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Biblical Evidence for Catholicism

EWTN massive resource library of Catholic documents, among other things.

Nazareth Resource Library excellent on-line source for Catholic apologetics.

Archives, Directories, and Catholic Cyber-communities Top

American University Documents Archives large document archive plus listserv mailing lists, has a list of Catholic internet mailing lists.

Alapadre's Catholic Connection big site of links, founded by a parish priest in Alabama. Has link to interactive search programs at Carnegie Mellon University.

Brother Richard's Favorite URLs index and navigation guide libraries of links, tools for searching including a searchable "What the Bible Says About _____" page, access to different versions of the Bible and different translations (French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Latin Vulgate, Norwegian, Italian, Swedish, Turkish), general Christian links, Catholic links

Catholic Community at AOL

Catholic Files at american.edu

Catholic Goldmine big site of Catholic links.

Catholic Information Center on Internet

Catholic Information Network (CIN) 11 years of on-line presence, first to offer an extensive Catholci electronic library, searchable database of Catholic information, sponsors numerous specialized Catholic discussion lists, including two that are moderated by the Justpeace webservant (CINJUST and CINMUSIC).

Catholic Internet Resources alphabetic list of links from the Franciscan University of Steubenville.

Catholic Kiosk in Cincinnati index, resources, links

Catholic Ministry Network private online service acceissible only to Catholic lay professionals, religious, and clergy who are involved with parish-based Catholic ministry. Services are free, has online discussion forums, file libraries, news and information.

CatholiCity is a very beautiful and innovative Catholic virtual cybercity, with world class web design, with wholesome, fully-monitored Catholic chat rooms and several popular Crosstalk Email Discussion Groups, including the Catholicity-talk list (an electronic mailing list for discussion of issues within the context of fidelity to the magisterium of the Church). Access to Marian information and Kolbean and Montfort consecrations to Mary. Searchable by keyword list of excellent links, all of which have informative descriptions. Catholic novels by Bud Macfarlane Jr. including "Pierced by a Sword," online RealAudio services and much more. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by this webservant.

DioceseNet state of the art graphics and links to more than 92 US Catholic diocesan websites.

Ecclesia Web Service diocesan and parish pages, information files, and large directories, continues to offer free web sites to many non-profit Catholic institutions, has a free Holy Card service to create and send a holy card to anyone online.

EWTN large searchable database of documents, articles, and organizations relating to Roman Catholicism.

Hosea House online Catholic community with over 2,000 links.

Jubileaum access to European Catholicism, lots of links, many in other languages.

Jubilee 2000 site links to sites dedicated to the upcoming Holy Year and its mission.

Knightsight Online Web/E-mail Director created to enhance communication among the 1.5 million members in 10,000 local councils of the Knights of Columbus.

KolbeNet Marian centers, Catholic teachings, St. Maximilian Kolbe, on-line Catholic community, hosts web pages.

Link Page at Christus Rex the Christus Rex site is truly beautiful, offering access to great Catholic art and photography. This page of the site is their growing collecting of links, many of which aren't found elsewhere, it seems to me anyway.

The 1997 Catholic Internet Directory, version 3.8, updated July 1997. List of Catholic electronic mailing lists

Petersnet on line Catholic electronic community offering many different services, including a searchable by keyword database of Catholic files and information. Rates sites in the database based on fidelity to the magisterium of the Church, resources referenced, and four categories of implementation (purpose, maintenance, organization, appearance). You can search based on ratings (i.e. AAA -- those sites receiving an "A" in fidelity, resources, and implementation).

RC Net free world wide web pages for Catholic dioceses, parishes, index of links.

Saint Michael's Depot links to data libraries, various articles.

Siti Cattolici Italian directory of Catholic sites, including links to pontifical universities and institutes.

Spanish Catholic Links index of links to Catholic sites in Spanish.

The 1997 Top 40 Catholic Internet List criteria for evaluation: (1) degree of official recognition for the site, (2) gross number of hits (visitors) to the site, (3) publicity given to the site in the religious and secular media, and (4) number of links to the site from other Catholic sites on the internet. (Top five are: Vatican Home Page, NCCB/USCC Home Page, Catholic News Service, Catholic Press Association, and the National Catholic Education Association.

Totally Catholic Link Directory

Two Thousand Years of Catholic Writings includes the early Church and patristics

University of Notre Dame Catholic Archives

Youth Ministry Network great graphics, large resource libraries with everything from lesson plans to clip art. Bills itself as "the source for Catholic Youth Ministry on the World Wide Web". Created by the Youth Ministry Network of Venice, Florida. Has sections on fundraising, volunteer training, etc.

