visit.

The November Coalition, solidarity site for those affected by mandatory minimum sentencing laws for non-violent offenses.

Peace Brigades International, sends teams of companions and observers from developed countries to places where people are at risk of violence due to their work for peace and justice. Many oppressors do not want their activities to see the light of day, by providing such observer teams, the Peace Brigades non-violently help protect at risk people.

Global Agenda, by William Greider, from the Nation, provocative story documenting the abuses of workers in factories overseas.

The Burger International Revisited, a report on union organizing attempts at MacDonalds restaurants worldwide. From the Left Business Observer.

Income and Poverty, another Left Business Observer article about income statistics. Has a great quote from Alexis de Tocqueville: "I am of the opinion...that the manufacturing aristocracy which is growing up under our eyes is one of the harshest that ever existed.... The friends of democracy should keep their eyes anxiously fixed in this direction; for if a permanent inequality of conditions and aristocracy...penetrates into [America], it may be predicted that this is the gate by which they will enter."

Catholics Against Capital Punishment, information and catechesis.

Fact Sheets, from the National Coalition for the Homeless, great information, organized for easy access.

Homelessness: programs and the people they serve, on-line text of a HUD study.

Mayors group finds rise in food and shelter requests, from the US Conference of Mayors, with emergency food requests up 18% and shelter requests up 12% in the 26 cities served, over last year.

Adaptable strategies for sustainable livelihoods in arid and semi-arid lands, how the poor are coping. (Executive summary: by stretching their margins even further.)

Documents of the Catholic Bishops of the Philippines, a visitor to these pages recommended this site. It is a truly rich treasury of the Church's social teaching. Some gems on the pages include: Life or death, "a primer calling for commitment to life and abolition of the death penalty," from the Catholic Bishops of the Philippines. Indigenous peoples and the Church journeying towards the Great Jubilee, pastoral letter of the Catholic Bishops of the Philippines defending the indigenous peoples of their nation from the attacks of the powerful. Pastoral Exhortation on the Philippines Economy (short version), 1998, a strong critique of the situation in the nation.

El Salvador: Ten Years Later, articles from Company magazine on the Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and her daughter who were martyred by the government in 1989.

The Tenth Anniversary, "Remembering and celebrating -- renewing a commitment to justice," page on the Creighton University website commemorating the 1989 Jesuit martyrs of El Salvador.

Take time to give thanks to harvesters, from the LA Times, an update on the status of America's most marginalized workers: farm laborers, whose average annual income is $6500.

Statement on Iraq, November 15, 1999, from the Most Reverend Joseph Fiorenza, president, US Catholic Conference.

City of the Angels Kateri Circle, from Los Angeles, access and support for Native Americans, spirituality of the Blessed Kateri Tekawitha.

Inner City Press, electronically published from South Bronx, New York, news about community reinvestment, redlining, South Bronx and other inner city issues.

US Complicity in Timor, from the Nation, by Allan Nairn.

Losing ground bit by bit, shows how low income communities are falling behind in the Information Age, and gives some ideas for reversing the process.

A Challenge to Clinton and Gore, Senator Paul Wellstone questions the Administration's claims to "success" for welfare reform.

Waco on my mind. Distrust of federal law enforcement agencies is running strong and deep. After the bombing here in Oklahoma City, there was a veritable plethora of rumors and conspiracy theories that went about town. So many people were "talking" that the head of the ATF actually came to Oklahoma City to personally deny the accusations that ATF agents knew about the bombing in advance of the event. This article probes the on-going unravlement of the fed's politically correct position on the Waco siege. Since I watched that on the television, I have suspected that this event proved one of two things: (1) Our federal law enforcement agencies are hopelessly incompetent, or (2) a decision was made at a high level -- as in Clinton or Reno -- to incinerate those people rather than appear politically and practically "weak" on crime (or perhaps the answer is "both"). The Branch Davidians were as much victims of American partisan warfare as they were of their own leader's egotistic insanity.

The Life Research and Communications Institute, access to information in support of respecting the dignity of life from conception to natural death.

Is welfare reform sending more kids to foster care? Documents the destructive effects of welfare reform on the family integrity of low income families.

National Labor Committee Education Fund in support of worker rights in Central and South America. How much does the worker earn who made those toys being bought for kids this Advent? Not very much. Proposes vigils at Wal-Marts and malls on December 9th.

