The thrones of the arrogant God overturns and establishes the lowly in their place; the roots of the proud God plucks up, to plant the humble in their place. Sirach 10:14

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Welcome to the Justpeace Front Page. + Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ + This weekly cyber-publication is dedicated to the study, practice, and spirituality of the justice and peace teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. We search the internet for news, views, resources, access, and information that will assist all people of good will in discerning the signs of these times. The weekly edition is electronically published each Tuesday evening. To continue on to the main part of this site, and its 250+ pages and 1700+ links, click on home index above. Visit us November 1st for a Justpeace SPECIAL EDITION: Saints and Social Justice.

This week along the way. . .Newsweek Magazine's Millennium Notebook of November 2nd reports the beginnings of Malthusian "demographic fatigue" in poor countries, noting the rising death rates, increased social chaos, and various other threats in these areas, all rooted (allegedly) in overpopulation. How convenient this analysis is for many people, especially those who wield political and economic power. Many will eagerly buy this racist explanation because the alternative is becoming aware of the systemic injustices of the world and few want that. Much better to close our eyes, blame the poor for the problems of the world, and connive new ways to protect the haves from the allegedly over-populating have-nots. Way to go Newsweek. Nice piece of work. No good comes to him who gives comfort to the wicked, nor is it an act of mercy that he does. Sirach 12:3

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Orphanage: Rostov-na-Donu

Cold and clean the floors of stone

Here's your mother and your father

Otherwise you are alone

Who's to get the biggest bowl

Of kasha or the warmest coat?

The one who has the smallest soul

But keeps a razor in his boot

Too young to shave but not to cut

The eyes of all who perpetrate

Crimes against myself the State:

Stomachs bigger than their luck

Did you ever hear of God?

The hungry orphan in the sky

Here below they gave him food

Then sent him back to die.

October 26, 1998

(c) copyright 1998, by Pavel Chichikov

Justpeace Crossroads

Catholic-Labor Network, home page dedicated to documents and articles concerning Catholic and Labor issues; sponsors a Catholic-Labor Network email list. Msgr. George Higgins, a page devoted to the writings of a man who for 50 years has been at the vanguard of Catholic-Labor relations. The articles on this page will be an inspiration, and a challenge, for many. My diocesan newspaper carries his column, and it is very interesting and useful. I always read it, and am glad to find an on-line source for this material by a Catholic priest who takes the justice teaching of the Church very seriously. It is a blessing of great value to benefit from the mature wisdom of someone who has walked this journey for many miles. If you're not familiar with his work, this link is a must-see and tell-your-friends.

Jesuit Volunteer Corps, information about community, spirituality, and social justice.

Seventh Storey view a window to mercy, from the archdiocese of Canberra and Goulborn, Australia, about a Texas businessman who gave up his job and changed his lifestyle so that he could serve the poor.

Habitat for Humanity its principles.

Secular Franciscan Order, Franciscan spirituality in the world. CIOFS weekly e-publication. International Solidarity, article relating Franciscan spirituality to this important globalization issue. Part II

Seed House, a multi-faith social justice organization which exists to facilitate meaningful dialogue and action leading to repair and reconciliation. Provides access to information and tools.

Catholic Family Perspectives, a monthly electronic magazine providing a forum for the presentation of Catholic perspectives on issues which affect families.

Compassion, on-line magazine published by the Passionist Order, archive available back to Spring 1996.

The Zenit Weekly Report The world as seen from Rome. The edition of October 25th has numerous important news and information items regarding social justice.

Sow not in the furrows of injustice, lest you harvest it sevenfold. Sirach 7:3

Solidarity, Orthopraxis, Community Development TOP

Orthopraxis refers to practicing what you preach.

Spiritbikr's Home Page, an independent, politically active Catholic biker woman's page, offering important information and links on Catholicism and Christianity, bikers, politics, domestic peace, clean and sober/recovery issues, from a mother who walks the Catholic talk about solidarity with those on the edge of society.

Czech the News monthly cyber newsletter of the Czech Embassy in Washington, D.C. Has archives going back several years.

TimorNet, from the University of Coimbra, Portugal, an information service on East Timor, one of the many human rights tragedies in the modern world.

La Hermandad Educativa, Spanish language immersion programs in Guatemala, presented by a not-for-profit cooperative, with four programs associated with it. Funds earned by the member schools provide scholarships for Guatemalan students and to aid community development and human rights projects. Operating since 1988.

Many ditch upscale life for voluntary simplicity, a Baltimore sun article about those who are downwardly mobile and loving it.

Collegians Activated to Liberate Life, mission, policies, resources, publications.

Are you breaking the law? State by state information on whether using your home kitchen to produce food for sale to the public is allowed; generally, it is forbidden in 35 states. (!!!) Tangible evidence of a structure of sin, as less restrictive ways are available to ensure food safety without impacting the economic opportunities of poor people.

ConflictNet, promoting the resolution of conflict through non-adversarial processes.

Today's News, updated daily, Interesting and eclectic summary of news you won't see in the Waal Street Journal or on CNN.

News and Features from Amnesty International-USA.

