The thrones of the arrogant God overturns and establishes the lowly in their place; the roots of the proud God plucks up, to plant the humble in their place. Sirach 10:14


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+ Grace to you and peace from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ +

Snapshots of life during the collapse of the American Empire. The bombing has ended in Serbia, but Kosovo still burns. Today, the fires are set by our allies the Albanians and the targets are the Serbs and the Gypsies. The war against Iraq continues. The Israelis copy a page from Clinton and attack power plants in Lebanon. Three kids in Bellingham (Washington) were incinerated when a computer failure pumped 250,000 gallons of gasoline into a creek. Meanwhile, the seven richest countries (and their banks) offer the people of the 52 poorest countries $2.83 each in debt "relief" on their total per capita debt burden of $573. (Wow. Memo from the rich to the hungry: Eat Cake.) Truly these are troubled days for the cause of peace and justice. In such times, I am reminded of Dorothy Day's devotion to the Little Flower, St. Therese, and her thoughts of the "little way" of justice and peace. Where can you find this Way of justice and peace today? In a hundred thousand not-very-well-known places, such as a demonstration farm in Appalachia with low-cost buildings and Catholic schools and base communities in the barrios of Latin America, where unknown saints pick up the pieces of the lives shattered by the indifference and cruelty of the rich and the powerful, promoting healing, reconciliation, justice and peace. These are not times for procrastination or sloth. Whatever it is that you are doing for the Gospel of Jesus Christ -- do more! "May Christ's followers show forth their love for the poor and the oppressed; may they be one with those in need and abound in works of mercy; may they be compassionate towards all. . . " Prayer of the Holy Father for the Jubilee Year

A Justice and Peace meditation for Independence Day.

Here's what God says about the poor and justice.

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A Message from God: Those who shut their ears to the cry of the poor will themselves also call and not be heard. Proverbs 21:13

Bookmarks to the news and views departments on this page:

Crossroads. Our featured news, views, connections, networks, links.

Disasters and Emergency Relief. The primary sites are updated daily.

Living on the Earth as if people and other living things mattered. Simple, prudent, and frugal living.

Solidarity, Orthopraxis, Community Development. Reports, news, views, links, resources, from and about them that's doin'.

World Bank/IMF Watch. We keep our eye on these primary global structures of sin, plus this is where we put our corporate watch stuff.

Spirituality Source of orthopraxis.

Food Security, a fundamental right, a community duty.

A Message from God.

Y2K Watch. This department will keep an eye on this developing worldwide crisis. The light at the end of this tunnel may be an on-rushing train.

On-going, stuff that usually doesn't change from issue to issue, including what this publication is about, how to contact me, some inspirational quotes, some links.


Justpeace Crossroads TOP

Simple Living, Christians, and Ecology, an interview with Fr. Al Fritsch, SJ, a founder of an Appalachian alternative technology/sustainable living project.

Secrecy in Government Bulletin, from the Federation of American Scientists

Red Cross World Disaster Report, summaries and highlights from the just-released 1999 report. Last year was the worst disaster year on record, tens of thousands of deaths, hundreds of millions of people uprooted and displaced by disasters. They expect a decade of increasing deaths and damage from disasters.

Jubilee Justice, from the NCCB/USCC, a gathering July 15 - 18, 1999 in Los Angeles.

Daughters of Charity, Mater Dei province, check out their excellent newsletter inside this new site.

Communitarian Network, home page, links, newsletter, publications, platform, bibliography.

Campaign for America's Future, progressive politics, inequality, living wage campaigns.

Secrecy in Government Bulletin, from the Federation of American Scientists, includes archive of previous issues.

The Work Book a resource guide for community economic development.

The War on Welfare , traces the history of the conservative war on government welfare for the poor.

Application of Distributive Justice Theory to CEO Pay, considers how the ability of CEO's to manipulate their own pay violates both distributive justice and free markets.

Best Practices Database, from the UN Center for Human Settlements (Habitat) and the municipality of Dubai, 650 proven solutions to urban social and economic challenges. Full access requires a paid subscription, but project summaries are available for free viewing.

