Welcome to Access to Catholic Social Justice Teaching. This first page changes from time to time and this week we remember the events surrounding the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City, three years ago April 19th. To access the main part of the site, click on Home Index.

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April 19, 1995,

9:02 AM

Murrah Federal Building

Oklahoma City

A Remembrance

A second Good Friday, in the midst of the Easter season.

But in the midst of sorrow, there yet remains our Easter hope.

For if we believe that Jesus died and rose, so too will God, through Jesus, bring with him those who have fallen asleep. First letter of Paul to the Thessalonians.

The names of those who perished

The Easter Letter to Oklahoma City

a literary redaction of extracts of Paul's letters, as though he had written a letter to Oklahoma City following the bombing

Eternal rest grant to them, O Lord,

and may perpetual light shine upon them.

Do not be conquered by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Their Faith has Touched Us, by Maria Ruiz Scaperlanda, a frequent contributor to Our Sunday Visitor and the Sooner Catholic, tells the stories of three young Catholics who perished in this tragedy.

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