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Just Cinema!

This will be an irregular item on the Front Page, with information about movies and videos with justice and peace emphasis. Seen any good movies with Catholic justice and peace themes lately? If so, email me with the details and your own review.

Homeless Home Movie

Produced and directed by Patrick Hennessey (612-827-0174), web site: Homeless Home Movie.

Listen to the homeless describe, in their own words, what their life is like. There are no easy answers here, and some occasional rough language, but the movie is gripping in its intense "inside view" of life on the streets. This isn't a specifically Catholic production, but it provides Catholic lessons.

And just in case you need some further video suggestions, here is a "primary canon" of Catholic justice and peace cinema:

Romero -- a Paulist production, about the life and martyrdom of Archbishop Romero of El Salvador.

Mission -- about the "Jesuit Reductions" of Paraguay, a unique civilization brought into being by the meeting of Christianity with indigenous tribes of the interior of South America, with the encounter being characterized by non-violence and peace, rather than war and conquest. These settlements continued for over a hundred years, until destroyed by Spanish and Portuguese military action stimulated by greed.

Entertaining Angels -- another Paulist production, about the conversion, life, and ministry of Dorothy Day, co-founder with Peter Maurin of the Catholic Worker movement.

Dead Man Walking -- nationally released award winning film about a Sister Helen Prejean's encounter with a man on death row condemned for a brutal murder.

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