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The various viewpoints offered under the rubric of justice and peace often present alternative visions of what the current contexts of human life can/should/ought/will be. Thus, I have opted for a wider rather than a narrower selection, believing that as these voices interact, truth can be separated from error and the signs of the times and our appropriate responses can be discerned. As with any bookstore owner, I don't necessarily agree with every word or proposal printed in every book on the shelf; but if its here it's because it seems to me it may have some light to shed on some aspects of the current contexts of human life.

This section is continually under construction; numerous books will be added in the next week or so. Your support of this apostolate is greatly appreciated, and I believe you can learn much from these books. As always, if your budget doesn't permit book purchases, print the page and go to your local library. If they don't have the books you want, ask if they can get them for your through an interlibrary loan.

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Specifically Catholic TOP

Economic Justice: Selections from distributive justice and a living wage (Library of Theological Ethics), John Augustine Ryan. Selections from Ryan's works relevant to readers interested in the place of religious faith in economic policy. Order this book today!

The Catholic Challenge to the American Economy: Reflections on the US Bishop's pastoral letter on Catholic social teaching and the US economy, Thomas Gannon, editor. Order this book today!

Catholics in the Public Square: The role of Catholics in American life, culture, and politics, Thomas Patrick Melady and Mary Cunningham Agee, editors. An Our Sunday Visitor book. Order this book today!

Doing Faith Justice: An introduction to Catholic Social Thought, Fred Kammer. Order this book today!

Catechism of the Catholic Church. Access to authoritative teaching of the Catholic Church, has sections on the millennium and social justice which particularly apply to Year 2000 preparation. Order this book today!

Following Christ in a Consumer society: the Spirituality of Cultural Resistence, by Fr. John Kavanaugh, SJ. I highly recommend this book. We often hear of an alleged dichotomy between social justice and evangelism, when in fact, they are two sides of the same coin. Shows how authentic faith requires doing the works of justice and peace, and how working for justice and peace requires faith. Order this book today!

Reconciliation: Mission and ministry in a changing social order, by Fr. Robert Schreiter, CSSP. An in depth theological discussion of reconciliation in a world of oppression and injustice. Order this book today!

The Social Justice Agenda: Justice, ecology, power, and the Church, Donal Dorr. Order this book today!

Salted With Fire: Spirituality for the Faithjustice Journey, Fred Kammer. Order this book today!

The Road to Peace: Writings on Peace and Justice, Henri Nouwen, John Dear. Jesuit justice activist Dear presents both his own reflections and the writings of Henri Nouwen (including some previously unpublished material), documenting Nouwen's life-long concern for justice and peace issues. Nouwen calls on activists to be peacemakers in the most complete sense, to root their witness in prayer, joy, and a spirit of love. Order this book today!

Champions of the Poor: the economic consequences of Judeo-Christian values, Barend De Vries, introduction by Archbishop Rembert Weakland. Order this book today!

En la Buena Lucha (In the Good Struggle): the sister parish movement, Richard Fenske. Order this book today!

Mary, Mother of God, Mother of the Poor (Theology and Liberation Series), Ivone Gebara. Order this book today!

One Heart Full of Love, by Mother Teresa. Order this book today!

Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac: Rules, conferences, and writings (Classic of Western Spirituality), Vincent de Paul. Several essays of commentary are gathered together with the original texts in English translation illuminating the charism of these great saints, founders of the Vincentian movement within Roman Catholicism. Order this book today!

Rene Girard and Gill Bailie TOP

Violence Unveiled: Humanity at the Crossroads, by Gil Bailie. This Catholic author takes the work of philosopher Rene Girard and makes it accessible for most readers. It considers the relationship between violence and social disintegration, and how the example and sacrifice of Jesus provides alternative models for human behavior and the preservation of society. Intriguing, I've just received it and am in the process of reading it. Order this book today!

The Girard Reader, Rene Girard. A selection of the author's work that illuminates his theses regarding the anthropological uniqueness of Jesus Christ and the relationship of violence and religion and peace. Order this book today!

Violence Unveiled, Rene Girard. One of the author's statements of his philosophical anthropology. Order this book today!

The Scapegoat, Rene Girard. One of the author's statements of his philosophical anthropology. Order this book today!

Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World, Rene Girard. One of the author's statements of his philosophical anthropology. Order this book today!

Not Specifically Catholic, but Faith-based TOP

All You Need to Know About Prayer, You Can Learn from the Poor, Louise Perrotta, The less people possess of material things, the more they seem to possess of God. Pictures of Catholics, Protestants, Evangelicals who are poor or are serving the poor. Order this book today!

Sustaining the Common Good: A Christian perspective on the global economy, John Cobb. A theologian and ethicist challenges the conventional wisdom regarding the great god of growth. Order this book today!

Good News to the Poor: John Wesley's evangelical economics, Theodore Jennings. Order this book today!

Alternatives to Global Capitalism: Drawn from Biblical history, designed for political action, Ulrich Duchrow. Order this book today!

Global Issues

Perpetuating Poverty: The World Bank, the IMF, and the Developing World, Doug Bandow, editor, a Cato Institute book. Details about how these international financial institutions are causing the problems they allegedly want to eliminate. Order this book today!

50 Years is enough! The case against the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, edited by Kevin Danaher. Evidence of how the World Bank and IMF have wasted resources and harmed developing countries with their elitist policies that favor the bankers. Argues that these institutions are being used a political weapons. Order this book today!

Living Wage

The Living Wage: Building a Fair Economy, Robert Pollin and Stephanie Luce. Chronicles a grass-roots movement beginning in Baltimore and moving west, that focuses on requiring companies who do business with municipalities to pay their employees a living wage. A decentralized approach to this important issue. Order this book today!

Created Unequal: The crisis in American pay, James K. Galbraith. Debunks conventional economic explanations of gross inequity in pay based on supply and demand, and argues that inequality is a result of deliberate economic policies that encourage unemployment and see full employment as a sign that it is time to raise interest rates and artificially stimulate unemployment. Without full employment, market explanations are merely arguments from those with a vested interested in paying low wages. Book notes that 65% of all capital gains go to the top 1% of the population (in terms of income). Order this book today!