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"For God so loved the world, that He gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have everlasting life." (John 3:16) When you think of solidarity, think of God becoming Man and dying on the Cross in solidarity with each and every member of the human race. "Who, though he was in the form of God, did not regard equality with God something to be grasped, rather, he emptied himself, taking the form of a slave, coming in human likeness; and found human in appearance, he humbled himself, becoming obedient to death, even death on a cross." From the Christ Hymn of Philippians 2).

403 links to groups and apostolates in solidarity with the poor and marginalized, some are secular and non-Catholic. Email me if you know of something that should be listed on this page or if you run into a dead link!

Solidarity Index
Academic Advocacy African American Catholic Worker Movement
Diocesan Activities (US) Economic Empowerment of the Poor Education Evangelism
Family Hispanic Issues Homeless Holy See
Human Rights International Links Labor Life (abortion, euthanasia)
Parish-based Activities (US) Political Action Prison Ministry Relief Programs
Religious Order Justice and Peace Access Religious Persecution Vincentian Links Volunteer Programs
War and Peace Women's Issues


College of St. Scholastica, syllabus of class on Catholic Social Thought. Broken link.

Creighton Center for Service and Justice developing and implementing community service opportunities and provides education and reflection on social justice concerns.

Franciscan University of Steubenville

Journal for Peace and Justice Studies published by the Center for Peace and Justice Education at Villanova University, founded in 1988, publishes work from a variety of disciplines. Broken link.

Justice and Peace Studies Georgetown University.

Justice and Peace Studies Program University of St. Thomas, broken link.

Ministry for Peace and Justice religious studies class at Santa Clara University (Jesuit-related). Broken link.

Newman Center at the California Institute of Technology offers information about local apostolates plus pages of information on love, sex, marriage, science and faith, and women in society and the church, as well as John Henry Newman.

Program in Faith, Peace, and Justice Studies Fairfield University (Jesuit) broken

St. Joseph's College sponsored by the Missionaries of the Precious Blood.

Xavier University of Louisiana


Action Without Borders non-Catholic, secular, linking people and organizations in 120 countries, volunteer opportunities, internships, non-governmental organization

Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty. On-line outreach, information on Lord Acton, freedom, religion, liberty, free-market economics.

Catholic Civil Rights League (Canada) broken link

Catholic Health Association of Wisconsin, association of 37 Catholic hospitals, 34 Catholic long-term care facilities, 27 Catholic health systems/IDNs, 19 religious congregations and five Catholic dioceses, founded in 1920, develops responsible leadership in the advancement of the collaborative use of the membership's resources, just social policy, and spiritual and ethical decision making.

Catholic Health Association of the US

Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights defends Catholicism in culture, media, and politics. Founded in 1973, has archive of their publications, annual reports, press releases, and a page on Pius XII and the Holocaust.

Catholic Medical Association founded in 1932, site includes a list of members by state and specialty.

The Impact Project helping people with wealth to contribute their money and talents to create a more sustainable and just world (non-Catholic, secular).

National Catholic AIDS Network

National Catholic Education Association

National Catholic Rural Life Conference A membership organization grounded in a spiritual tradition that brings together the Church, care for creation, and care for community. Seeks to relate religion to the rural world, develops support services for rural pastoral ministers, serves as a prophetic voice and a catalyst and convenor for social justice. Organized in the 1920s. Grassroots Rural Ministry, Rural Faith and Justice, Church Land Project, Education for Rural Ministry

National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights members are local coalitions and immigrant, community, religious civil rights and labor organizations and activists, shares information and analysis, educates the general public, develops and coordinates plans of action on just immigration and refugee policies in the US. Not officially Catholic, but Catholic groups belong.

Ontario Catholic Supervisory Officers promoting the development of a society which worships God in peace and social justice (education related professional organization).

Poverty Links access to reference sites, governmental institutes, e.g. Census Bureau, Dept of Health & Human Services (non-Catholic, secular)

Poverty and Welfare Homepage (non-Catholic, secular) data library, poverty links, text library, message board.

Sedaqah Excellent Catholic social justice web site by private individuals. Has prayers, reflections, great links, purpose statement, articles. Nice looking. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY THIS WEBSERVANT.

Social Justice on the World Wide Web prepared by Honors Symposium at St. John's University and the College of St. Benedict. Lots of links, organized by specific issues, links are primarily secular.

The Sticky Wicket: Poverty's Home Page interesting articles and debates on anti-poverty strategies, supports economic empowerment self-help activities for poor people, secular site.

Urban Institute think tank devoted to urban issues

African American

In a Word a monthly publication for and about African American Catholics

Resources for African American Catholics, includes links


Catholic Worker movement links. . .The Catholic Worker Movement founded by Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day in 1933 is grounded in a firm belief in the God-given dignity of every human person. Today over 125 Catholic Worker communities remain committed to nonviolence, voluntary poverty, and hospitality for the homeless, exiled, hungry, and forsaken. Catholic Workers continue to protest injustice, war, racism, and violence of all forms. ". . . why the things are what they are, how the things would be if they were as they should be, and how a path can be made from the things as they are to the things as they should be." (Quote from Peter Maurin, information from CW Roundtable page.)

Casa Juan Diego and the Houston Catholic Worker, in English and Spanish, beautiful site of the Christ-centered Houston Catholic Worker folks who are in practical solidarity with the poor. Very loyal to the teachings of the Church. Highly recommended by this webservant. Has excellent links.

Catholic Worker Home Page Dorothy Day Centenary Tribute Book, links to articles by Dorothy Day, links to other Catholic Worker groups, list of upcoming conferences and gatherings.