Homeless Newspapers, in some cities, there are newspapers "of, by, and for" homeless people. Here's a directory of them. Typically, they are sold by homeless people as a way for them to make money, a basic microenterprise.

The Growing Crisis among Wisconsin's poorest families, an analysis of the results of welfare reform, 1986-1997, from the Institute for Wisconsin's Future.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Los Angeles Council. A beautiful site.

Online Newspapers in Northern and Central Africa, directory listing of English language newspapers.

Eva from Cebu, the complexities and tragedies of the life of a prostitute in the Philippines. This explains -- a lot -- about why transnational corporations can find young women to work so cheaply under such awful conditions in their factories 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. Let us pray for the management and stockholders of these corporations, that they will stop their shameful exploitations of such desperate people, pay them a decent living wage for the area (living wage as defined by the popes and bishops in the social justice teaching of the Church), and do something about the deplorable working conditions and hours in their factories.

Health Profiles of Urban Dwellers, 1997 report, notes health differences between poor and rich areas.

Project Underground defending the aboriginal peoples of Papua-New Guinea against the depredations of transnational corporations.

The Church on the Cross Today, Catholic site reporting on persecutions of Christians, has pages and excellent link access for areas of major concern including Sudan, Indonesia, East Timor.

Appalachia Science in the Public Interest, Fr. Fritsch, who's interview is linked in Crossroads, works here. A rural sustainable living program, has two appropriate technology demonstration projects with low cost buildings, composting toilets, alternative "home grown" energy research. Publishes excellent technical reports on how to build a solar cooker, compost heap, do recycling, farm forests, some of which are on the website (click on technical reports). Looks like they're doing excellent, practical work.

Acción Social de los Jesuitas, Jesuit social action in Mexico, in Spanish. 1996 letter from the Latin American Provincials of the Society of Jesus on Neoliberalism

Cató, social justice links, Latin America.

SE Asia Newsport, on-line news service for southeast Asia, currently reporting the recent Indonesian elections.

National Democratic Party of Tibet, founded in 1994 by the Tibetan Youth Congress, to safeguard and promote the peace and Tibetan government initiatives of the Dalai Lama.

Homeless People's Network Discussion List, connecting the homeless on all continents.

Peace and Tolerance Focus on the Middle East, excellent links and access., anti-government, pro-people website focus on Azerbaijan, exposes the corruption of the government which gained power via a coup in 1993.

The Nepal Digest Foundation, on line access to all things Nepalese.

Facts about poverty in Nepal, from a student at Bremen University.

Broken Promises: Welfare Reform in Ontario, documents the deteriorating situation of the poor in Canada.

Sowers Action, in English and Chinese, group raising funds to educate children in China. Based in Hong Kong.

Ashoka: Innovators for the public. US-based organization that searches for, and then supports, "social entrepreneurs" -- people whose creativity and drive open up new possibilities for helping the poor and creating a better life. Very innovative organization doing good work. Named after an ancient Indian emperor who abandoned war because of the suffering it caused. .

Changemakers, on line journal, an initiative of Ashoka, currently reporting innovative approaches to the problems of street children in South Africa.

The Penguin Star, keep up with all things Asian, in a voice that we don't often hear in the US. This is an on-line e-zine with editorial offices in Vietnam, and correspondents throughout Asia. The current issue says that a de facto civil war has begun in East Timor.

Students Sharing, non-profit in the Baltimore area connecting students with service and justice.

Volunteerism and Community Engagement Resources, access to many projects, including Virtual Volunteering.

Information Technology Resources for Non-Profits, from the United Kingdom. Access to a lot of info for the non-profit sector, including year 2000 issues.

Tech Supports for Non-Profits searchable database of resources.

Community Wealth, exploring the possibilities of "doing well and doing good."

The Yemen Times, on line presence of a major newspaper in Yemen. Access to all things Yemenese.

Bougainville: the Peace Process and Beyond, a report from another land not well known to most westerners.

Hope Now, a Christian "emergency rescue team" for at risk gang youth with criminal records. Promotes reconciliation through caring relationships, education, and employment.

Low Income Networking and Communications Project -- bringing together people working on issues surrounding the shredding of the safety net. Just added the fourth edition of their Director of Low Income Organizations Working on Welfare Issues.