Humor Top

Hermeneutics in Everyday Life describes a stop sign and its demands upon the human person, using a varietry of exegetical techniques (e.g. postmodernism, marxism, orthodox Catholic, fundamentalist, Orthodox Jew, etc.). My fave: A Breslover Hasidic Jew sees the sign and makes his boddidus (a form of spontaneous personal prayer) saying: "Robono Shel Olam (Master of the Universe) -- here I am, travelling on the road in Your service, and I'm about to face who knows what danger at this intersection in my life. So please watch over me and help me to get through this stop sign safely." Then, "looking neither to left nor right!" as Rebbe Nachman advises, he joyfully accepts the challenge, remains focused on his goal -- even if the car rolls backward for a moment -- then he hits the gas pedal and forges bravely forward, overcoming all obstacles which the yetzer hara (evil inclination) might put in his path." Then there is the New Testament scholar who notices that there is no stop sign on Mark Street but there is one on Matthew and Luke streets and concludes that the ones on Luke and Matthew streets are both copied from a sign on a hypothetical street called "Q". There is an excellent 300 page discussion of speculations on the origin of these stop signs and the differences between the stop signs on Matthew and Luke street in the scholar's commentary on the passage.

Social Work Jokes ALLRIGHT! THIS IS NOT AN OXYMORON. It is a site of funny jokes about social work. Liberals, conservatives, and libertarians will all like this site, for very different reasons, of coursw.

Mailing Lists Top

Index of Catholic internet mailing lists

FAQ for the Free Catholic electronic discussion group, explains how to subscribe. Is the source of bit.listserv.catholic in Usenet.

Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists

Non-Catholic Miscellaneous Stuff Top

Famous Philosophers and Discussions About Them

Christianity and Public Policy and Action: Some Web Resources

Hubble Telescope Views and Pictures view this site while reading Job, "Where were you when I created. . . " Pictures are breathtaking.

Israel Defense Forces in English and Hebrew.

Propaganda a "home page" about propaganda techniques and examples.

National Political Index access to all things political, US.

Sermon and Sermon Lectionary Resources an ecumenical mega-site with homily resources and sermons.

US Census Bureau Population Clocks for the US and the world.

Catholic Media Top

Diocese of Raleigh, North Carolina broadcasts the Mass in RealAudio, links to southern Catholic newspapers.

Peters Net reviews of Catholic and Christian internet sites, analyzes them with an eye for fidelity to Church teaching, design, and depth of content. Offers various services, including subscriptions to Catholic World News Service, access to databases and discussion forums.

Catholic News Service

Catholic Press Association

Catholic Software great software for Catholics. A second site for this group.

Catholic World News world news from a distinctively Catholic perspective.

Culture Wars Online an independent Catholic magaine about faith, culture, and morals in our time.

Miscellaneous Catholic Stuff Top

Baltimore Catechism

Bible Gateway

Calculation of the Ecclesiastical Calendar -- enter a year after AD 325 and view the ecclesiastical calendar for that year, also tables of Orthodox and Western Easter dates, 1875-2124. Explanations for the calculation of the various holidays.

Catholic Charismatic Information

Catholic Encyclopedia, 1913 edition

Catholic Family Resources online virtual shopping for Catholics

Catholic Informational and Cultural Files

Catholic Shopper large selection of Catholic material for sale.

Code of Canon Law entire text, several different languages.

The Mary Page maintained by the Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute at the University of Dayton, Ohio.

Church Finder ambitious project to collect, catalogue, and index basic information for every individual church in the world, and make the information agvailable geographically. Has thousands of Catholic parishes.

DANA dedicated to Dana Scallon, the Irish Catholic singer.

National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.

The Peter Kreeft Page Dr. Kreeft is an author of many books about philosophy, theology, and apologetics.

St. Gabriel Gift and Book Nook a Catholic virtual store offering Catholic books, software, and fine religious gifts. Can wrap and ship gifts with personalized cards.

The Rosary Workshop -- online catalog, history of the Rosary, special prayers, chaplets, icons, crosses, angels.


Rosary Online
Virtual Rosary Online!

Religious Orders . . . Top .

Christ in the Desert Monastery Benedictine monastery in the mountainous wilderness of New Mexico, off the paved road and off the land telephone line. Monastery web site is beautiful, has audio files of chant, and the brothers were consultants to the design of the Vatican web site.

Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity described as a cornucopia of information, organization is a religious order of men and women, lay, consecrated, and ordained.

Society of St. John new canonical order of traditional priests

Secular Directories and Search Engines

A Huge List of Search Engines and Indices

Various Catholic Personal Pages of Note Top

Bob Fitzsimmons, SFO Catholic religious educator and spiritual director.

Carolyn Dudas Home Page access to small faith communities

Sr. Mary Francis SFO+ a fellow CatholiCitian's home page, great stuff, including a saint search.

Webcrafting Top

Internet Archive collecting and storing public materials from the Internet, current collection equals ten terabytes.

Computer Ministry Foundation networking point for Catholics using computers to aid their parishes, dioceses and other ministries.

Nerdworld.Com internet subject index, search engine, also add a free customized search engine to your web site and software for a free discussion group.

Web design group of the Monastery of Christ in the Desert

The Wire: Communication Matters for the Church access to information to help churches use new media.

Webtracker free counter for your web page that is so easy to figure out even I, the absolute newbie at webpage building, was able to get it working on my web site. Compiles interesting statistics about frequency and times of hits. Thus far it has been very reliable.