Special intentions for the Week of Novenas for Justice and Peace

If you have an intention you would like placed on this page, send me email, with "special intention" in the subject line.

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For continued support for our work in Oklahoma City, and for a farm. From the Oklahoma City Catholic Workers

For the intercession of Dorothy Day for the healing of Teresa in California. J.W., Tennessee.

For the people of the Riverside neighborhood of Oklahoma City. The state wants to drive a 10 lane freeway through the neighborhood, directly impacting the historic heart of the Latino community here, the Little Flower Church and Discalced Carmelite Monastery. Pray that the state will hear the cry of the poor and select another route which would not impact the neighborhood. OKC Catholic Workers

Abolition of the death penalty. T.M.

For the conversion of James Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank. R.W.

For resolution of a neighborhood conflict, an end to environmental pollution, for the authorities with responsibilities in the area, and for the repentance of those instigating the conflict. M.N.

1. For Unity, Peace and End of War in the Philippines. 2. For oneness of faith and religiousity in the Family. 3. For the right job or business venture that I will engage with the vision of helping the poor of the poorest in our parish. 4. For Unity and more volunteer workers in our parish relative to social programs. A.B.

St Francis of Assisi said "That there could be no external peace without first having peace in your heart." One of my intentions during these days of novenas is that I may have peace in heart, particularly with concern for my son David. G.F.

Please include Robert and Randall on your prayer list. We pray daily for their conversion, their return to the faith. R.E.

May I ask for prayers that my surgery later this month will be successful. E.C.

1. that my two cousins may overlook petty differences between them, in order to preserve the family as we know it 2. that a friend and colleague and her newly adopted son can put their life back together after the death of her older sister who left behind a family of three daughters and a spouse 3. that my sinus surgery will be successful 4. that my mother-in-law will be able to cope with life, in spite of her severe depression and paranoid delusions 5. that all who travel during the summer will find themselves safe on both ends of their trip, including my sister and her spouse. E.H.

For my daughter. E.D.

That the poor and the working poor receive help from others including governments and large companies. That there be more thought about genetic manipulation and the greed of large companies who think only of profit. JH

For those children who have been molested by their priest and all priest at present in jail, help the children to go forward in their lives and the priest to remember how they have affected those they hurt. I realise this is a contentious issue but we are hurting here in Australia. JH

Alex who is a recovering drug addict is treading into territory that is not good for his safety. My family, and the end of abortions in this world. M.

God doesn't hide His will for me as often as I accuse Him of it--I need the courage and confidence to carry it out. SK

1. That our new leadership in community will lead us so we best serve God and humankind. 2. That our judges on all levels be converted and committed to real justice. 3. For all the intentions for which we have been asked to pray verbally, in letters and e-mail. PT

1. The Gulf Coast Mariners Association, Offshore Mariners United, and all the southern merchant mariners who work in the offshore oil industry. They are trying to organize into a union, and they are meeting the tremendous opposition from the boat owners. 2. The Catholic Church in the United States: That it's institutions and role as employer will be less hostile to organizing drives, unions, and its employees who are already in unions. SO

Please pray for my friend, Emily, who is battling cancer. C.L.,

That My husband's company keep him working, have the money to pay their workers, and rehire the men who've be laid off also, restore the original ECR group of men without Union hassles, please. Lead me, inspire me to know how to make the wisest decisions regarding my internet businesses and be successful enough to retire comfortably and we desparately need 5,000 to pay off our IRS bill. Thank you dear Mother...BK

Please pray for my friends, a very devout orthodox Catholic family which is having real problems right now. RS

That all women who are attending the post abortion retreats this year find God's love , mercy and forgiveness. pray for more post abortion retreats to be given. God Bless. CT