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Volume IV, #2 + Fall 2001 + published occasionally to cyberspace by the Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House in Oklahoma City + Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam + The future will be different if we make the present different. Peter Maurin


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What a busy summer, and then, what a crazy fall. It's hard to know where to start.

Lust for material things can be an addiction. Thus, it seems to me that consideration of the ways of recovery from alcoholism could be of use as we increasingly seek to break free from the chains of consumerism and gluttonous materialism. The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous is a good place to start. Being as how we are coming up on Advent and Christmas, now is a good time to think about "who's birthday is it anyway?" Are we welcoming the baby Jesus, or are we engaging in an orgy of materialistic instant gratification? Will other children suffer so that we can give our children cheap toys? Will we snatch food from the mouths of the hungry in order to prepare our holiday tables?

Meanwhile, the war goes on, you'll find a new section in this edition, "The War on Terrorism," let us pray for peace and heed the call of our bishops to fast also, one day a week, until all this is over.

Our garden has been a great blessing this fall. We are having a long Indian Summer, it hasn't frozen yet in OKC (as of November 16th), my tomatoes are bigger and bushier and more loaded with fruit than they were in June, slow ripening though.

Here is our annual appeal, inviting folks to be part of our little ministry. Please keep us in your prayers.

Pax, Caritas, Justicia,

Robert Waldrop, for the Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House in Oklahoma City

The War on Terrorism

Easter Letter to New York City, a redaction of passages from Paul's epistles arranged as though he was writing a letter to New York City following the events of Sept. 11th.

Living with faith and hope after September 11th, a pastoral message from the US Catholic Bishops, November 14, 2001.

Eleven concerns about the justice of the Afghan War, by Robert Waldrop, summarizing my views after two months of voluminous reading and discussion about the present situation.

Anti-war 2001, new Justpeace announcement listserv with news and views regarding the growing anti-war/pro-peace with justice movement.

Where are you? Millions face death in Afghanistan and we can prevent it. Seattle article calling our attention to the looming humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan, where 7.5 million people are at risk of starvation before next year's harvest. If it happens, we cannot say we were not warned, and we will not escape our responsibility for the deaths.

When a terrorist act occurs, a good short discussion of ways of coping with the grief and trauma of terrorism.

Terrorism 911, excellent portal page offering access to many of the threads of information about the Sept 11th terrorist attacks.

Daily prayers for those about to die in of war, plus a reflection on John Woolman, Quaker.

Overcoming evil with good, in the light of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, essay written and posted on Sept. 11, 2001, by Bob Waldrop..

Make love not war, good portal site for the modern anti-war movement, A one person revolution in America, the story of Ammon Hennacy, Catholic Worker and anarchist pacifist, vegetarian, draft refuser in two world wars, tax resister.

Mark Twain on War and Imperialism, anti-war activity is not something invented by 1960s hippies. Since the beginning of our imperialist adventures with the Spanish-American War of 1898, there has been a strong and articulate anti-war/anti-imperialist movement in the US which has warned that the journey to empire is not compatible with a constitutional democratic republic. Unfortunately, the warnings of those first anti-imperialists, such as Mark Twain, have almost all come true. In particular, see To the person sitting in darkness, his essay which provoked national controversy, and the War Prayer. Also, the parent site Anti-imperialism in the US, 1898-1935 has great access to other major leaders in the anti-imperialist movement.

Economic Security: A National Security Folly? From the Cato Institute, a study of the cost and consequences of using the US military to ensure cheap supplies of oil for the US market. Although a secular study, it concludes that this is immoral and unwarranted. Pegs the pre-Sept 11th annual cost of our military garrison in the Persian Gulf as $30-60 billion.

Justpeace Crossroads

A Plea for the Poor, or A Word of Remembrance and Caution to the Rich, by John Woolman, Quaker, written about 1763-64, originally published in 1793. A detailed examination of the plight of poor people in the American colonies. Change some of his examples to modern situations, and the book would be as relevant today as it was then. John Woolman was an early personalist, who went and knocked on the doors of slave owners to teach them better morals. See also the Journal of John Woolman.

Los Angeles Mission, website of the print publication by the same name, published by the Los Angeles Lay Mission, an organization of lay people calling the Church to faithfulness and orthodoxy.

