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Would you like to help preach the Justpeace word? Use one of these graphics (custom designed for this site by Thomas Deliduka of Virtual Construction, designer of CatholiCity). Copy the code below the graphic and paste it onto your link page. Copy the graphic. To do this, click on the graphic, and then right-click. You should get a menu that offers "save as" as on option. Select that and save it to an appropriate directory at your computer. Then, put it in the file at your server where the other graphics are for your page. If you have any problems, please email me.


<A HREF="><IMG SRC="cstbutton.gif" WIDTH="400" HEIGHT="40" BORDER="0"></A>


<A HREF="><IMG SRC="cstbutton.gif" WIDTH="197" HEIGHT="80" BORDER="0"></A>