Catholic Worker Roundtable Catholic Worker movement access, including a discussion area where messages and threads can be posted. Has links, essays, lists of Catholic Worker communities, a Dorothy Day bibliography. An Introduction to the Life and Spirituality of Dorothy Day by Jim Allaire and Rosemary Broughton. Brief biography and discussion of Day's spirituality. The Catholic Worker Movement described in 120 words by the Winona Catholic Worker Community. The Aims and Means of the Catholic Worker

Dorothy Day House Catholic Worker community in Berkeley, California. Serves soup kitchen breakfast in a park and at a homeless shelter.

Dorothy Day Library on the Web Click on the Dorothy Day Library on this home page for the Catholic Worker movement ( Day after Day article by Dorothy Day from the November 1936 Catholic Worker.

Easy Essays by Peter Maurin, who liked to communicate and catechize using short phrases organized into kind of a prose poetry without much rhythm or rhyme. This link has several, which originally appeared in the Catholic Worker.

Earth Abides Land Trust Association Catholic Worker Farm, Sheep Ranch, California, 80 acres, offers summer programs for developmentally disabled adults and retreats for HIV positive persons and their care givers. Site of the annual west coast Catholic Worker gathering. Has a candle making cottage industry to raise money for programs. The Earth Abides Land Trust Association buys and holds land for charitable purposes. Farm was founded in 1976. "Sheep Ranch" is the name of the nearest town, not the major apostolate (BTW).

Holy Family Catholic Worker House South Bend, Indiana, offers shelter to homeless families. Began raising funds around a kitchen table one night and people started to send money, so they bought an old house and started to work, and haven't looked back since.

The Living Legacy of Dorothy Day Article by Jim Forest about Dorothy Day, originally published in Claretian magazine Salt of the Earth.

Vancouver Catholic Worker House

Viva House the Baltimore Catholic Worker, operates a soup kitchen three days each week and food pantry, serving approximately 250 at each meal and more than 100 families each month (with a three day supply of food from the pantry).

The Viva Catholic Worker Three Day Food Bag. [top]

This is a typical bag handed out for a family at the Viva Catholic Worker in Baltimore.

Pork & Beans (2 cans) -- Powdered Milk (1 box) -- Tuna in water (2 cans) -- Green Vegetable (1 can) -- Cereal (1 box) -- Peanut Butter (18 oz jar) -- Macaroni and Cheese (2 boxes) -- Spaghetti Sauce (32 oz.)

Solidarity Exercise: feed your family for three days on this amount of food.

Winona Catholic Worker Mission sponsors the Dan Corcoran House, offering temporary shelter to homeless families, women, and children and Bethany House, men's temporary shelter. Offers monthly roundtable discussions (clarification of thought), temporary shelter to about 150 people every year, average length of stay is 3-4 weeks, community prayer and Eucharist, and the occasional event of "prayer and protest".

U.S. Diocesan and Archdiocesan Apostolates (see also International below) [top]

Archdiocese of Chicago/Catholic Conference of Illinois Information on welfare reform: "principles and recommendations", statement on capital punishment.

Archdiocese of Denver information regarding their many apostolates./

California Catholic Conference Home Page "political responsibility for Catholics.

Campaign for Human Development, official home page, sponsored by US Catholic Bishops.

The Campaign for Human Development and Poor Empowerment Groups Article by John McCarthy and Jim Castelli regarding the Campaign for Human Development as an example of community organizing.

Church in the City the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, Ohio

Diocesan Directory online links to archdioceses and dioceses in North America and around the world.

Disciples in Mission of the Diocese of Raleigh in North Carolina

Directory of Online Dioceses and Archdioceses, US and some international, also state Catholic Conferences

Hawaii Catholic Conference public policy, economic, and ethics issues, update on same-sex marriage legislation

Knightsite home page of the Knights of Columbus

Office of Justice and Peace of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Information on Catholic social justice teachings and access to resources available in the Archdiocese and elsewhere. Includes readings on Catholic social teaching.

Office of Social Concerns St. Augustine, education, advocacy, respect for human life, direct services to the poor.

Office for Social Justice of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis One of the best Catholic social justice sites. Information on catechesis and parish activities. Highly recommended by the webservant.

Office of Social Ministry/Peace and Justice Commission Diocese of Savannah

Office of Parish Social Ministry, Diocese of Greensburg in Pennsylvania

Peace and Justice Office, Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Missouri works with 146,000 Catholics in 27 counties, food and hunger, Latin American solidarity, economics, anti-racism, abortion, and the environment.

Wisconsin Catholic Conference, the public policy voice of Wisconsin's bishops since 1969.

Economic Empowerment of the Poor [top]

See also Justpeace Front Pages Distributism, International Debt, Cooperative Enterprise and Microenterprise.

Co-op America non-Catholic, secular, "Consumer Strategies for a Better World". Sweatshop stuff, co-ops, alternative economic organizations and methodologies.

Enabling Employee Ownership examination of the business organizations in Spain known as the Mondragon Cooperatives, located in the Basque region, movement founded by a Catholic priest and heavily influenced by Catholic social teaching. These co-ops are owned by the employees and some are large industrial enterprises. (Article in a non-Catholic secular website devoted to considerations of alternative economics.)

Mondragon Corporacion Cooperative web site of the Mondragon cooperative movement, available in English, Spanish, and Basque languages. Basic Principles a discussion of the 10 principles that govern the Mondragon cooperatives. Today the movement has about 30,000 workers in close to 100 cooperative enterprises, gross assets of US$20 billion, producing everything from machine tools to refrigerators to electronic equipment, and operating schools, housing cooperatives, a consumer/worker cooperative with over 40 stores, plus four second level cooperatives that provide services to the primary cooperatives (these second level co-ops are a bank with 120 branch offices, a technological research institute, a League of Education and Culture (which funds a Polytechnical College, a business school, and a professional college) and a social security and medical cooperative. The movement grew out of an educational program founded by a Catholic priest; in 1956, five young men who had graduated from the school opened a factory that made paraffin stoves.