International Network on Personal Meaning, in the tradition of Viktor Frankl. Worthy Lives - Corrie Ten Boom, Mother Teresa, Albert Schweitzer, among others.

Viktor Frankl at 90, interview in First Things magazine.

Viktor Frankl, Holocaust Survivor, a tribute page with photographs, quotes from his works, various introductory info.

Viktor Frankl, links, info. Comprehensive access.

John Ryan Institute for Catholic Social Thought, at St. Thomas University, Center for Catholic Studies.

Social Justice, from e-Catholic2000, an excellent brief into to the Church's social justice teachings.

Justice Studies Association, from the Dept. of Sociology of Wheaton University, An organization for academics, practitioners, and activists involved with the topics of criminal justice, restorative justice, social justice, economic justice . Sponsors the Contemporary Justice Review.


Parish and Diocesan Sites

Peace, Justice, Integrity of Creation Office, Franciscan province of the Assumption. Ecumenical, inter-religious, intercultural dialogue, with thoughts on the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11th.

Office for Social Justice, archdiocese of Minneapolis-St. Paul, one of the best, if not THE best diocesan justice and peace sites. Lots of stuff here, including great documents.

Office for Justice and Peace, Rome, Order of Friars Minor.

Marianist Social Justice Collaborative, linking lay and religious Marianists in education and action for social justice.

St. Mary of the Springs Justice Page, Dominican Sisters, access to justice issues.

Social Justice, at St. Gregory the Great parish in Minnesota.


Solidarity, Orthopraxis, Community Development

Orthopraxis refers to practicing what you preach.

Healing Hunger, from the Vincentians, a 2 year campaign to heal hunger. Hunger-related news.

School of the Americas Watch, we've featured this link before, but since the annual public witness at Ft. Benning is coming up November 16-18, now is a good time to revisit this important issue, especially since President Bush says everybody ought to shut down their terrorist training camps. See their FAQ page for basic info.

Closing the School/Planting the Garden, Food not Lawns pilgrimage to the SOA witness page, we hosted them in Oklahoma City November 7th-8th.

Backyard Terrorism, if we are going to rid the world of terrorism and close down all the terrorist training camps, shouldn't we start with the one at Ft. Benning, Georgia, whose graduates are responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Latin America?

National Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice, organizing support in religious communities for issues of worker justice. See also Labor in the Pulpits.

The History of the Mondragon Experience, it's been a while since we've mentioned the Mondragon Cooperatives of Spain, which we consider to be a model application of Catholic Social Justice, here's a short history from the official Mondragon site, pdf file, for new readers of this page.

Labor Links, excellent access to the US labor movement.

Companies funding abortion make everyday products, a list of corporate abortionists, including Bufferin, Burger King, Cheerios, Diet Pepsi, Haagen-Dazs, Levi Strauss, Nickelodeon, Reebok, and Wal-Mart/Sam's Club. From Human Life International.

Justice Place, Australian site offering access to a wide range of social justice and solidarity organizations.

Life and Debt, Life and Debt is a summer release feature-length documentary which addresses the impact of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and current globalization policies on a developing country such as Jamaica.

Czarnecki's Labor Education Links, a major resource for accessing information about the labor movement and worker issues. Very comprehensive.

Alcoholics Anonymous, much information can be found here about addiction and recovery and the role of faith and love in those journeys.

Al-anon and Alateen, helping the families of alcoholics recover from the experience of living with alcoholism.

Supermarket Co-op, website delivering rural cooperative products directly to your door, find some interesting gifts for the holiday season here, and put some of your holiday spending to work ending poverty the old fashioned way - creating jobs and livelihoods in poor areas in the US and abroad.

Corporations supporting abortion, from the St. Antoninus Institute, scroll down the page for the current list.

Prayer For The Canonization of Servant of God Dorothy Day

Merciful God, you called your servant Dorothy Day to show us the face of Jesus in the poor and forsaken. By constant practice of the works of mercy, she embraced poverty and witnessed steadfastly to justice and peace.

Count her among your saints and lead us all to become friends of the poor ones of the earth, and to recognize you in them. We ask this through your Son Jesus Christ, bringer of good news to the poor. Amen



We continue our Christian pacifist stand, by Dorothy Day, article published in January 1942, one month after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Prayer of John Paul II, at the Vatican memorial service, October 11, 2001, for the victims of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11th.