Cooperation, Money, and Wealth, analysis of the traditional theories of why some countries are rich (e.g. Hobbes, Locke, Marx) in light of actual reality, and presents theories and evidence of actual causes of the "wealth of nations". Leading his list: education and income equality. From a sociology professor, provocative. Also predicts the stabilization of world population in the year 2030 at about 7 billion population, well below many of the currently popular theories, due to an expected rise in the death rate (of almost 50%, from 9 per 1,000 population to 13.3)., anti-imperialism/anti-war from the libertarian viewpoint,

Solidarity, Orthopraxis, Community Development TOP

Orthopraxis refers to practicing what you preach.

The Church on the Cross Today, Catholic site reporting on persecutions of Christians, has pages and excellent link access for areas of major concern including Sudan, Indonesia, East Timor.

Appalachia Science in the Public Interest, Fr. Fritsch, who's interview is linked in Crossroads, works here. A rural sustainable living program, has two appropriate technology demonstration projects with low cost buildings, composting toilets, alternative "home grown" energy research. Publishes excellent technical reports on how to build a solar cooker, compost heap, do recycling, farm forests, some of which are on the website (click on technical reports). Looks like they're doing excellent, practical work.

Acción Social de los Jesuitas, Jesuit social action in Mexico, in Spanish. 1996 letter from the Latin American Provincials of the Society of Jesus on Neoliberalism

Cató, social justice links, Latin America.

SE Asia Newsport, on-line news service for southeast Asia, currently reporting the recent Indonesian elections.

National Democratic Party of Tibet, founded in 1994 by the Tibetan Youth Congress, to safeguard and promote the peace and Tibetan government initiatives of the Dalai Lama.

Homeless People's Network Discussion List, connecting the homeless on all continents.

Peace and Tolerance Focus on the Middle East, excellent links and access., anti-government, pro-people website focus on Azerbaijan, exposes the corruption of the government which gained power via a coup in 1993.

The Nepal Digest Foundation, on line access to all things Nepalese.

Facts about poverty in Nepal, from a student at Bremen University.

Broken Promises: Welfare Reform in Ontario, documents the deteriorating situation of the poor in Canada.

Sowers Action, in English and Chinese, group raising funds to educate children in China. Based in Hong Kong.

Spirituality TOP

Millennium Moment

Inner Explorations, the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas, contemplative prayer, Roman Catholicism, eastern meditation, Jungian psychology, simple living, an interesting place, just discovered, ecumenical in its scope.

Open Wide the Doors to Christ, NCCB/USCC Jubilee page

Our Stand, in June 1940, Dorothy Day explains the Catholic Worker position on pacifism.

Prayer of the Holy Father for the Jubilee Year

Justpeace Scripture Page, redactions of Holy Scripture regarding justice and peace, for lectio divina.

Children of the Rosary, in solidarity with unborn children, prayer and presence at abortuaries.

Pope John Paul II prayer intentions for June: General Intention: That in this year dedicated to God the Father there be an increase in the desire and the commitment to overcome division and to be reconciled with God and with our brothers and sisters. Missionary Intention: That the Church in Macao intensify its missionary service to the Chinese people. For each month's intentions, with complementary readings, see the Catholic Information Network's Apostleship of Prayer.

Virtual Rosary Online
Virtual Rosary Online!

A Message from God: TOP

"Remember the time of hunger in the time of plenty, poverty and want in the day of wealth." Sirach 18:25-26

Food Security TOP

Projects currently in progress: (1) raising funds to reprint the Better Times Cookbook and Almanac of Useful Information for Poor People. (2) Solar cooking. As this goes to press, we are constructing a solar oven (out of cardboard boxes, aluminum foil, an oven baking bag, and some duct tape).

Southern Food at the Mining Company, although now I think it's calling itself About. Great links and resources for home cooking. More than 1000 crock pot recipes. (Crock pot recipes typically work well in solar cookers.

Jar Cakes, an old tradition. Better than junk food, you betcha.

Growing your own food, access, links, catalogs, publications.

Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas, sustainable farming information center from the National Center for Appropriate Technology. Sustainable agriculture organizations and publications.

Food Safety and Preservation, from two food and nutrition scientists. Much information about home preservation and food safety.

For the sake of profit many sin, and the struggle for wealth blinds the eyes. Sirach 27:1

World Bank/IMF Watch TOP Envy not the lawless man and choose none of his ways. Proverbs 3:31

Cologne summit offers only "crumbs of comfort for the poorest of the poor, reporting on the recent G-7 summit decisions on debt relief, executive summary of their report.