Inequality.Org, exploring all aspects of the growing gap in income and assets between the very rich and the poor and the working class and the middle class.

World Peace and Friendship Society, headquartered in Calcutta, India, dedicated to the abolition of nuclear weapons.

Welfare/Workfare links, massive worldwide listing of links regarding this important issue.

Project for Information Access and Connectivity, Ford and Rockefeller foundation project bringing internet access to Africa. Has some good websites of African organizations and activities.

Timorese to vote on autonomy, armed militias sow fear. Article discussing the upcoming autonomy vote in East Timor, and the violent reaction of pro-Indonesia militias.

Building a Moral Economy, site sponsored by an ecumenical group of Canadian Christians who believe it is possible to create a moral economy.

Directory of Catholic Worker communities

List of actions planned in event of a US attack on any other country. In various cities, there are "contingency plans" for new US attacks on other countries (e.g. "Day after attack, 4:30 PM, at the federal building." See if your city is listed.

Utica Catholic Worker online newsletter. "Can works of mercy perpetuate the structures of social injustice?" and "Salvation, Wealth, and Poverty," an extensive discussion of the narrative of the rich young man in the Gospels.

Going to the roots, by Dorothy Day, from the Catholic Worker of May 1978, a primer on the philosophy and day to day practices of the Catholic Worker movement. What is a house of hospitality? Do you rehabilitate people? How is the Worker organized? How are you fu nded? What do you do about taxes?

March 24, 1999

Dalit Christians of India, under India's caste-based cultures, Dalits are the poorest of the poor, and are subjected to many discriminations. This page reports on their situation, and calls the Church to be true to its teachings and end discrimination against the Dalits within the Catholic and other Christian churches. Grim news is found here.

Caritas Australia, encouraging self reliance, responding to disaster, changing attitudes.

Economy of Sharing, an application of the Church's justice teaching at the grassroots launched in 1991 by Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare Movement, for businesses to voluntarily share a substantial portion of their profits to help people in need while those in need share their needs giving those with more a chance to help. 750 businesses in 60 countries currently participating.

Franciscan Peacemakers, people seeking to lesson violence in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. "We are called to heal wounds, to unite what has fallen apart, and to bring home those who have lost their way." (St. Francis of Assisi)

Community Development Stories from neighborhood and community centers in New South Wales, Australia.

Iraq History, since the United States government is so interested in killing the poor in Iraq, it seems to me that those who are citizens and voters in this country should know a little more about the history of that country.

Center for Poverty Solutions, Maryland nonprofit promoting innovative approaches to homelessness, hunger, and poverty.

Police and Programs of the National Democratic Party of Tibet, Tibetan government in exile.

February 17, 1999

Center for Rural Affairs , serving and advocating for America's family farms and rural communities for 25 years.

Institute for Local Self Reliance provides technical assistance and information on environmentally sound economic development strategies.

BOCS Foundation , European, micro finance, migrants, spirituality,, reconciliation, church and peace, ecology.

Jakarta Status and News this site has been featured on the Front Page before, but there is a January 29, 1999 update that gives an updated status report for Indonesia during this time of grave national crisis.

January 6, 1999

Community Capacity Building . This is a great site for resources for building community capacity, from the same Extension Service that once saved our bacon back during the Depression.

St. Vincent de Paul Parish, in downtown Portland, Oregon, has a soup kitchen and other social ministries.

Our Kids, a site devoted to support for people raising special children.

Instituto Luzzatti. Access to the Italian Cooperative Movement.

Acteal, web page of the municipality of Chenalho (like a county in the US), in Chiapas, Mexico, with 30,000 residents, which has suffered greatly from violence. Has communiques from the government and the zapatistas, as well as a chronology of events.

US Committee for a Free Lebanon , attractive site with a lot of information about the trials and tribulations of this small country caught between numerous rocks and hard places.

December 9, 1998

Homelessness, Hitchhiking, Panhandling, and Homeless Programs a site rich in information and resources, homeless people speaking with their own voices, lists of shelters and soups kitchens. On any given night, more than 700,000 Americans will be homeless, two million Americans will be homeless sometime during the year. Since 1990, the number of single men among the homeless has decreased, and the number of single women with children in shelters has greatly increased. The webmaster of this site knows what he speaks of.

