The thrones of the arrogant God overturns and establishes the lowly in their place; the roots of the proud God plucks up, to plant the humble in their place. Sirach 10:14

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+ Rejoice, O earth, in shining splendor, radiant in the brightness of your King + Christ has conquered + Glory fills you +

PRAY FOR PEACE WITH JUSTICE IN KOSOVO AND SERBIA + This week along the way. More than 40 days into the NATO war on the people of Serbia, a primary result of our aggression is a serious tragedy for the people we are ostensibly helping. While the leaders of NATO sip champagne and party, the refugees are ill-fed, ill-clad, and ill-housed. NATO daily dehumanizes the Albanians and Serbians in speeches and press comments as "collateral damage." Here at home, the response of the general public has been, "ho hum." We've seen some pretty surreal images -- President Clinton decrying "those who have recourse to violence" in the wake of the Littleton tragedy, while at the same time authorizing increased air strikes against the Serbian people and continuing to pursue his murderous economic embargo on the Iraqi people. With the recent strikes on electrical plants serving the people of Serbia, NATO is fast escalating to general terror bombing. Meanwhile, the "Free Press" of the West continues its blackout on the forceful statements of Pope John Paul II against the war on the Serbian and Albanian peoples in Kosovo. "Nothing is lost by peace. Everything can be lost with war. " John Paul II, March 24, Easter 1999

Here's what God says about the poor and justice.

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Our news and views departments.

Crossroads. Our weekly featured news, views, connections, networks, links.

Disasters and Emergency Relief. The primary sites are updated daily.

Living on the Earth as if people and other living things mattered. Simple, prudent, and frugal living.

Solidarity, Orthopraxis, Community Development. Reports, news, views, links, resources, from and about them that's doin'.

World Bank/IMF Watch. We keep our eye on these primary global structures of sin, plus this is where we put our corporate watch stuff.

Spirituality Source of orthopraxis.

Food Security, a fundamental right, a community duty.

A Message from God. I don't think He's kidding. He might come down here. Maybe we better modify our behavior. . .

Justpeace Crossroads TOP

Trained to Kill, thought provoking essay by a military expert on the psychology of killing, explains how we condition our children to kill.

Peter Maurin Commemoration, at; papers in remembrance of the 50th anniversary of the death of Peter Maurin on May 15, 1949. Maurin was co-founder with Dorothy Day of the Catholic Worker movement, and supplied the basic Worker program of clarification of thought, hospitality/solidarity with the poor, farming communities, opposition to war. Maurin's Program, by Dorothy Day, from the Catholic Worker of June-July 1933.

NATO, its official site, read the latest agit-prop justifying the murder of poor people.

Dismantling Yugoslavia, Colonizing Bosnia, by Michael Chossudovsky, professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa, author of the Globalization of Poverty, Impacts of IMF and World Bank Reforms. Originally written in 1995, discussed the macro-economic reforms imposed by Belgrade's external creditors since the 1980s and their impact on the breakup of Yugoslavia and rise of nationalism there.

Interesting Facts, Spring 1999, from the Catholic Worker Roundtable. Reading this can make you think you have somehow woken up in the midst of a science fiction story. Truth is truly stranger than fiction.

Undermining Empire: Living the reign of God in a fallen world Just say no to war! From the Duncan and Porter Houses and Farm.

Voices in the Wilderness, the campaign against the US embargo against Iraq, is being threatened with fines of up to a million dollars by the United States Treasury Dept. for violating the embargo by bringing food, medicine, and toys to Iraq. Text of the letter, from R. Richard Newcomb, Director Office of Foreign Assets Control, Dept. of the Treasury. Please write Secretary of the Treasury Robert E. Rubin, 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20220, protesting this attempt to squelch free speech and dissent to the international thuggery of the US government. Send a copy to Mr. Newcomb at the same address. This is also a good topic for a letter to the editor, as news of this tyranny has generally been ignored by the mainstream media. See also Compassion is not a crime!, a Catholic Worker Roundtable essay, reprinted from the Catholic Radical.

NATO Embassy Addresses, in Washington, DC. Take some time to write the ambassadors of other NATO countries and express your views on their unlawful aggression.

Solidarity, Orthopraxis, Community Development TOP

Orthopraxis refers to practicing what you preach.

World Peace and Friendship Society, headquartered in Calcutta, India, dedicated to the abolition of nuclear weapons.

Welfare/Workfare links, massive worldwide listing of links regarding this important issue.

Project for Information Access and Connectivity, Ford and Rockefeller foundation project bringing internet access to Africa. Has some good websites of African organizations and activities.

Timorese to vote on autonomy, armed militias sow fear. Article discussing the upcoming autonomy vote in East Timor, and the violent reaction of pro-Indonesia militias.