Mondragon: the Remarkable Achievement a look at the Mondragon Industrial Cooperatives, describes its personalist approach to economics and business organization. The first rule of a Mondragon cooperative is that the chooser and the doer, the owner and the worker, must be the same person and every member must be in both. Mondragon and Relationships article in a secular journal discusses how the Catholic-founded and inspired Mondragon cooperatives manage their relationships.

Mondragon Cooperatives Study Tour dated page about a study tour of the Mondragon Cooperatives in 1997 sponsored by Catholic Social Services in Covington, Kentucky.

RESULTS Generating the political will to end hunger and poverty, Results is a non-Catholic worldwide organization that promotes microenterprise (poor people starting small businesses). A special area of concentration is helping to find loan capital to enable such microenterprises. The webservant highly recommends this site.

Tradewinds Tea and Coffee, Australian fair trade organization that (1) has educational programs regarding social justice and trade, and (2) finances these activities by sales of tea from Sri Lanka and New Guinea, paying a fair price to the producer. Non-Catholic, secular

Trickle-Up Program an international non-profit organization which works ro reduce poverty by providing the poorest people with the opportunity to develop their own microenterprises (non-Catholic, secular), provides business training material and $100 start-up capital to a family or group to start a business. Have assisted 300,000 entrepreneurs and their dependents in 114 countries. In 1996, the program was managing a program in 57 countries with a staff of 14 in their head office, added 9,000 new micro-businesses in 1996.f

Education [top]

Apostolate of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers

Catholic Campus Ministers Association

Catholic Social Studies Project A group of concerned Catholic educators, clergy, and historians, from Canada and US, working in conjunction with the Society of Catholic Social Scientists, that is working to identify areas of weakness in teaching materials and to develop curriculum resources which treat fairly the Catholic contribution and perspective. "A survey of history and social studies resources now being used in public schools in the US and Canada reveals that the Catholic perspective on how social life should be conducted and on the contribution of Catholic and Christian culture to the progress of history and our current cultural context has been almost completely censored out of these resources."

Catholic Schools reach out to Guatemalan orphans article about Catholic schools in Denver reaching out to Guatemalan orphans.

Kolbe Academy Catholic private school, publications, and support for home schooling.

Queensland Catholic Schools' Policy on Justice Education Archdiocese of Brisbane, based on the Roman document "The Catholic School" which says, "the Catholic school is particularly sensitive to the call from every part of the world for a more just society."

Seton Home Study School the largest and most comprehensive Catholic home schooling organization in the US, grades K-12.

Evangelism [top]

See also Justpeace Front Pages Works of Justice and Peace and 116 Just Actions

Aedificatio: On the Solid Basis and Beauty of Catholic Belief Latin name means an edifice, evangelism and apologetics.

Agape weekend retreat sponsored by Lake Charles Catholic diocese for high school age men and women.

CatholiCity new media internet Catholic "hub", web pages, tapes, books, links, chat rooms, and more.

Catholic Christian Outreach Living on the Edge, Standing on the Rock, a university student movement dedicated to evangelism, challenging members to live in the fullness of their Catholic faith with a strong emphasis on becoming leaders in the renewal of the world. Three-fold approach: win, build, send.

Catholic Information Network new media internet Catholic "hub", extensive archives, current Catholic events, many mailing lists.

The Christophers media evangelization

Daughters of St. Paul apostles of Christ in the World of Communication

Eternal Word Television Network

Faith of our Fathers Catholic life and apologetics.

Jubilee 2000 campaign faith-based coalition.

Life Teen leading teens closer to Christ, Catholic evangelism for teenagers.

Marytown evangelism and consecration in the charisms of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Maximilian Kolbe, Conventual Franciscan Friars of St. Bonvaventure

In the Two Hearts evangelism and apologetics

National Evangelization Teams

North American Forum on the Catechumenate

Opus Dei a personal prelature of the Catholic Church that assists all people in living their vocations in the world, for the Glory of God and the building of the Reign of Christ.

Parish Missions Healing Ministry

Paulist Communications

Paulist National Catholic Evangelization Association

Roman Catholic Faithful from a student at the Franciscan University of Steubenville.

Schonstatt Home Page Catholic family evangelism, Marian orientation.

Serra vocation awareness programs

This Rock Magazine apologetics and evangelism.

Family [top]

Apostolate for Family Consecration

Catholic Family Perspectives internet publication International Planned Parenthood and the UN

Catholic Mother's Internet Connection designed for Catholic mothers to help them to contact other mothers from around the world.

Christian Fatherhood St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers

Documents surrounding the International Conference on Population and Development

Courage Catholic ministry for homosexual persons.

Couple to Couple League

Cursillo Movement

Domestic Church an on-line e-magazine.

Grains of Hope family run internet apostolate offering information, resources and such in the Catholic faith, holistic health, homesteading, home schooling, child development, has a list of Catholic home schooling resources.

Natural Family Planning Information from the Couple to Couple League.

International Association of Charity, the oldest continuing charitable organization for lay women, founded in 1617 by St. Vincent de Paul. With the theme, "Against all forms of poverty, acting together", and with 250,000 members in 42 associations on every continent, the associates concentrate on the situation of women, their children and families, focusing on working with the destitute to assist them in their self-help efforts to better their own circumstances. They encourage the poor to launch initiatives and to plan self-achievement projects, as well as defending the human rights of the destitute. This site has some excellent catechesis on the practical, street-level application of the Church's justice teachings. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY THE WEBSERVANT.

National Association of Catholic Families

Retrouvaille a lifeline for married couples experiencing troubles.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

US Hispanic and Latin American Issues [top] Note: I apologize that this site does not currently support the additional characters needed for the correct spelling of Spanish.

El Espiritu Quiere Soplar en Cuba Pentecost message of the Cuban Bishops conference. In Spanish.

Agencia Catolica de Informaciones en America Latina founded in 1980, media and press services for the Catholic Church in Latin America.

Diocesis de Zacatecas Se habla español, home page of the Zacatecas Diocese, established in 1546. Has links.

