is a theological term for "correct practice". Most people would probably say "lifestyle". It is rooted in the belief that Christian orthodoxy will yield, as its fruit, a Christian "orthopraxy", a way of being and living that is consistent with the social justice imperatives of the Catholic faith. The numerous contradictions between the Gospel of Jesus Christ and modern conditions suggest many areas where Christ's teachings are particularly relevant. "Whatever you did for one of these least brothers and sisters of mine, you did for Me." Jesus. The information and links on this page reflect the practice of Catholic social justice teachings.

Solidarity People and organizations who are "orthopraxising justice". 403 links.

Simple Living 75 links links about prudent, frugal, and simple living.

Better Times A cookbook and almanac of useful information for poor people. 19 links

Virtue A short catechism on virtue, the habits of doing good.