Novena prayer for the Harvard Living Wage Sit-in

Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin,

When you heard the Gospel call of solidarity,

you left all that you had and followed Jesus.

This journey of love and service,

through valleys of poverty and despair,

sought hope and healing for all

who are exiled, marginalized, exploited, and disappeared,

pushed to the very edge of human society.

In your practical work of hospitality,

and your constant witness to justice,

you show us the way we should go

as we also journey for peace,

healing and reconciliation.

We call you in solidarity to be with

the students of Harvard University

who now are engaged in a great labor of love and witness

to secure a living wage for all the workers of their school.

As you walked the picket lines of your day,

rise up to be with them now.

Protect them from all harm and danger.

Encourage them with fortitude, prudence, and love.

Send them wisdom as they discern the signs of their times

and go forward in the task committed to them.

Walk also, Peter and Dorothy, with the administration of Harvard University.

Teach them that a great university has grave responsibilities

of justice towards the common good.

May they be graced with empathy and understanding,

so that they stop exploiting their workers

by not paying a fair and just living wage for their labor.

Send now the rains of justice upon this university and all the land.

May a springtime of hope grow from these events.

May the day soon come when no worker is cheated or exploited,

when all acknowledge the dignity of our common humanity

and are surprised by joy.

We ask these blessings,

calling upon Mary our blessed Mother,

St. Joseph the Worker, and all the labor martyrs and saints,

entrusting our concerns to the divine Providence,

confident that God hears the cry of the worker for justice,

Amen, Amen, Amen.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, help the helpless, strengthen the fearful, comfort the sorrowful, bring justice to the poor, and peace to all nations.

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