Prayers to Saints for Justice and Peace

These are prayers that have appeared here at the Justpeace site, posted in email messages, or compiled for this page. Some are original, some are redactions of existing traditional prayers.

All Saints

Archbishop Oscar Romero

Blessed Katherine Drexel

Charles Foucauld

Dorothy Day

Matthew Talbot

Saints Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac

Saint Charles Lwanga and the Ugandan Martyrs


St. Charles Lwanga and the Martyrs of Uganda, we ask your prayers of intercession on behalf of all who suffer from the unjust exercise of authority. May you who were so cruelly persecuted for your faith in Jesus Christ intercede for all who are oppressed, that they might be comforted by the Divine Mercy and empowered by the gift and grace of fortitude. May justice be the goal of all people and may all who are called by the name Christian join together in works of redemption directed at the sins and the structures of sin that afflict our communities. Amen.


Friend and partner of the poor, guiding spirit for the Catholic Worker, home always open to the unwanted. Early, often lonely, witness in the cause of peace and conscience, eloquent pattern of gospel simplicity, Dorothy Day, disciple of the Lord, may we continue your gift of self to the needy and your untiring work for peace. May we follow your example and dedicate our lives to the creation of that structures of beauty and goodness which characterize the kingdom of God.


Blessed Katherine Drexel, by the grace of Christ and for the love of God and your fellow human beings, you put your wealth to work for the poor and marginalized, bringing them education, healing, and the opportunity to participate in their own lives. May your example of conversion and cross-cultural solidarity be an evangelical witness for all people. We ask your intercession on behalf of the rich and powerful, that they will stop committing injustices against the poor and embrace the culture of life that calls us to healing and wholeness and communion with God and solidarity with our neighbor. Amen.


Charles Foucauld, you heard a call from God to live with those who are rejected and marginalized. We are grateful for your heroic witness and we ask your intercession now on behalf of all who are poor and all those who in evangelical witness live in solidarity with and among them as visible signs of the ministry of reconciliation which God has committed to us through Christ Jesus. May all come to understand and live the solidarity which you modeled with your life and your death. Amen.


Archbishop Romero, prophet of justice and peace, you stood in solidarity with the poor and oppressed even unto your own death. May we be inspired by your example to work each day against sin and the structures of sin that create injustice and oppress the poor. Pray for us that we will be strong in this journey. Amen.


O great and holy Servants of God, look with concern upon the poor, and fill all Christians with your zeal in service to those who are rejected, despised, and persecuted.


St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac, compassionate servants and saints, we ask your intercession on behalf of all who are excluded from participation in the bounty of Creation. May we learn to live simply, that others may simply live. May our efforts to ensure just distribution be blessed with discernment and productive effort. May all those who steal from the poor come to an understanding of their actions and turn from their wickedness and embrace the practice of justice. Amen.


Matthew Talbot, you were born into poverty, among a marginalized people, and you went right to the edge as an alcoholic. By the same grace that rescued you from alienation and despair, we ask your intercession today on behalf of all who are marginalized in this world. See how the strong prey upon the weak and the violence and despair and alienation and oppression which afflicts so many. We pray that your example of solidarity with the poor will be an inspiration for many to follow your holy example. Amen.