St RomeroOklahoma City Catholic Worker
Published irregularly by the Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House, Oklahoma City
Online Edition
-- November 2018, Volume 14 # 2

Page 1 -- The canonization of Oscar Romero: A promise of hope

Page 2 -- Conclusion of page 1 article, An American Examination of Conscience, Here is what GOD says about the poor

Page 3 -- Abolish the US Conference of Catholic Bishops!  Better bus service: A matter of life and justice.

Page 4 -- Chaplet of Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin, Holy Helpers of the Poor - a modern interpretation

Page 5 -- Here is what GOD says about the poor, continued, Litany of the Holy Helpers of the Poor, Prayer for Social Justice

Page 6 -- Full text of the 1980 letter of St Oscar Romero to President Carter, prayer to follow the example of Dorothy Day, Litany of the Holy Helpers of the Poor, conclusion.

Page 7 -- St Oscar Romero: Cease the oppression! By Marco Gandásegui, Jr., Professor of
Sociology, University of Panama, Who will defend the economic rights of the poor in Oklahoma?

Page 8 -- Works of Justice and Peace, Prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows for those about to be killed in war, Warning to politicians, Publication/Organization info.

This edition is delayed two months. I wasn't planning on coming down with esophageal cancer and going through 30 days of chemo and radiation. The original plan was to take a thousand with me to Rome and hand out at the canonization ceremony, but alas that trip fell victim to the cancer.  My surgery is Nov 21st, and prayers are appreciated.  Bob Waldrop

PS. This is a new pen and ink drawing of Romero by one of my godsons, JD Thomason. It will eventually be available as a print.