Catholic Migrant Farmworker Network

Centra de Evangelizacion, La Sagrada amilia

Christian Life Movement began in 1985 in Peru (Movimiento de Vida Christiana -- MVC), as a response to the Pope's call for a new evangelism. Recognized by the Holy See as an international Association of Christian Faithful of Pontifical Right (1994). Family movement apostolate, page information is in English. Commitment to solidarity: the poor MVC article about the connections between solidarity and evangelism.

The Crucifixion of El Salvador the assassination of Archbishop Romero and persecution of the poor is a Central American tragedy.

Iglesia Catolica Chile home page of the Chilean bishops, lots of links, very classy site, a bit slow loading due to the beautiful and large photos. Well worth visiting. Se habla Espanol. Centros de Acogida action centers.

IGLESIA.ORG el directorio Catolico en Internet. Large directory of Catholic information in Spanish.

La Iglesia en America Latina large directory of Latin American Catholic web sites and cyberspace places. Multimedios (Catholic Media Resources) Tecnologia al servicio de la Nueva Evangelizacion.

La Iglesia que habla y reza en castellano directorio de enlaces catolicos

La Acción Católica Se habla español, apostolic organizations of the Archdiocese of Yucatan in Mexico.

La Iglesia Catolica de Yucatan homepage of the Catholic Church in the Yucatan diocese. Apostolic activities, Catholic Action

Las Americas Refugee Asylum Project Article about Delia Gomez, director of the program.

National Association of Hispanic Priests of the USA

Resource Centre of the Americas access to solidarity with this hemisphere, Minnesota site

RIIAL Red Informatic de la Iglesia en America Latina, news and information service based on Rome, related to the Catholic Church in Latin America

Sociedad de San Vicente de Paul en Colombia, SVDP access in Colombia, in Spanish

Fr. Carmelo Tranchese and Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Historical article that describes the missionary apostolates of this Jesuit priest in Texas, 1932-1953. The title is: "Toward a Working Definition of Social Justice".

Conselho Central Nossa Senhora Aparecida, Sao Vincente de Paulo Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Brazil, in Portuguese. Links to SVDP groups in Brazil, Latin America, US

Maria, Madre Nuestra a page devoted to Mary in Spanish.

Noticias eclesiales MVC notices from various Catholic Church organizations in Latin America.

Web Catolicos en el Mundo large list of Latin American Catholic links.

Wisdom of Romero selected statements by Archbishop Oscar Romero on "The Church: Called to Repentance, Called to Prophesy", juxtaposed with prayer intentions.

ZENIT NEWS SERVICE the world as seen from Rome, daily dispatches available by email in Spanish.

Homeless [top]

54 Ways You Can Help the Homeless by Rabbi Charles A. Kroloff, learn about the homeless, what to do when confronted by the homeless, volunteer to help the homeless, help to end homelessness, resource list.

Holy See

Information about statements by popes can be found on the Documents page. These links are to news stories about various issues in regard to the Pope and the Holy See/Curia and the poor.

Aid to the Church in Need a foundation of the Holy Father, headquartered at the Vatican.

Cardinal Etchegaray calls for "Church of the poor" the president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. "Only a poor church can be a missionary Church, and only a missionary Church can be a Church of the Poor". "The paradox of our times is that the world looks upon the poor with the mentality of the wealthy; only the Church has the capacity to see those in poverty from the perspective of her own poverty of spirit."

Cardinal Etchegaray visits East Timor "There can be no justice without peace and there can be no peace without justice. Respect for human rights is the only way in which justice and peace can be brought to live together. If these principles had always been respected in history, may lives would have been saved, much suffering and many tears would have been spared everywhere."

Pius XII and the Holocaust a reader from the Catholic League.

Pope's Call to peace stresses global equity Pope John Paul II calls upon nations to guide the global economy on the basis of "equity and solidarity" and calls for a coordinated plan to forgive the external debts of undeveloped countries. "It is indispensable that everyone involve himself on behalf of justice, in respect for human rights, and in recognition of the duties that are implied."

Pope Presses Theme of European Spirit report on Papal remarks in Poland calling for a united continent marked by "generous solidarity", a society "which will not abandon any citizen along the road."

Human Rights [top]

An account of life in the gulags of the USSR by Fr. Kazimieras

Citizenship Project of the Peace and Justice Center in Sonoma County, works with Catholic Immigration to offer citizenship classes for immigrants and referring people for English as a Second Language classes.

Human Rights Library, University of Minnesota comprehensive access to international human rights documents and resources (non-Catholic, secular) Human Rights Organizations (worldwide).

Human Rights and Related Sources Available Through the Internet access to human rights law and agreements, international organizations and NGO, plus specialized areas. Secular. Non catholic.

Just Cause working to end prejudice, discrimination, and hate, to encourage understanding, to analyze and seek remedies to social conditions, such as poverty, substance abuse, homelessness, and violence. (non-Catholic)

International Links [top]

Aid to the Church in Need a foundation of the Holy Father, headquartered at the Vatican.

Al-Bushra Web site of the Arab American Roman Catholic Community, maintained by Fr. Labib Kobti, a priest of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. Has excellent access to all things Eastern Catholic and issues involving the Middle East. Offers an excellent mailing list that keeps you up to date on the fast-breaking issues of Palestine and the Middle East. Counters Zionist propaganda in the U.S. Has official statements from Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem on the situation of Christians in Palestine. This site is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY THIS WEBSERVANT. Great links!

Associazione Informazioni su Christo Italian Christian and Cultural association.

Australian Catholic Social Justice Council Official organization of the Catholic Church in Australia, responsible to the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference

Australian Catholic Social Welfare Commission, official organization of the Catholic Church in Australia, Annual Report.

Bangalore, India, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, caring for the poorest of the poor irrespective of caste or creed, supplement educational costs at 8 schools in the parish

Boys' Town Singapore a Catholic institution founded by the Brothers of St. Gabriel, secondary and vocational school, and a boarding home for boys.