Jakarta Status and News front line reports from an Australian living in Jakarta. Most recent update was December 5th.

Peace and Tolerance Directory, focus on Palestinian-Israeli issues.

UK Aid Policy and Practice, 1974-90, an analysis of the poverty-focus, gender-consciousness, and environmental sensitivity of British Official Aid, online doctoral thesis submitted at the University of Liverpool,. Concludes that aid during this period was "characterized by a continuity dictated by the exigencies of the export lobby, the Department of Trade and Industry, the Treasury, and the Foreign Office."

The Prison-Industrial complex nearly TWO MILLION Americans are behind bars, the majority of them non-violent offenders. Windfall profits for corporations in the corrections business. Which politicians do these guys support? What crime policies do the politicians they support enact as law? Hmmm. . . what can this mean?

Human Rights Watch, world report 1999.

December 2, 1998

Resilient Communities, the real fear that many have about things such as the Year 2000 bug is that our communities are not resilient enough to handle tough challenges. They may be right. This site considers how to repair our community connections, strengthen our communities and develop our solidarity, on a practical, neighborhood level.

Integration Where It Counts, a study of racial integration in public and private school lunchrooms. Many people feel that public schools produce better integration than private schools, but this new study suggests that private schools offer a more racially integrated environment than public schools.

Volunteer Opportunities Ads and Reviews listings from non-profit organizations only.

Migrant Education Program short page of information about education of the children of migrant workers.

November 25, 1998

World Hunger Year big site with lots of links and information about hunger. Reinvesting in America, excellent seven page discussions about neighborhood initiatives. Has big link page.

St. Anthony Foundation, Franciscan, sponsors a full range of social services in solidarity with the poor in San Francisco, California. Justice unites with charity.

National Catholic Rural Life Conference, has sent a fax alert inviting all to join in a fast on the day after Thanksgiving, Friday, November 27th, in solidarity with all farmworkers. Farm labor is among the 3 most dangerous jobs in the country, yet farmworkers' real wages continue to decline (by more than 20% 1977 - 1997). They sleep in pesticide-laden fields, along riverbanks, and in other unsafe places. Their kids often don't get to go to school. All who join in the fast are invited to donate the money they would have spent for food on that day directly to individual farmworker families, or to farmworker organizations, such as the Catholic Migrant Farmworkers Network, whose site has a lot of good access information for this issue.

November 11, 1998

Prison Fellowship International, Chuck Colson's Christian prison ministry, an accredited NGO to numerous international organizations. Has an interesting project: Restorative Justice, a process whereby all the parties with a stake in a particular offense come together to resolve collectively how to deal with the aftermath of the offense and its implications or the future.

Global Economy and Cultures: ethical policy guidelines for one global economy and many cultures, web page for a project of the Jesuit-related Woodstock Theological Center that addresses the impact of the globalized world economy on cultures and people, especially the poor, in selected countries. Aims to activate a network of 40 Jesuit-sponsored social research and action centers around the world.

Where the Asphalt Ends, article about the Fe y Alegria (Faith and Joy) schools founded by Jesuits in Latin America, educating 500,000 poor students. Name comes from a saying: Faith and joy begin where the asphalt ends.

Email News Service, sponsored by the Jesuit Company magazine, click on the link to subscribe at their website.

November 4, 1998

Infonation, from the United Nations, a comprehensive database of information on up-to-date statistical data for member stats of the UN.

Impact of New Jersey's Family Development Program, full text of the results of a pre-post analysis of AFDC case heads from 1990 - 1996. New Jersey is one of the states that adopted "welfare reform" early, some parts being put into place in 1992 under federal waivers. This included the controversial family cap, where additional benefits are denied for children born after enrollment in the AFDC program. The study finds that the price of this program included at least additional 1400 children killed by abortion, 1992-96 (based on increases in the abortion rate among the recipients). The study, completed by Rutgers University, also found that the Family Development Program as a whole had no impact in encouraging employment, no impact in improving earnings, the program costs exceeded the program benefits (defined as employment, earnings, etc), the government lost money on FDP. New Jersey Office of Public Information Press Release

Human Rights in Chile: Then and Now, traces the history of human rights in Chile from 1973 (the year of the military coup) through to the present. Has testimonies, documents, photographs.

Living Wage Home Page, from the Social Justice Center of Marin, has a model ordinance.