QuipuNet, Peruvians on-line for education

For the sake of profit many sin, and the struggle for wealth blinds the eyes. Sirach 27:1

World Bank/IMF Watch TOP

Envy not the lawless man and choose none of his ways. Proverbs 3:31

The Bank, the President, and the Pearl of Africa one of the best sites I have found with information about the World Bank and its many sins in the world. Unlike my typical comments about this issue, the information here is presented non-polemically, has lots of details, e.g., in 1982, total debt of southern hemisphere countries equaled $650 billion; by 1985, severely and moderately indebted countries were paying out 28 billion a year for interest payments more than they were receiving in new loans. By 1994, the World Bank was reporting net annual profits of $1.35 billion, and in 1995, debt of southern hemisphere countries equaled $2,000 billion, much of which consists of capitalized interest. The 1996 debt relief initiative at most costs $7.7 billion a year. What's wrong with this picture? Find out at this site. Has a 27 page print-friendly report.

Economic Justice NOW! A San Francisco-area organization promoting economic policies and systems which foster social equality and ecological sustainability. Information about a World Bank loan for Chad-Cameroon pipeline.

World Bank owns up to mistakes -- again, from the BBC, James Wolfensohn publicly admits the bank did not anticipate the Asian financial meltdown. Defends bank against charges of tolerating corruption. WB chief admits he was wrong about Indonesia, Australian Broadcasting news report, Mr. Wolfensohn "described Indonesia as being at its worst moment and promised the World Bank would continue to assist." These stories are from February, since then, with continued World Bank "assistance", Indonesia has seen food riots, calls from the government to fast twice a week to conserve food, and desperate urban dwellers tearing up golf courses and race tracks to plant vegetables. WB launches internal investigation, July 1998, maybe there is some substance to those charges of corruption at the WB, a Conservative News Service article. WB calls in Fraud Team, from the Guardian, UK, July 1998.

Nambikwara, informational page about a World Bank development project and its devastating affect on indigenous people in the state of Mato Grosso in Brazil.

Jubilee 2000 South Africa information about South Africa's apartheid era debts, excellent monthly newsletter, Apartheid Caused Debt Campaign.

He who oppresses the poor blasphemes his Maker. Proverbs 14:31a

Disasters and Emergency Relief TOP

They ask their mothers, "Where is the cereal?" -- in vain, as they faint away like the wounded in the streets of the city, and breathe their last in their mothers' arms. Lamentations 2:12

As the Justpeace Front Page is published this week, hurricane Mitch -- a powerful and deadly storm -- is headed towards Central America. Go to ReliefWeb for breaking news updates about this situation, from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. See also Complex Emergencies, information about on-going emergencies and various countries of concern to the humanitarian community. There isn't very much good news here.

Disaster Connection, on-line source of all kinds of data related to disasters and disaster management, the unofficial home page of emergencies.

Floods, Drought, Issues for the 21st century, on-line conference, UN sponsored, focus on how floods and drought impact people.

University of Wisconsin Disaster Management Center, offers an on-line course in disaster response.

US ELECTIONS: "Disasters and Emergencies" is probably the proper place to file news about the upcoming United States elections, Tuesday November 2. It is a tragedy of historic proportions that at this crucial time in world history, the United States is burdened with sociopathic ruling political and economic elites. I invite all to join in an Election Day of fasting, prayer, and the works of justice and peace next Tuesday. As the people's judge, so are his ministers, as the head of a city, its inhabitants. A wanton king destroys his people, but a city grows through the wisdom of its princes. Sirach 10:2-3

JOHN PAUL II'S PRAYER INTENTIONS FOR OCTOBER: General prayer intention: "That Christians may identify 'the action of the Holy Spirit', as they discover 'the seeds of the Word' wherever they are." Missionary intention: "That Mission Sunday may be promoted and lived as a moment of spiritual and effective solidarity with the mission of the Church in the whole world." OCTOBER IS ROSARY MONTH. Pray a decade for the intentions of world justice and peace. NOVEMBER 1st IS THE SOLEMNITY OF ALL SAINTS. On that day, let us call upon the saints for justice and peace upon the earth. Visit the Justpeace Front Page November 1st for a special edition, Saints of Justice and Peace.

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TOP Happy are those who do not follow the counsel of the wicked. Psalm 1:1a

+++ Living on the Earth as if People and Other Living Things Mattered Department+++ October is COOPERATIVE month. Support your local cooperative business enterprise! Buy Farmland products in the grocery store and Ampride gas on the freeways. Justpeace Front Page about Co-ops many links, Catholic connections. The Household Cyclopedia on-line reprint of an 1881 compendium of useful information, "10,000 recipes in all the useful and domestic arts, constituting a complete and practical library" for use in the city, on the farm, and in the home. Living Gently Quarterly, a magazine promoting voluntary simple and frugal lifestyles. The Front Page, a simple living newsletter. Simplicity Circles finding help and support for simple living. Simple Living Network Tools and living examples, more than 3000 pages of information. Solstice, an on-line source for sustainable energy and development information from the Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology,

Remember the time of hunger in the time of plenty; poverty and want in the day of wealth. Sirach 18:25 American Catholic
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Mention should also be made of the practical and as it were experiential dimension of this teaching, which is to be found at the crossroads where Christian life and conscience come into contact with the real world. This teaching is seen in the efforts of individuals, families, people involved in cultural and social life, as well as politicians and statesmen to give it a concrete form and application in history. Centesimus Annus 59

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