Canossaville Children's Home in Singapore

Catholic Commission for Justice, Development, and Peace Archdiocese of Melbourne, Australia. Access A Voice for the Silent Strugglers: Towards a Socially Just Housing Option, report on a housing initiative launched by Most Rev. George Pell, Archbishop of Melbourne and the Victorian Human Rights Commissioner.

Catholic Justice and Peace Commission Archdiocese of Brisbane in Australia

Catholic Group Defends Liberian Reporter Charged with Treason report on the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission of Liberia

Catholic Order of the Knights of Da Gama founded in Durban in 1943, to assist the Church, to render aid to its members' beneficiaries, and to promote and conduct charitable work. Four councils in the Archdiocese of Cape Town.

Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation

Cardoner Ripples of Justice, presented by Australian Jesuits to provide material on social issues from a Christian perspective. Australia and Pacific, Chiapas (Mexico), East Timor, ecology and environment, economic and social policy, refugees and migrants, links.

Catholic Church in Europe operated on behalf of CEEM, the Media Commission of the Council of European Bishops Conferences, complete access to the Church in Europe.

Chimbote, Peru -- Our Lady of Perpetual Help page of information about a Catholic parish in Peru.

Conferencia de Obispos Catolicos de Cuba Cuban Catholic Bishops Conference web page

Dawn Pakistan's most widely circulated English language newspaper. Updated daily at noon GMT.

Democratic Party of Hong Kong (non-Catholic, secular) non-communist political party in Hong Kong.

Diocese of Eshowe, Republica of South Africa, located in Zululand and part of Natal

East Timor Information Service

Edmund Rice Centre for Social Ministry at the University for Notre Dame Australia, program endowed by the Holy Spirit Province of the Christian Brothers.

Holy Cherubim and Seraphim Parish, Syzran, Russia.

Malaysia: Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, excellent site with great access to Catholicism in Asia.

France, Societe de St. Vincent de Paul, in French

Bishop Heriberto Hermes Brazilian Bishop who is in charge of various activities relating to homeless farmers and squatters and who dialogues and accompanies Brazilian government agencies relating to land reform. Cristalandia Center of Human Rights information on current issues in Brazil relating to land reform. Home page has detailed instructions on how to establish a home page on the web, for the benefit of other bishops or anyone else who wants to do this.

Hungarian Bishops Conference (in English and Hungarian) beautiful site, well done, lots of access information, plus a great pastoral letter on social issues in Hungary today: Toward a More Just and Brotherly World available in English, German, Hungarian.

Justice and Peace Commission of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese in English and Chinese

Hong Kong Human Rights Commission

Japan and the Korean "Comfort Women" testimony of a member of the Tokyo Catholic Justice and Peace Committee who is also a member of the Japanese Committee for the Filipine "Comort Women". Discusses responsibility and reparation for the sins of the Japanese military during World War II.

Japa Vietnam access to Catholicism in Vietnam, publication (on the Tokyo Social Center site).

Katholieke Kerk Op Het Web

The Kirishtan Holocaust in memory of the nearly one million indigenous Japanese Christians who were martyred for their faith in the Kirishtan Holocaust over a 250 year period beginning February 5, 1597.

Korean Catholic Resources Service Official website of the Catholic Church in Korea.

La Societa Italian site devoted to the Church's social doctrine, coming soon, versions in Polish and English.

Landless Peasants Movement in Brazil movement organized with Catholic seed-money, has helped 140,000 families acquire land and membership in farming cooperatives in the past 12 years. Has 38,000 students and 1500 teaches (teaching the poor self-help techniques, and learning how to teach them), sponsors formation of cooperatives, has established 1,564 movement settlements. Site is in English.

Liberian Justice and Peace Commission National Catholic Secretariat of Liberia: "Statement on Developments in the Peace Process" regarding the Liberia National Transitional Government, "composed of heads of the Warring Parties." Briefing Paper on Liberia, Sept. 11, 1996.

London, England, Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Maktaba-e-Anaveem Pakistan a "people's forum for contextual theologies", "Maktaba" is an Arabic word that means a school of thought with particular perspective and a solidarity group of like-minded people; "Anaveem" is a Hebrew word that refers to the lowest and least class and category of people, socially outcaste and living at the lowest strata of society, oppressed but praying and crying out for justice. Lay apostolate, board has representatives from the Archdiocese of Lahore, the Conference of Major Religious Superiors, and the Episcopal Commission for Laity. Objectives and Means

Medic Cell Catholic Society, Hong Kong Catholic association o medical professionals.

Monterey, Mexico A Catholic Page of Communication in English and Spanish

Mothers Village, Bijakovici, Bosnia-Hercegovina, an orphanage for victims of the war.

Moviment Kattoliku Studenti Universitarji University Students Movement, Hungary

Nigerian Catholic Justice and Peace Organization Access information. Civil liberties, human rights, judicial issues and activities.

Nyumbani Orphanage Catholic apostolate in Nairobi, Kenya, that cares for abandoned children who would otherwise be homeless.

Ontario Catholic Supervisory Offices Vision Statement Peace and Justice Catholic education in Canada

Pakistan Catholic Access access to the Catholic Church in Pakistan and its numerous apostolates in service to the poor.

Papers from the International Maronite Congress

Parrochio S. Lorenzo Martire e S. Maria Assunta Italian parish site, in English and Italian

Poverty Shocks Anthology of Australian Catholic schools poetry, published to mark the International Year for the Eradication of Poverty, competition sponsored by the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council and the National Catholic Education Commission. "Don't give me money, find me employment. Don't send books, send teachers. Don't send food, send seeds."

Ricci 21st Century Roundtable an international database for the study of the history of Christianity in China

Sarangbang Group for Human Rights

Scotland Diocese of Dunkeld Diocesan Office of Social Care

St. Patrick Parish, Donabate, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Santa Maria del Camino Parish, San Salvador, El Salvador urban poor parish

Social Awareness Office Diocese of Hamilton in Ontario.