Orthodox Fasting Practice, Orthodox Christians keep an Advent fast, and this year, Ramadan - the Muslim fasting month - overlaps with Advent. Some Christians are keeping an Advent feast in order to be in solidarity with those at risk of starvation in Afghanistan, and as an ascetical discipline in support of peace work. Muslims fast - eating and drinking nothing - from sunrise to sunset. The Orthodox fast is described as a "Little Lent" and is from November 15 - December 24. During this period, they abstain from meat, olive oil, alcohol, about 1-1/2 normal meals/fast day. This page has some basic information about Orthodox fasting practice, and also some recipes suitable for the season.

Orthodox prayer for enemies, "We further beseech Thee, O Lord, to grant to our enemies true peace and forgiveness of sins; and do not allow them to leave this life without true faith and sincere conversion. And help us repay evil with goodness, and to remain safe from the temptations of the devil and from all the perils which threaten us, in the form of visible and invisible enemies. Amen. Office of prayer and supplication for the victims of abortion. See also Orthodox daily prayers for peace, from the Orthodox Peace Fellowship.

Living the Rich Life, by Fr. C.J.McCloskey, a priest of the prelature of Opus Dei. Offers practical advice for wealthy Christians who seek to live a life of justice. One of the best articles I have seen on the subject.

Mother Maria Skobtsova the Orthodox Mother Teresa, who was executed by the Nazis on Good Friday, 1945, for rescuing Jews and others in danger of persecution in occupied Paris, a short bio by Jim Forrest. See also her essay, Types of Religious Lives.

Clear Creek Hermitage, web page of Sister Claire Marie of Christ, an anchoress.

For each month's prayer intentions of the Holy Father, with complementary readings, see the Catholic Information Network's Apostleship of Prayer. -->-->

Virtual Rosary Online!

For the sake of profit many sin, and the struggle for wealth blinds the eyes. Sirach 27:1


World Bank/IMF Watch

Envy not the lawless man and choose none of his ways. Proverbs 3:31

Humanizing Globalization, proposals of John Paul II, discusses three themes of the thought of the Holy Father about humanizing globalization.

Globalizer who came in from the cold, interview with former World Bank chief economist Joseph Stiglitz, about how the World Bank and IMF rig the deck against the poor, and how deadly this is for the poorest of the poor. Chapter and verse, here's your smoking gun.

A quick guide to the world history of globalization, going back to 325 BC or so. Very interesting set of pages - syllabi for a set of university classes - nice resource page, key concepts, and a consideration of the US as empire.

CorpWatch, holding corporations accountable. Portal access to the anti-globalization movement, lots of details, chapter and verse.

Corporations in history, academic project developing primary materials on the history of corporations and their role in society.

Pilger on Globalization, the British critic John Pilger discusses his new documentary, "The New Rules of the World", an expose of globalization. I bet it won't be shown on television in the U.S.

Globalization Scorecard 1980-2000, President Bush and the rest of the WTO fanatics say that free trade and globalization is helping the poor. But that's not what the data say. All of the poor countries experienced severe declines in growth, but the poorest countries went into negative growth, that is, over the 20 year period 1980-2000, their economies contracted. Since most of them saw increases in population during this period, some quite substantial, this means fewer resources available for more people. If you wonder why death rates are up so much in these
poorest countries, here's your smoking gun. The price of globalization is the deaths of the weakest and most vulnerable.

He who oppresses the poor blasphemes his Maker. Proverbs 14:31a


Church Documents

To thank God means to help the needy, Pope John Paul II Angelus message, November 11, 2001,

"2. While we thank God for all that the fields produced this year, we must not forget those brothers and sisters who, in different parts of the world, are deprived of essential goods, such as food, water, home and health care. At this time of great international concern, I am thinking especially of the peoples of Afghanistan, who must urgently receive the necessary aid. This is a world emergency, which, however, does not allow us to forget that in other parts of the world there continue to be conditions of grave indigence and impelling need.

3. In the face of these situations, it is not enough to limit oneself to extraordinary initiatives. The commitment to justice exacts a real change in lifestyle, especially in societies that are well-off, as well as more equitable management of resources, both in rich as well as poor countries. The present marked imbalance, in fact, fuels conflicts and irreversibly threatens the earth, air and water that God has entrusted to the custody of humanity.

