The St. Joseph's Table

Joseph is patron of the poor, of workers, of carpenters, of social justice, of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City. In medieval times, there was a famine caused by a terrible drought in Italy. In Sicily the people made a novena to St. Joseph for rain. Their prayers were granted, and in gratitude, they gave a feast in honor of St. Joseph, to which the poor were invited.

Over the years, it became the custom on St. Joseph's Day to prepare altars decorated with elaborate displays of food. The food was either given to the poor, or money was raised and used to provide alms for the poor. People who visit the table on St. Joseph's Day receive a piece of bread - St. Joseph's Bread - representing the saint's concern & provision for the poor.

The need is great. Every month we make upwards of 200 deliveries of groceries to the poor, mostly to the elderly and disabled, to single moms with kids, and to the working poor who are in need.

Each year we present this devotion as a way to raise our spiritual consciousness regarding the needs of the poor, to gather food for distribution to the poor, and to promote devotion to St. Joseph as a practice of the works of mercy, justice, and peace.. We invite all to contemplate the example of St. Joseph - faithful father, protector, patron of the poor - as a model for our own lives by accepting personal responsibility for helping the poor in this era when the poor are often demonized. We are a person to person ministry of love, compassion, and service to God and neighbor.

The St. Joseph's Table will be set up on Friday, March 11th in the Gathering Space at Epiphany Church and will be available for prayer and viewing through the afternoon of the 20th. It will be blessed following the 5:30 PM Mass on the 19th (St. Joseph's Day), and St. Joseph's Bread will be distributed.

Please participate in this devotion by bringing non-perishable food to the Table at any time before the 5:30 PM mass on March 19th.

Saint Joseph, Ora pro nobis!