South Asia Human Rights Documentation Center

Tasmania, Australia Society of St. Vincent de Paul, has links to other Catholic organizations and SVDP sites, information about St. Vincent de Paul and Blessed Frederic Ozanam.

TimorNet: An information service on East Timor, sponsored by the University of Coimbra, Portugal. Catholics are being persecuted there by the invading Indonesian armies (most of the people are Catholic in East Timor).

Tokyo Jesuit Social Center, available in English or Japanese, information about the center, plus access to Catholic Asia.

Veritas homepage of the Singapore Catholic Archdiocese, offers excellent selection of links to Asian Catholicism.

Zimbabwe Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace Report on the 1980s disturbances in Matabeleland the Midlands.

Vladivostok, Russia -- Most Holy Mother of God Catholic Church

Waterlooville, England Sacred Heart Parish justice and peace page.

ZENIT news service A news agency that serves the World as Seen from Rome, offers Daily Dispatches from Rome (in Spanish), and a Weekly Report in English.

Labor, Unions, and Workplace Issues [top]

Human Rights for Workers supporting the global struggle for the freedom of working men, women, and children, sweatshop issues, slave labor, secular site.

UNITE Non-Catholic secular organization providing information regarding sweatshops in the US and abroad, information on labor campaigns.

World Wide Web Resources on Sweatshops and Child Labor

Life [top]

Black Americans for Life

Catholics for Children offers Billboards for Life program, info and support for Catholics everywhere who might want to put up billboards.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers Online

Democrats for Life (Texas)

Human Life International

International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force

Libertarians for Life non-Catholic, secular site, offers arguments against abortion from a non-theistic viewpoint.

Life Links Central

National Right to Life

Ohio Right to Life -- great catechesis and links.

Priests for Life

Project Rachel Home Page Catholic healing ministry for women who have had abortions.

Pro-Vita Advisors list of corporations who give money to pro-abortion groups.

Stop Partial Birth Abortion!

Susan B. Anthony List early money for pro-life women candidates

Urla Dal Silenzio Italian pro-life site (in Italian), Catholic-related.

Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List massive, comprehensive, everything. Armchair Lobbyist political updates. National Coalition for Life and Peace

Parish-based Activities [top]

Catholic Construction Corps a pilgrimage in building housing with others.

Family Life Commission of the Queen of Peace Catholic Community This parish web site is well organized and attractive. This section describes the various social ministries of the parish.

2000 AD Global Challenge to USA Catholic Parishes "Called to Global Solidarity".

Holy Family Parish

Justice and Peace Committee, St. Jude Catholic Church, Radford, Virginia.

Paulist Center Community Home Page is presented by a worship community of Catholics in Boston, MA. Pastored by Paulist Fathers. Has links, information regarding parish activities, including extensive social justice apostolates.

Peace and Justice Committee, Our Lady of the Mountain Catholic Church Ashland, Oregon

St. Mary of Sorrows Catholic Church offers several pastoral letters by Bishop John Keating, some church history, nice set of Catholic links.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Social Justice Committees article of Joe Sulivan of the Office for Social Justice, Diocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis. They are: faith centered, organized, creative, relational, focused on justice, educating for action, in for the long haul.

Social Justice Ministry of Nativity Parish

Political Action [top]

Bread for the World is a nationwide Christian movement that seeks justice for the world's hungry people by lobbying politicians.

Catholic Campaign for America affiliated with the Christian Coalition

Feminists for Life of America Pro-life/anti-abortion advocacy group

Human Rights Web non-Catholic, but covers the human rights discussed by Pope John XXIII in Pacem in Terris, including access to major international human rights documents,

NETWORK: A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby promotes economic justice for people who are poor and marginalized.

Political Responsibility Section of the Peace and Justice Ministry website of the Catholic Diocese of Joliet, Illinois, offering access to various current issues. Good links. Welfare reform, restorative justice, death penalty, environmental justice, campaign to ban land mines, sweatshop abuses, juvenile justice, North Korea, Middle East, international debt, Iraq.

Prison Ministry [top]

A Catholic Couple for Justice interview with a family involved with prison ministry.

Net Ministries Home Page Not sure if this is completely Catholic, but has some Catholic stuff.

Restoring Justice Newsletter for Catholic Justice and Corrections Ministries in California.

St. Dismas Apostolate of Hope Catholic outreach to prisoners, offers ways to help prisoners.

Relief Programs [top]

Apostleship of the Sea Stella Maris, located in Capetown, South Africa.

Bread and Life St. John's Bread and Life program, Brooklyn, NY, the largest soup kitchen in New York, looks like it's Vincentian-sponsored/related. Provides more than 280,000 meals per year, employment counseling, support for AIDS patients, medical and vision care, haircuts and advocacy. Located in the heart of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn's poorest community.

Catholic Charities, Minneapolis, has links, descriptions of local apostolates.

Catholic Charities, San Jose (California) Links to other on-line Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities USA

Catholic Relief Services Home Page The official relief and development agency of the U.S. Catholic Conference. Operates a microenterprise program to alleviate poverty through small enterprise development.

Catholic Social Ministries Wilmington, North Carolina, offers counseling (English/Spanish), domestic violence, depression, substance abuse, family issues, English as a Second Language programs.

Catholic Social Service of Central and Northern Arizona, served 83,704 people in 1995, with programs including adoptions, chid care, counseling, domestic violence shelter, food pantry, rent/utility assistance, foster care, group homes for children, head Start, home care for elderly and disabled, homeless shelter, immigration services, pregnancy hotline, refugee services, transitional shelters.

Christian Foundation for Children. No web page, but email access at Monthly sponsorship program for children and the aged at Catholic mission sites in third and fourth world countries. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY THE WEBMASTER.