Building a Moral Economy, site sponsored by an ecumenical group of Canadian Christians who believe it is possible to create a moral economy.

Directory of Catholic Worker communities

List of actions planned in event of a US attack on any other country. In various cities, there are "contingency plans" for new US attacks on other countries (e.g. "Day after attack, 4:30 PM, at the federal building." See if your city is listed.

Utica Catholic Worker online newsletter. "Can works of mercy perpetuate the structures of social injustice?" and "Salvation, Wealth, and Poverty," an extensive discussion of the narrative of the rich young man in the Gospels.

Going to the roots, by Dorothy Day, from the Catholic Worker of May 1978, a primer on the philosophy and day to day practices of the Catholic Worker movement. What is a house of hospitality? Do you rehabilitate people? How is the Worker organized? How are you fu nded? What do you do about taxes?

Spirituality TOP

Millennium Moment

What do the simple folk do? By Dorothy Day, from the Catholic Worker, May 1978. Tries to answer the question, "How can we believe in a Transcendent God when the Immanent God seems so powerless within time, when demonic forces seem to be let loose?"

In Defense of the Absolute, from the Catholic Radical, newsletter of the SS. Francis and Therese Catholic Worker, Worcester, Massachusetts, December 98/January 99.

Letter to Artists and Musicians, from Pope John Paul II.

Liturgy and Sociology, discusses the importance of liturgy to social justice, by Dorothy Day, from the Catholic Worker of January 1936.

Pope John Paul II prayer intentions for May: General Intention:

That the young, creative and dynamic as they are, become witnesses to the word of Jesus, the source of hope, joy and peace. Missionary Intention: That, following the example of Mary and with her help, Christian parents educate their children in a deep faith that will be open to apostolic and missionary commitment. For each month's intentions, with complementary readings, see the Catholic Information Network's Apostleship of Prayer.

Virtual Rosary Online
Virtual Rosary Online!

A Message from God: TOP

Woe to the city soaked in blood, full of lies, stuffed with booty, whose plunderings know no end! The crack of the whip! The rumble of wheels! Galloping horse, jolting chariot, charging cavalry, flash of swords, gleam of spears, a mass of wounded, hosts of dead, countless corpses, they stumble over the dead. Nahum 3:1-3

Food Security TOP

14 essays on food security, from the Food and Agriculture Organization

Community Food Security email listserv discussing food security issues.

To receive a free copy of the Kansas City edition of Better Times, a cookbook and almanac of useful information for poor people, by Justpeace webservant Robert Waldrop, send a large envelope (at least 9" x 12" in size) with $1.43 US postage on it to Better Times Cookbook, 1521 NW 21st Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73106. (International airmail is generally about US$5.00, international surface mail is generally about $1.63.)

For the sake of profit many sin, and the struggle for wealth blinds the eyes. Sirach 27:1

World Bank/IMF Watch TOP Envy not the lawless man and choose none of his ways. Proverbs 3:31Lao Dam Argument does not seem to hold water, article harshly critical of World Bank plans to loan Laos money to build a giant hydro-electric project. Read this for more evidence of what is really going on when the World Bank says its "new" policy is to approve projects that "help" the poor. With a little more help like this, Laos will likely be impoverished even more.

Corporate Welfare links at the Mining Company. Find out about the economic war among the states.

Corporate Welfare Shame Page, some great links plus some humor about the many corporations dependent upon the taxpayers to bolster their stock prices and annual dividend. Affiliated (I think) with the Georgist movement.

Corporate Welfare Watch, home page of the corp-welfare discussion list.

Corporate Watch, a rich site with lots of information and links on the culture of death role of large business corporations in the modern world. On the Wrong Track, a summary assessment of IMF interventions in selected countries.

Corporate Welfare Information Center, more than $150 billion a year, in the US alone. More welfare for the rich than the spend on AFDC/TANF< student aid, housing, food and nutrition, and all direct public assistance except social security and medical care.

He who oppresses the poor blasphemes his Maker. Proverbs 14:31a

Happy are those who do not follow the counsel of the wicked. Psalm 1:1a

TOP+++ Living on the Earth as if People and Other Living Things Mattered Department+++ Rachel's Environment and Health Weekly, subscribe or review the archives of a weekly email on environmental issues. Making your own cheese, from the publishers of Countryside Magazine (established 1917). Back to Eden E-journal, on-line magazine devoted to all things sustainable, emphasis on the small homestead, animal husbandry, cooking, gardening.