Center for World Indigenous Studies, home of the Fourth World Documentation Project, Fourth World Eye, on-line newsletter.

He who oppresses the poor blasphemes his Maker. Proverbs 14:31a

Happy are those who do not follow the counsel of the wicked. Psalm 1:1a

TOP+++ Living on the Earth as if People and Other Living Things Mattered Department

Build a solar power generator for less than $300, enough power for a small TV, or radio, cassette player, small fan, blender.

Veggie Van, OK, you take any kind of vegetable oil (used frying oil from restaurants is fine), mix it with a bit of methanol and lye, and you get glycerin soap and BIODIESEL. Pour the biodiesel into any diesel engine, and it will work fine (no modifications to the engine are necessary), and the exhaust smells like french fries. These people drove all over the country in a biodiesel powered van, and wrote a book about it. You can buy the book here, and or read for free about the wonderful world of bio-diesel.

The World of Biodiesel, links, discussion group, bio-diesel worldwide.

Carbohydrate Economy Clearing House, from the Institute for Local Self Reliance, making fuels (and other industrial projects) from veggies and other carbohydrates. Institute for Local Self Reliance

Real Wealth, the Genuine Progress Indicator as an alternative to the GDP or GNP as measures of economic well being.

Center for a Sustainable Economy, resources, publications, links.

Simple Living, from Inner Explorations, a Catholic contemplative spirituality site profiled above in Spirituality.

Experiments in Sustainable Urban Living, rooftop gardening, compost hot water heaters, rainwater harvesting, greywater, strawbale housing, tips.

How to build a wood fired oven and start a home bakery. Being a tried and true method of getting together our daily bread and having some loaves to sell.

Adobe Oven Page, how one family built an abode oven, step by step., a one-woman enterprise teaching people how to build and bake in clay ovens.-

Alternative Technology Association, Australian site. Publishes booklets on how to build your own wind generator, low voltage appliances, and other subjects.

Frugal Living at, formerly the Mining Company. Excellent access, and a weekly email report.

He who oppresses the poor blasphemes his Maker. Proverbs 14:31a

Disasters and Emergency Relief TOP

They ask their mothers, "Where is the cereal?" -- in vain, as they faint away like the wounded in the streets of the city, and breathe their last in their mothers' arms. Lamentations 2:12

Kosovo Regional Emergency, from Catholic Relief Services; the organization is currently assisting 200,000 refugees in the Balkans, their April 2nd estimate is that 1 million people are now displaced in and around Yugoslavia.

Kosovo Humanitarian Aid and Discussion links

ReliefWeb from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Complex Emergencies, information about on-going emergencies and various countries of concern to the humanitarian community. There isn't very much good news here. ReliefNet Home Page non-profit helping humanitarian organizations raise global awareness and encourage support for relief efforts via the Internet. AlertNet, a news and communications service from the Reuter Foundation for the emergency relief community, has press releases from leading relief agencies, expert analyses, reviews of key issues and events, jobs noticeboard. Has a focus page on Kosovo. Direct from the Field, reports from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the world's largest humanitarian network. DisasterRelief.Org, worldwide disaster aid and information via the internet. Some very sad and tragic stories here.


Y2k test causes huge sewage spill, on June 17, 1999, 4 million gallons of sewage were pumped into a lake and a park in Van Nuys, California after the operators simulated a y2k-related electrical blackout. Oops.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the oldest and largest international professional association for electrical and computer engineers brings bad news about y2k: (1) all businesses will not be able to make their repairs on time, (2) making repairs may cause disruptions, (3) it will take "years" for the infrastructure to "settle down." Explains why "y2k complaint"does not mean "no y2k failures." A June 1999 statement to congress about y2k liability legislation.

DC plans to mobilize workers for y2k backup, acknowledging that District of Columbia will not be able to address all of its y2k exposures by January 1, the city is implementing contingency plans including no vacations/leave for safety personal, opening 21 heat shelters throughout the city, extra police on 12 hour shifts at 120 locations throughout the district (backup for no 911 access), mobilizing school crossing guards to direct traffic. They think most things to work, but "just in case. . . "

3 Die in Washington Pipeline Explosion, on June 10th, 2 computer systems failed in a 400 mile long gasoline pipeline, and 277,000 gallons of gasoline were released into a creek, and accidentally ignited. 3 are dead, including 2 ten year old boys. The fireball went 30,000 feet into the air, and destroyed a city water pumping station. At this time, the source of problem is not known, but officials are saying (in other articles, search their archive for "olympic and Bellingham and oil explosion" that after "years of trouble-free operation," pipelines are having increasing problems.

