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Welcome to the Justpeace Front Page.

Each week this page highlights aspects of the study, spirituality, and practice of the justice and peace teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The previous Front Pages may be accessed at the bottom of this page. Over the last week, 200 new links have been added to just about every page accessed from the Home Index. To continue on to the main part of this site, and its 1500+ links, click on home index above.

A former Chinese official reveals horrific details of the Chinese government's "one family one child" policy implementation. Violent and coercive tactics, including forced abortions and destruction of property of families with more than one child are common. Read the sad details HERE. And here's an offer from Studies in Pro-Life Feminism that is worth checking out.

A conference in Rome kicks off a discussion about the need for a new international court that would consider issues such as genocide. The idea is derived from the Nuremburg and Tokyo war crimes trials. The Vatican weighs in on the side of the court, but warns it must respect human rights and not be a forum for the advancement of the pro-abortion cause. Read the New International Court news for more information. Click HERE for a late update regarding convention debates surrounding "enforced pregnancy."

Films about justice and peace. How many have you seen? Access Here. Check out the Homeless Home Movie!

A Week of Novenas for Justice and Peace

A journey of prayer, beginning the Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (June 20th) and ending on the vigil of the Memorial of the Queenship of Mary (August 21).

A growing on-line archive of the many writings of Dorothy Day, mostly from the files of the Catholic Worker. Dorothy Day Library on the Web

Previous Justpeace Front Pages

116 Just Actions and the effect of the New Jersey Welfare Cap, Volume I, No. XII, June 10-16, 1998.

Land Reform, African Trade, Welfare Watch Volume I, No. XI, June 3-9, 1998. Vatican documents, congressional acts, and a broad look at some aspects of what's happening with welfare.

Works of Justice and Peace, Vol. 1, No. X, May 27-June 2, 1998. A presentation by Justpeace webservant Robert Waldrop.

Distributism an economic philosophy of the early 20th century that was heavily influenced by Catholic social doctrine, links to G.K. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc sources, a strong influence on the cooperative movement. Vol. 1, No. IX, May 19 - 26, 1998.

International Debt Crisis, the Pope has called for consideration of forgiveness of the debts of very poor countries in observance of the Christian Jubilee in the year 2000. Vol. 1, No. VIII, May 12-18, 1998)

Co-operative Enterprise free market alternatives to hard-core corporate capitalism. (Vol. 1. No. VII, May 4-11)

Microenterprise, "entry-level" free enterprise, discusses how poor people can help themselves by starting their own very small businesses. (VI)

Memorial to the victims of the Oklahoma City Bombing commemorates the third anniversary of the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995. (V)

Holy Week Home Page access to meditations and scripture for Holy Week (IV)

Lenten Meditations Page daily justice and peace meditations for Lent, based on the lectionary readings. Lent Entrance Page (III)

Just War and the Iraqi Escalation page of information and prayers relating to the on-going escalation of the situation in Iraq. Includes novena to Our Lady of Sorrows and Angelus in Time of War. (II)

Roe v. Wade Anniversary with a prayer to Mary for Life by Pope John Paul II. (I)

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