He who oppresses the poor blasphemes his Maker. Proverbs 14:31a

Disasters and Emergency Relief TOP

They ask their mothers, "Where is the cereal?" -- in vain, as they faint away like the wounded in the streets of the city, and breathe their last in their mothers' arms. Lamentations 2:12

Kosovo Regional Emergency, from Catholic Relief Services; the organization is currently assisting 200,000 refugees in the Balkans, their April 2nd estimate is that 1 million people are now displaced in and around Yugoslavia.

Kosovo Humanitarian Aid and Discussion links

ReliefWeb from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Complex Emergencies, information about on-going emergencies and various countries of concern to the humanitarian community. There isn't very much good news here. ReliefNet Home Page non-profit helping humanitarian organizations raise global awareness and encourage support for relief efforts via the Internet. AlertNet, a news and communications service from the Reuter Foundation for the emergency relief community, has press releases from leading relief agencies, expert analyses, reviews of key issues and events, jobs noticeboard. Has a focus page on Kosovo. Direct from the Field, reports from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the world's largest humanitarian network. DisasterRelief.Org, worldwide disaster aid and information via the internet. Some very sad and tragic stories here.

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Happy are those who do not follow the counsel of the wicked. Psalm 1:1a

Remember the time of hunger in the time of plenty; poverty and want in the day of wealth. Sirach 18:25 American Catholic
Online: Saint of The Day

American Catholic
Online: Minute Meditations

On-going. . . Subscribe to Catholic Information Network Mailing lists: CINJUSTANN, Catholic Justice and Peace Announcements, and CINJUST, Catholic Justice and Peace Discussion, both moderated by Robert Waldrop, Justpeace web servant. Click on the link and follow the instructions to subscribe. Offered through the facilities of the Catholic Information Network. A message archive is available at the CIN site: Catholic Information Network

Letter from the United States cardinal archbishops to Presidents Milosevec and Clinton.

Links to the writings of Dorothy Day on war and pacifism, collected by Jim Allaire.

1999 Justpeace Easter Letter

Holy Week Justpeace editorials about the crisis in Yugoslavia

WAR IS THE HEALTH OF THE STATE, a Justpeace editorial on the occasion of the commencement of the United States war against Serbia.

WITH BURNING SORROW, a response to the statement of March 24th of the Most Reverend Joseph Fiorenza, president of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, on the crisis in Kosovo.

LET THEM EAT PORTABELLO QUESADILLAS, commentary on the events surrounding the 50th anniversary of NATO.

Holy Week Home Page . . . . . Justpeace Lenten Pages

Iraq Crisis Justpeace Index Page. Send Email to President Clinton

Roots of the Catholic Worker Movement saints and philosophers who influenced Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin page at the site of Casa Juan Diego Catholic Worker House in Houston, Texas.

Everyday Christianity: To Hunger and Thirst for Justice, a Pastoral Reflection on Lay Discipleship for Justice in a New Millennium, from the United States Catholic Bishops. Invites all Catholics to make a justice commitment for the new millennium.

Even to the death fight for truth, and the Lord your God will battle for you. Sirach 4:28


Previous Editorial commentaries by Robert Waldrop

The Epiphany View from Oakley Street

Election Day 1998 Special Edition

ALL SAINTS DAY Special Edition

+ A LAMENT Concerning the Foreign Policy of the U.S.A.

+ A LAMENT for the SUMMER of 1998

+ Congress, the Presidency, and the Culture of Death

+ President Clinton Should Resign,

+ Works of Justice and Peace

My son, rob not the poor man of his livelihood, force not the eyes of the needy to turn away.

A hungry man grieve not, a needy man anger not; do not exasperate the downtrodden;

delay not to give to the needy. A beggar in distress do not reject;

avert not your face from the poor. From the needy turn

not your eyes, give no one reason to curse you.

Sirach 4:1-5

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The just have a care for the rights of the poor;

the wicked have no such concern.

Proverbs 29:7

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The mystery of the poor is this: that they are Jesus, and what you do for

them you do for Him. It is the only way we have of knowing

and believing in our love. The mystery of poverty

is that by sharing in it, making ourselves poor

in giving to others, we increase our

knowledge of and belief in love.

Dorothy Day of New York,

Confessor and Catholic Worker

What we do here is very little,

but it is like the little boy with a few loaves and fishes. . .

Christ took that little and increased it; He will do the rest.

What we do is so little that we may seem to be constantly failing --

but, then so did He; He met with apparent failure on the Cross. . .

unless the seed fall into the earth and die, there is not a harvest.

And why must we see the results of our giving?

Our work is to sow -- another generation will be reaping the harvest.

Dorothy Day.

O Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to you.

Avoid profane babbling and the absurdities of so-called knowledge.

By professing it, some people have deviated from the faith.

Grace be with all of you. 1 Timothy 6:20-21