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Prayers to saints for justice and peace Commands of God St. Mary McKillop
Prayers of justice & peace for various occasions Prophetic Oracles Henriette DeLille
Wisdom Sayings All Saints Day 1998
Traditions of Jesus Edith Stein
Easter Letter Edith Stein: a saint for our times
Reflections on lectionary readings The Pope speaks about Edith Stein
St. Franz Jaegerstatter

Orthopraxis links and information about practicing what you preach.

Solidarity links to organizations and apostolates in service to and mission with the poor. A brief catechism on virtue. Better Times Cookbook
Gettin' the right eats.
Breastfeeding FAQS
Make your own baby wipes
Cloth diapers are best for baby
Family Food Security
Useful emergency supplies
9 steps to family food security
Food processing equipment
Coping with high grocery prices
Coping with stress
The buddy burner
Food prices climbing!
Casino shopping
Win at casino shopping!
How to read a recipe
It takes a village
16 good ideas
Breakfast recipes
Fun food recipes
Dessert recipes
Soup recipes
Hamburger Recipes
Poultry Recipes
Tuna recipes
Vegetables & Meatless main dishes
Ten tasty ways to fix grits.
Crockpot cooking

Make your own mixes.

Demons of injustice and oppression

Civic Vices Structures of Sin
Personal & Structural Sin
General Considerations
Personal sins of the rich
Personal sins of the poor
The Blame Game
Corporate Welfare
Deficit Spending
Death Talk
Economic Discrimination
Zoning and Planning
Economic Regulation
Occupational Licensure
Health Care
Housing & Urban Renewal
Monetary Policy/Structural Unemployment
Political Exploitation
By the Democratic Party
By the Republican Party
Poverty Pimps
Secession of the Successful
Income Disparity/Middle Class Squeeze
Welfare for the Rich

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A brief catechism on Virtue Practical Distributism Balkans War
Response to Fr. Neuhaus Oklahoma Natural Gas Corp. Nato 50th Anniversary
On East Timor Sweatshop merchandise 1999 Easter Letter
Compassionate Conservatives With burning sorrow Epiphany 1999
1998 Election US foreign policy lament Summer 1998
Culture of Death President Clinton OKC bombing

Front Page Archive Volume I, #1-13, 1998

#1 Roe v Wade Anniversary
#2 Just war and the Iraqi Escalation
Appeal of the Chaldean Patriarch
Bishops condemn escalation
US must not trample Constitution
#3 Lent 1998
Meditations on the Lectionary Readings for Lent
#4 Holy Week 1998
Palm Sunday Monday of Holy Week
Jesus is betrayed. Meditation for Wednesday
Holy Thursday Gethsemene, Judas, Pilate
The Seven Last Words Good Friday
Easter Easter Justice & Peace
#5 Oklahoma City Bombing
#6 Microenterprise
#7 Cooperative Enterprise
Pope John XXIII on the importance of cooperatives
#8 International Debt
#9 Distributism
#10 Works of Justice & Peace
St. Mary McKillop
#11 Land reform, African trade, welfare watch
Letter from a Brazilian bishop
Welfare reform leaving many behind
# 12 116 just actions
The Justpeace List: 116 just actions
New Jersey welfare cap
#13 Chinese abortions, international court, just cinema
Chinese abortion policies
Studies in pro-life feminism
International Court
"Friday Fax" on international court
Just Cinema
1998 Summer Novenas
Our Lady of Sorrows Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Our Lady of Guadalupe Our Lady Queen of Peace
Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood
Our Lady of Good Counsel Our Lady of Victories

1998 Front Page Archive, continued

#14 Aids in Africa, Palestine, Chiapas
AIDS is ravaging Africa
Quotations that speak for themselves about Palestine
#15 Grameen Bank, East Timor, Iraq
Banker for the poor Fast for Life
Access to East Timor The week in review
# 16 Human rights, peace ambassadors, politics and poverty
Promote human rights
Peace ambassadors
Latin American bishops say politicians responsible for poverty.
The world seen from Rome.
#17 Congress, Palestine, Solidarity
Lena doesn't live here anymore.
Solidarity is the path to development
Zenit weekly report