planetMercy and
Alms for Creation

Thoughts on how Christians (and others!) can care for our Common Home. Inspired by Pope Frances Encyclical Laudato Si!


✙  GROW! Food not lawns! Even one tomato plant or a few herbs helps. Plant trees for food and shade! 

✙  BE FRUGAL!  Drive less, walk & go public transit more. Stop wasting water. Invest in energy conservation in your dwelling. Dry clothes with sun & wind on a clothes line.  Travel between cities by bus and train.

✙  PROTECT EARTH'S ECOLOGIES! Leave a place for our fellow creatures, flora and fauna! Feed the birds! Bell the outdoor cat. 

SUPPORT LOCAL AND JUST ECONOMIES! Buy local from farmers, shops, restaurants.  Always buy fair trade coffee, chocolate, and other internationally sourced items. End your support of sweatshop labor. Every dollar you spend is a vote. Never vote for evil with your money.

CLEAN UP!  Don't use noxious herbicides/pesticides that poison the environment & kill pollinators. Don’t pour noxious chemicals into your drains. Pick up trash in public places. Avoid plastic like the plague that it is.

✙  GET WITH NATURAL LAW! Stop wrapping organic materials in black plastic & burying them in the ground! That’s NOT natural! Compost food scraps & lawn waste. That’s the way GOD does it!  

✙  WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND! Reduce, reuse, recycle, repair, make it over, make do, do without.  Shop the after-market at thrift stores & flea markets first.


✙  COMMIT! Accept personal responsibility to live your life so that your love for God manifests as you care for people, care for Creation, & have a care for the future.   

✙  HOPE! Nurture blessings in your life & in the lives of others.  Celebrate life, goodness, beauty, virtue, joy, responsibility, & wisdom. Don't leave anyone behind for the wolves to devour.  Pray without ceasing.

✙  PLACE MATTERS! Work with your neighbors to heal & regenerate the natural environment & to increase the safety, security, health, & well-being of your neighborhood.   

✙  OBSERVE! JUDGE! ACT! See all that can be seen! Always look for the big picture, the holistic vision.  Judge the signs of the times with care and prudence.  Act with love, persistence, and fortitude. Procrastination is the thief of time and the destroyer of possibilities.

✙  GET INVOLVED!  Support public & private initiatives that promote water conservation, renewable energy, local food systems, tree planting, organic gardening & farming, public/community transportation, free range & pastured flocks & herds, energy conservation, urban agriculture,  & community capacities for food & economic security.   

✙  WALK YOUR TALK!  What you do with your life matters -- to you, to those who care for you, & to your God & all Creation. Your works of love, beauty, & the care of Creation, when joined with those of others across the planet, will ultimately free peoples from oppression, make justice possible, end tyranny, halt genocide, & restore & renew ecological systems. This authenticity of life & action is a source of wisdom & peace. All the way to heaven is heaven! Believe it & act on it and have no regrets!   

✙  REGENERATE! RENEW! REPRODUCE! RESIST! Build new sustainable structures in the midst of the collapsing ruins of the old.  Be fruitful and multiply blessings, justice, wisdom, peace, prudence, and joy for all.  Oppose all people, systems, & the demons who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls, who do not care for people, do not care for Creation, & do not have a care for the future. Make injustice & evil visible! Raise up your children showing them the journey of mercy for Creation and all people.  Never forget that we are in this for the long haul. Plan and act accordingly.

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Print an 8.5 x 11 poster of the Corporal Works of Mercy for Creation.

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