Development and Peace is a leading Canadian international development agencies. Since 1967, it has worked in 70 countries around the globe, providing $300 million for human rights, community development and humanitarian aid in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. National Council is composed of volunteers plus two representatives of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Eucharistic Apostles of Divine Mercy -- fosters devotion to the Eucharistic and encourages vocations, constructing a retreat Centre for families and youth, developing homes of mercy for AIDS victims, elderly dying, etc. are care for.

Friendship House A Catholic interracial apostolate since 1938, in Chicago since 1942. Has a day shelter for homeless, offers Catholic services in English, Polish, and Spanish followed by meals, job and treatment referrals, food pantries, Bible studies, lectures, community advocacy, services between 60 and 200 people every day.

Mary's Bread a special collection of the Monks of Adoration that is connected with their spirituality relating to the sorrows of Our Blessed Mother. To console Mary, they strive to feed the poor in honor of Mary, Mother of the Poor. Every penny received goes directly to relief of the poor. Any expenses are born by the Monks of Adoration general revenues.

Migration and Refugee Services , National Conference of Catholic Bishops

Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund

Religious Order Justice and Peace Access [top]

Adorers of the Blood of Christ Volunteer Program For lay volunteers in mission in US, Latin America, and Africa, for a period of a few weeks to two years or more (international: minimum of one year).

American Monastic Newsletter published under the auspices of the American Benedictine Academy, has information about the National Benedictines for Peace.

Bread on the Waters Passionist links

Brotherhood of Blessed Girard BOBG is the South African Relief Organization of the Sovereign Military Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes, and of Malta, info about the groups apostolates, spirituality, site available in English, German, Italian, Spanish. Goal of relief efforts is to help people help themselves so they will become independent of charity, as well as to provide direct aid in cases of emergency and urgent need.. A Piece of Africa no Tourist Ever Sees description of a visit to some of the Brotherhood's apostolates ..... Link Page

Center for Social Justice and Global Awareness Society of Mary, Province of St. Louis (Marianists).

Congregation of Maronite Lebanese Missionaries

Dominican Congregation of Cabra (South Africa) pioneers in multi-racial and multi-cultural education, have school for the deaf.

Dominican Peace and Justice Page Access to Dominican resources, including links, international information, and the texts of booklets explaining justice teachings. Just Act, monthly promotion from the North American Dominican co-Promoters for Justice and Peace

Dominican Sisters, Congregation of St. Mary in New Orleans. Information on Community Organizing, Deaf Ministry

Franciscan Friars of the Renewal Fr. Benedict Groeschel's community, located in an urban center city.

Faith and Justice Apostolates Society of Jesus, worldwide social justice apostolates

Franciscan Justice and Peace Access

Inkamana Abbey, Vryheid Diocese of Eshowe, South Africa, Missionary Benedictine foundation with high school.

International Resource Page for the Congregation of the Passion

Jesuits in Bangalore India information and links about Jesuits in Bangalore, Singapore, and Australia

Jesuit Centre for Social Faith and Justice

Jesuit Refugee Service Refugee updates, access to Jesuits in service to refugees

Jesuit Resources on the World Wide Web comprehensive access to the world apostolates of the Society of Jesus.

Jesuit Social Services, Victoria, Australia, "seeks to form communities of solidarity with those in need. It expresses its Christian mission through the service of faith and the promotion of justice.

Justice and Peace Committee of St. John's Abbey Access to the Benedictine tradition of justice and peace work. Peace Wall access and links

Lasallian Links in the US and around the world, Brothers of the Christian Schools.

Maryknoll Justice and Peace Office

Maryknoll Mission Association of the Faithful Maryknoll is working with the poor in 16 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Religious Orders Online internet access to Roman Catholic Religious Orders

Saint Antoninus Institute for Catholic Education in Business dedicated to saving souls in the workplace and marketplace through word, action, prayer, and promotion of the social teachings of the Catholic Church in the areas of work, business, management, and economics, serving families, consumers, business, and business students. Jean-Francois Orsini, TOP, is founder and president, it is endorsed by the Immaculate Conception Third Order Dominican chapter and the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, D.C.

San Jose Obrero Mission Chicago, offers shelter to homeless men and families, plus meals.

Sovereign Military Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes, and of Malta (SMOM) Catholic lay order with sovereign diplomatic privileges, established as a chivalric order in the Middle Ages. Involved with worldwide relief, self-help activities, emergencies and refugee crises, and leprosy issues. Federal Association, USA US branch. Canadian Association . . . Museum of the Order of Malta (includes international SMOM access, FAQ, and landmine issues. . . SMOM at the United Nations . . . Emergency Corps . . . Leprosy Relief .

Uniya -- Australian Jesuit Social Justice Centre is involved with refuges and asylum seekers, aboriginal issues, social economic and mental health policies, and East Timorese issues.

Uniya -- Newsletter Articles Index Economic and social policy, social justice and welfare, migrants and refugees, indigenous issues, East Timor, women, miscellaneous.

Religious Persecution [top]

Cardinal Kung Foundation the persecuted Church in China

Christus Rex beautiful site with pictorial archives and access to information about religious persecution.

Free the Fathers organization helping priests imprisoned in China

International Fatima Rosary Crusade

The Laogai access to information about China's "Gulag Archipelago" organization of slave labor manufacturing camps and facilities. Home page for the Laogai Research Foundation.

Pray for the Persecuted Church information about the international Day of Prayer for the persecuted Church.

Tianamen Square picture archive, 273 images

Volunteer Programs [top]

Carmelite Volunteer Program volunteers work in direct service to the poor and/or in situations which promote structural changes which will alleviate the suffering of the poor or marginalized.

Catholic Network of Volunteer Service publishes a director of full-time service programs hosted by Catholic organizations (free), has online directory.

CPPS Volunteer Program Sisters of the Most Precious Blood voluntary service program.