Agriculture and Year 2000 issues, from

Year 2000 International Security Dimension Project, not everybody in the government is making with the happy talk. This page access a study process of the military about possible "unintended consequences" of y2k relating to international security. Scary. The site has been repeatedly hacked, and all links may not be working. There is a mirror site here outside the .mil domain.

All Together Now, a y2k program for personal and neighborhood self reliance, from Global Action Plan, has a free downloadable household workbook and community organizer guide.

Doug Carmichael's Weekly y2k email, archives of all issues. I read this newsletter email every week, and highly recommend it.

Christian y2k, an evangelical site with a balanced view on y2k and the responsibility of churches to be prepared to assist in recovery from disasters in their communities.

Business Continuity Planning for Local Infrastructures, for cities and towns.

Y2K QUOTE: "Y2K computer problems will be causing computer system malfunctions and failures for years into the next decade. Y2K is much more about the dates that can span the century boundary represented in data that must be processed by software than it is about any calendar time or clock issues. Because of the vast amounts of these, the complex intertwining among them and our less than complete understanding of the whole, it will take years for the infrastructure to "calm down" after Y2K impacts themselves AND the impacts of the sometimes frantic and misguided changes we have made to it. The current prevention phase is only the beginning." Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, June 9, 1999

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Happy are those who do not follow the counsel of the wicked. Psalm 1:1a

Remember the time of hunger in the time of plenty; poverty and want in the day of wealth. Sirach 18:25 American Catholic
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Letter from the United States cardinal archbishops to Presidents Milosevec and Clinton.

Links to the writings of Dorothy Day on war and pacifism, collected by Jim Allaire.

1999 Justpeace Easter Letter

Holy Week Justpeace editorials about the crisis in Yugoslavia

WAR IS THE HEALTH OF THE STATE, a Justpeace editorial on the occasion of the commencement of the United States war against Serbia.

WITH BURNING SORROW, a response to the statement of March 24th of the Most Reverend Joseph Fiorenza, president of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, on the crisis in Kosovo.

LET THEM EAT PORTABELLO QUESADILLAS, commentary on the events surrounding the 50th anniversary of NATO.

Holy Week Home Page . . . . . Justpeace Lenten Pages

Iraq Crisis Justpeace Index Page. Send Email to President Clinton

Roots of the Catholic Worker Movement saints and philosophers who influenced Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin page at the site of Casa Juan Diego Catholic Worker House in Houston, Texas.

Everyday Christianity: To Hunger and Thirst for Justice, a Pastoral Reflection on Lay Discipleship for Justice in a New Millennium, from the United States Catholic Bishops. Invites all Catholics to make a justice commitment for the new millennium.

Even to the death fight for truth, and the Lord your God will battle for you. Sirach 4:28


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My son, rob not the poor man of his livelihood, force not the eyes of the needy to turn away.

A hungry man grieve not, a needy man anger not; do not exasperate the downtrodden;

delay not to give to the needy. A beggar in distress do not reject;

avert not your face from the poor. From the needy turn

not your eyes, give no one reason to curse you.

Sirach 4:1-5

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The mystery of the poor is this: that they are Jesus, and what you do for

them you do for Him. It is the only way we have of knowing

and believing in our love. The mystery of poverty

is that by sharing in it, making ourselves poor

in giving to others, we increase our

knowledge of and belief in love.

Dorothy Day of New York,

Confessor and Catholic Worker

What we do here is very little,

but it is like the little boy with a few loaves and fishes. . .

Christ took that little and increased it; He will do the rest.

What we do is so little that we may seem to be constantly failing --

but, then so did He; He met with apparent failure on the Cross. . .

unless the seed fall into the earth and die, there is not a harvest.

And why must we see the results of our giving?

Our work is to sow -- another generation will be reaping the harvest.

Dorothy Day.

O Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to you.

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By professing it, some people have deviated from the faith.

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