May Mary Most Holy help the whole human family to understand that the earth┤s resources are a gift of the Lord to be used for the good of all. "

Sept. 11th must not affect the struggle against hunger, Quotes from papal speech to Food and Agriculture Organization conference in Rome.

"It is not possible that millions of people are undernourished or hungry in the world," the papal message states. "The earth is capable of providing them with what is necessary and, therefore, the reason for the lack of food must be sought elsewhere."

"There has been a lack of equitable management of the goods of creation, with the obvious inequality in the distribution of resources," the Pope continues.

The Pontiff stresses that the right to food is not only proper to men and women, but also to nations. Because of this, "when people are unable to satisfy their fundamental needs because of war, poverty, bad government, poor management or natural catastrophes, the rest have the moral obligation to intervene and come to their aid." . . . "Following the terrible events of Sept. 11, extensive discussions have taken place on justice and the urgency to correct injustices. Many injustices in the world transform the earth into a desert: The most impressive of these injustices is the hunger suffered by millions of people, with the inevitable repercussions on the problem of peace among nations," the message states.

Vatican Documents, links page from Carrie, a full-text electronic library.

The Ecole Initiative, online access to primary early Christian and Islamic documents. Lots of access to the Fathers of the Church.

St. Pachomias Library, a first draft of a living encyclopedia of Orthodox Christianity.

Internet Theology Libraries, from the Dominicans.

Happy are those who do not follow the counsel of the wicked. Psalm 1:1a

He who oppresses the poor blasphemes his Maker. Proverbs 14:31a


Disasters and Emergency Relief

They ask their mothers, "Where is the cereal?" -- in vain, as they faint away like the wounded in the streets of the city, and breathe their last in their mothers' arms. Lamentations 2:12

Jesuit Refugee Service , on line presence of the world Jesuit order's humanitarian efforts.

ReliefWeb from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Complex Emergencies, information about on-going emergencies and various countries of concern to the humanitarian community. There isn't very much good news here. ReliefNet Home Pagenon-profit helping humanitarian organizations raise global awareness and encourage support for relief efforts via the Internet. AlertNet, a news and communications service from the Reuter Foundation for the emergency relief community, has press releases from leading relief agencies, expert analyses, reviews of key issues and events, jobs notice board. Has a focus page on Kosovo. Direct from the Field, reports from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the world's largest humanitarian network. DisasterRelief.Org, worldwide disaster aid and information via the internet. Some very sad and tragic stories here.

Kosovo Regional Emergency , from Catholic Relief Services Kosovo Humanitarian Aid and Discussion links

Happy are those who do not follow the counsel of the wicked. Psalm 1:1a

Remember the time of hunger in the time of plenty; poverty and want in the day of wealth. Sirach 18:25

Even to the death fight for truth, and the Lord your God will battle for you. Sirach 4:28

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My son, rob not the poor man of his livelihood, force not the eyes of the needy to turn away. A hungry man grieve not, a needy man anger not; do not exasperate the downtrodden; delay not to give to the needy. A beggar in distress do not reject; avert not your face from the poor. From the needy turn not your eyes, give no one reason to curse you. Sirach 4:1-5

The just have a care for the rights of the poor; the wicked have no such concern. Proverbs 29:7

The mystery of the poor is this: that they are Jesus, and what you do for them you do for Him. It is the only way we have of knowing and believing in our love. The mystery of poverty is that by sharing in it, making ourselves poor in giving to others, we increase our knowledge of and belief in love. Dorothy Day of New York, Confessor and Catholic Worker

What we do here is very little,

but it is like the little boy with a few loaves and fishes. . .

Christ took that little and increased it; He will do the rest.

What we do is so little that we may seem to be constantly failing --

but, then so did He; He met with apparent failure on the Cross. . .

unless the seed fall into the earth and die, there is not a harvest.

And why must we see the results of our giving?

Our work is to sow -- another generation will be reaping the harvest.

Dorothy Day.

O Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to you.

Avoid profane babbling and the absurdities of so-called knowledge.

By professing it, some people have deviated from the faith.

Grace be with all of you. 1 Timothy 6:20-21

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This is me (Spring 1999) while working at Catholic Charities in Oklahoma City earlier this year. Note the clean and well-organized desk.