Dear Catholic Bishops of the United States of America,

Thank you for refusing to forbid Catholic participation in the unjust wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This moral betrayal of the men and women of your military was a bold display of religious hypocrisy! Your moral laxism and relativism helped me entice the U.S. into unjust war. Without your tacit support, this would have been much more difficult than it turned out to be. Sine poena nulla lex!

I read at your conference's website that war is no longer peace, now it is "Responsible Transition." Many thanks to whoever coined that phrase. I could not have said it better myself. Please continue to advocate this "Responsible Transition". It is the direct path of violence and collective punishment that ensures support for my jihad. Hundreds of thousands have already been killed, many of them were women and children. More deaths are to come! Your tacit religious consent for this murder of the innocent is critical to my success. Your material cooperation with the objective evil of unjust war makes my victory inevitable. Therefore, I say stay this course of moral laxism that destroys your witness to life!

Catholic Bishops of America, I salute you! You are among my best friends and supporters anywhere in the world. Thanks to the aid and comfort you give me, my triumph will come sooner than you think!


Osama Bin Laden

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