General Christian Service and Volunteer Organizations Mostly Catholic, including Catholic Charities, Edmundite Mission Corps, Holy Cross Associates.

Ken Reed-Bouley's Home Page pictures of spring break volunteer trips, social justice links, volunteering, economic justice

RESPONSE -- Volunteer Opportunities Directory 1996 Net director of various Catholic and some Protestant volunteer service programs; numerous links.

Vincentian Links [top]

The Vincentian movement within Roman Catholicism is one of the oldest, largest, and most comprehensive apostolates to alleviate the problems of the poor and oppressed in the world today.

The Vincentian Center for Church and Society Located at St. John's University, New York City. Facilitates study and discussion of the social teaching of the Church, promotes research and programs with the potential to alleviate personal poverties, encourages Church and community leaders to relate values with public policy issues. Has information about Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac, info and links about the "Vincentian Family", including the Congregation of the Mission, Daughters of Charity, the Seton heritage, International Association of Charity, and the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Access to the on-line presence of the Vincentian Family,, including all four of the major branches, parishes under the patronage of St. Vincent de Paul, universities, and organizations.

The Vincentian Family Tree access to the "family tree" of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac. More than one million bishops, priests, lay brothers, religious sisters, and lay people, united together in service to justice and the poor.

. . . . . . Congregation of the Mission religious order founded by St. Vincent de Paul in 1625 for the evangelization of the poor and the formation of the clergy, has 3,604 members (30 bishops, 3224 priests, 216 lay brothers, 123 philosophy and theology students who have taken vows), works in 80 countries.

. . . . . Daughters of Charity founded in 1633 by St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac, a group of women dedicated to serving the "poorest of the poor". St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, U.S. foundress of the Daughters of Charity of St. Joseph, adapted the rule of the French Daughters for her community which united with the international community in 1850. Today over 27,000 Catholic women minister in the name of the Daughters of Charity world wide.

. . . . International Association of Charity, the oldest continuing charitable organization for lay women, founded in 1617 by St. Vincent de Paul. With the theme, "Against all forms of poverty, acting together", and 250,000 members in 42 associations on every continent, the associates concentrate on the situation of women, their children and families, focusing on working with the destitute to assist them in their self-help efforts to better their own circumstances. They encourage the poor to launch initiatives and to plan self-achievement projects, as well as defending the human rights of the destitute. Note that this section of the site has some excellent catechesis on the practical, street-level application of the Church's justice teachings.

. . . . Society of St. Vincent de Paul, 875,000 members worldwide, founded in 1833 by six university students in Paris under the patronage of St. Vincent de Paul led by Blessed Frederic Ozanam, the organization acts through 46,000 confraternities in 130 countries on five continents. About the Society describes the history, charism, and spirituality of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, has excellent catechesis about the integration of the church's justice teachings into daily life, as well as the close relationship between justice and charity. Access to St. Vincent de Paul Societies. . . .. Another On-line SVDP Directory . . . . . Milton Keynes Circle (UK) . . . Lane County, Oregon . . . . Milwaukee, WI . . . .Naples, FL . . . SVDP Online . . . . Calgary, Canada . . . . San Francisco (includes Marin, San Mateo). . Contra Costa County, CA . . . Medford . . . SVDP Village (San Diego) . . . Canberra and Goulburn (Australia) . . . Atlanta (GA) . . . Council of the US . . .

. . . . . Vincentian Spirituality Bibliography access to works in the Vincentian spirituality and charism. To be Vincentian means. . . Short personal testimony regarding the Vincentian charism.

Vincentian Chair of Social Justice at St. John's University. Established in 1994 as a response to the challenge of Pope John Paul in 1986 to the world-wide Vincentian community to "not only serve the poor, but also to search out causes of poverty and to investigate solutions."

War and Peace [top]

Catholic Peace Fellowship a gospel-based perspective to peace, justice, and environmental issues.

National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education Basic access information. Offers seminars, lectures, biennial scholars conference.

Path to Peace Foundation established for the purpose of spreading the message of peace by which the Catholic Church, through the words and activities of the Pope and the magisterium, strives to guide "our steps into the path of peace." Related to the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the UN, but is independent of that office.

Pax Christi: Basic Information A short article about Pax Christi, the international Catholic peace organization.

Pax Christi International home page of the international Pax Christi movement, has links and publications.

Pittsburgh Center for Peace non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of world peace by publishing well-research information pertaining to the messages given by the Lord Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary in contemporary apparitions, which emphasize peace, prayer, conversion, fasting, and reparation.

Women's Issues. . .a reminder from the webservant: "in these parts", the alleged "right" to abortion is not considered to be a "women's rights issue" as we do not concede the right to murder the weak, helpless, and marginalized to anyone. Abortion is a women's issue in that it is a war on life, and a war on women (there are many gender-selection abortions). All the trouble that women have experienced throughout history, as terrible as that story has been, does not give modern women the autonomic right to take the life of another human being.


A New Feminism, by Helen Alvare, national spokeswoman for the US Catholic Bishops.

Catholic Documents surrounding the Fourth World Conference on Women, 1995, includes statement by Mary Ann Glendon, Pope John Paul II's Letter to Women and related documents.

Jesuits and the Situation of Women in Church and Civil Society from the 34th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus

Homeless Women 20 articles from past issues of Seattle's homeless newspaper, Real Change (secular)

Message from Mother Teresa to the Fourth UN Women's Conference

Ryckeboer Ludwina, MMS: My work for women and girl refugees in Malawi

Widows Banding Together Article about a meeting of widows in a small town of India who decide to organize to better their circumstances.

World Union of Catholic Women's Organizations has permanent commissions on human rights, development and cooperation, health, violence, decision-making, a member of the Conference of International Catholic Organizations and has NGO consultative status with the UN agencies ECOSOC, UNESCO, UNICEF, AO, and ILO; also with the regional organizations OAS and Council of Europe. Founded in 1910.