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                    driving the banksters out of the Temple.OCCUPY ARCHDIOCESE OF OKLAHOMA CITY!
We are the 99%!

The Occupy Wall Street movement is a decentralized, leaderless movement to bring public attention to bear on the serious problems we face in this country.  Inspired by the events in Tunisia and Egypt, we aim to bring about an "American Autumn" to go with the "Arab Spring". The purpose of the Occupy Archdiocese of Oklahoma City group is to mobilize support among Catholics for the growing Occupy movement, which is sympathetic to Catholic Social Teachings on justice and peace and to raise the visibility of the Church's social teachings among the clergy, laity, and religious of this Archdiocese.  For more information about affinity groups and the Occupy movement, read Occupy!


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Occupy Archdiocese of Oklahoma City Occupy Archdiocese of Oklahoma City
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Sign our letter to the Archbishop of Oklahoma City and the Bishops of Tulsa and Little Rock
Read the text.
To add your signature, email robert at justpeace.org.

Pray the Rosary for the social justice and peace intentions of the Occupy! movement.

And tell others you are doing this. Make a sign "We pray the Rosary for the Occupy Movement"  and put it on your car or in your yard or window. 

Pray the Novena for the Occupy! movement.
We are presently working on a Novena to Oscar Romero, Dorothy Day, and Peter Maurin, the saints to whom we entrust this work. "Watch this space" for more information.

Occupy your parish!
Start an Occupy! group for your parish (or diocese, if you are accessing this page from elsewhere).

Move your Money.
We also suggest that people move their money out of the big banks and into credit unions.  Many groups are targeting November 5th as an action day to complete such transitions.  Find more information at Move Your Money Project .

Support your Local Occupation.
If there is a local occupation going on in your downtown area, support them. Donate food and supplies. Keep in touch with them. Participate in marches as you are able.

Speak for yourself.
Each group speaks for itself and voluntarily affiliates/networks with others.

Use tools.
Don't reinvent the wheel. Use existing tools linked here and elsewhere and share your own. Send us your tools and we will tell everyone else.

PDF of "WE PRAY THE ROSARY FOR OCCUPY!" with graphic of Rosary beads, 11 X 17 poster or yard sign.
PDF of "WE ARE THE 99%" 11 X 17 poster or yard sign. 
PDF of "WE ARE THE 99%" Oklahoma poster (with url for www.occupyoklahoma.org ) -- 11 X 17 poster or yard sign.
Print at a copy shop that prints 11 X 17 paper, copy, past to cardboard or or piece of plywood or something similar.  Stake in your yard or put up elsewhere. For an added touch, at most copy shops you can select "copy single color" and then you could copy it so the text is blue or red or whatever other color you want.