Native Title Discourses, from Australia, an honors these in critical and cultural theory, 1998, regarding issues of the rights of the indigenous inhabitants of Australia to their traditional lands.

Directory of Human Rights Resources on the Internet, from the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Human Rights Link from People in Action for a Better World.

October 28, 1998

Spiritbikr's Home Page, an independent, politically active Catholic biker woman's page, offering important information and links on Catholicism and Christianity, bikers, politics, domestic peace, clean and sober/recovery issues, from a mother who walks the Catholic talk about solidarity with those on the edge of society.

Czech the News monthly cyber newsletter of the Czech Embassy in Washington, D.C. Has archives going back several years.

TimorNet, from the University of Coimbra, Portugal, an information service on East Timor, one of the many human rights tragedies in the modern world.

La Hermandad Educativa, Spanish language immersion programs in Guatemala, presented by a not-for-profit cooperative, with four programs associated with it. Funds earned by the member schools provide scholarships for Guatemalan students and to aid community development and human rights projects. Operating since 1988.

Many ditch upscale life for voluntary simplicity, a Baltimore sun article about those who are downwardly mobile and loving it.

Collegians Activated to Liberate Life, mission, policies, resources, publications.

Are you breaking the law? State by state information on whether using your home kitchen to produce food for sale to the public is allowed; generally, it is forbidden in 35 states. (!!!) Tangible evidence of a structure of sin, as less restrictive ways are available to ensure food safety without impacting the economic opportunities of poor people.

ConflictNet, promoting the resolution of conflict through non-adversarial processes.

Today's News, updated daily, Interesting and eclectic summary of news you won't see in the Waal Street Journal or on CNN.

News and Features from Amnesty International-USA.

QuipuNet, Peruvians on-line for education

October 21, 1998

Vatican Justice and Peace News, gathered from a variety of sources in cyberspace.

Euthanasia and Extraordinary Care, Arlington Catholic Herald, October 15, 1998, part 1. Part 2

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, access to documents, files, and reports.

Why it is better to be poor in some countries than in others, from the Economist of London, August 19, 1995.

Poor People and Library Services, comments by the editor of a recently published book of essays.

National Economic Development and Law Center based in San Francisco, a multi-disciplinary legal and planning resource center dedicated to helping low-income persons and communities realize their full human potentials. Collaborates with local community-based organizations.

National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship provides information and curriculum materials on teaching young people about this important aspect of markets.

National Housing Institute information and access to affordable housing and community development in low income neighborhoods; publishes Shelterforce Online, an internet magazine on these issues.

Corporation for Enterprise Development mission is to foster sustainable economic well building through promoting asset-building strategies, primarily in low income and distressed communities. Interesting site with some challenging ideas.

White Ribbon Campaign, a Canadian organization of men working against violence against women.

Habitat in Developing Countries, a virtual library about the habitat in developing countries, from the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic of Torino. Books and reports on-line

Electronic Development and Environment Information System, from the United Kingdom, 60 subject guides, from Agriculture to World Bank, with online documents, organizations, and bibliographical information, plus country and how-to guides.

Basic Principles of the Mondragon Cooperatives ten principles that govern this large group of cooperatives in Spain (30,000 worker owners, 100 different enterprises, from retail to manufacturing heavy machine tools. Mondragon Main Page, in English, also available in Spanish and Basque.

Institute for Peace and Justice, Families Against Violence Advocacy, Parenting for Peace and Justice, located in St. Louis. Resources for schools, families, churches and other communities of faith, offers workshops and other learning experiences, does advocacy.

Human Development Report Office Occasional Papers, papers prepared for the annual Human Development report, UN.

Development Journal On-line, from the Society for International Development. Sustainable livelihoods as a condition for food security, security of trade, political engagement around the World Food Summit.

Ethics Update: World Hunger big piles of links and documents relating to this important issue.

Center for Social Development at Washington University access to all kinds of ideas and places regarding community and social development.

Americans for Peace and Justice advocacy group in support of freedom and equal rights for Palestinians in their own country. Currently organizing opposition to a congressional resolution in opposition to the declaration of a Palestinian state without the consent of the government of Israel. Full text of the resolution is at the site.

Housing Assistance Council a national non-profit organization helping local organizations build affordable housing in rural areas.

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