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Welcome to the Justpeace Front Page. + Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ + This page highlights aspects of the study, spirituality, and practice of the justice and peace teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The weekly edition is typically published to the web on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning each week, at the address. Previous Front Pages may be accessed at the Justpeace Front Page Archive. To continue on to the main part of this site, and its 1500+ links, click on home index above.

The news this week? The Pope continues to call the world to justice towards the poor, so far, not very many are listening. NATO is walking right up to the line with its threatened air war against the Serbs. The newspapers keep reporting good times, but lines at food pantries and homeless shelters are longer than ever. The sanctions against Iraq continue to kill children.

We Cannot Be Resigned to World Poverty, Pope John Paul II, full text of the Angelus homily of the feast of St. Vincent de Paul, Sept. 27, 1998. "Where are we with our commitment?. . . In the stark contrast between insensitive rich and the poor in need of everything, God is on the latter's side. We cannot resign ourselves to the immoral spectacle of a world in which there are still people who die of hunger, who are homeless, who lack the most elementary education, who cannot find work an who are unable to receive the necessary treatment when they are ill."

Iraq Action Page, Catholic Worker Roundtable. Access to on-going actions regarding the US war of sanctions against the people of Iraq. Interesting Facts for Summer 1998. "The world trade in all illicit drugs is worth $400 billion, and US banks covertly handle much of that money." The Lilliput Strategy: Globalization from below, essay by Jim Allaire.

Edges on Line the new issue of Edges is now available on the internet, a cyber publication in solidarity with the poor, from the United Kingdom. Very good reading.

Action NOW! is the title and theme of a new email listserv launched by people affiliated with the Maryknoll folks. It's purpose is to broadcast action items of interest to people working for justice and peace. Sample letters will be sent and subscribers will be able to post their own suggestions for letters and issues to the list.

Crucified between two thieves: Catholic Social Teaching vs. Right and Left, from Culture Wars magazine. Very challenging. Recommended reading.

Campaign to Stop House Demolitions in Palestine, this page has often reported the tragedy of the demolitions of the housing of Palestinians by Zionist authorities. The American-Arab Anti-discrimination Committee and the American Friends Service Committee are sponsoring a cross country speakers tour beginning October 21 to draw attention to these acts of oppression and tyranny. Fr. Labib Kobti, a priest of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, invites all to join in prayer every day at 8 PM for one minute, to pray for peace and justice in the Middle East. Al-Bushra.Org

Action Without Borders, a non-profit organization promoting the sharing of ideas, information, and resources to help build a world where all people can live free, dignified, and productive lives. Produces Idealist, perhaps the richest directory of non-profit and volunteering resources on the web, with information provided by 15,000 organizations in 130 countries. They have just launched a bi-weekly email newsletter, go to their website to subscribe. TOOLS, resources for fund-raising, grant writing, non-profit management, leal and accounting issues, starting organizations, promoting non-profits. LIBRARY, thousands of books, newsletters, tapes, and videos on human rights, health, education, the environment and 40 other categories. NEWS informative and frequently updated nonprofit news sites on the web.

A Busy Justice and Peace Week at the Vatican and the UN, three Vatican Information Service stories: Migration in our Time, from the World Congress for Pastoral Ministry to Migrants and Refugees, Speech by the permanent Vatican observer at the UN on Social Development, and the Holy See addresses the UN assembly on the high commissioner for refugees.

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet, a major gateway. Iroquois Confederacy Links access to this important Native American group.

Witness for peace is a grassroots, faith-based, politically-independent non-profit organization dedicated to the principles of non-violence. They are dedicated to changing US economic and foreign policies which contribute to poverty and oppression in Latin America and the Caribbean, and to the promotion of just alternatives. A People Damned, the impact of the World Bank Chixoy Hydroelectric Project in Guatemala, full text of this document, a report from Witness for Peace.

Blessed Edith Stein canonized Sunday October 11th New updates and articles on this page (which is continued with the new material from last week) regarding St. Teresa Benedicta de la Cruz (Teresa Blessed by the Cross, born Edith Stein) convert to Roman Catholicism and a noted philosopher, the first women to teach philosophy in a university in Germany. This page is my tribute to this holy woman of the mind and of the Cross.

The Hidden Side of the Clinton Economy, article from the October 1998 Atlantic Monthly, shows how the official government measures of unemployment and poverty disguise the fact that millions of Americans can't make a decent living. Articles on Poverty from the Atlantic Monthly.

The World as seen from Rome The Zenit Weekly Report. Troubled times in the world, questions about the Asian crisis, the family, Vatican summit on emigration, African bishops denounce conflict in Zaire, Edith Stein, the Palestinians.

JOHN PAUL II'S PRAYER INTENTIONS FOR OCTOBER: General prayer intention: "That Christians may identify 'the action of the Holy Spirit', as they discover 'the seeds of the Word' wherever they are." Missionary intention: "That Mission Sunday may be promoted and lived as a moment of spiritual and effective solidarity with the mission of the Church in the whole world." OCTOBER IS ROSARY MONTH. Pray a decade for the intentions of world justice and peace.

Virtual Rosary Online
Virtual Rosary Online!

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+++ Living on the Earth as if People and Other Living Things Mattered Department+++ October is COOPERATIVE month. Support your local cooperative business enterprise! Buy Farmland products in the grocery store and Ampride gas on the freeways. Justpeace Front Page about Co-ops many links, Catholic connections. Heirloom Seeds, offers a selection of non-hybrid seeds. Mr. Solar great access to information about living "off-the-electrical-grid". Has numerous articles about all facets of alternative energy. Natural Disasters information from the Clorox company about using bleach as for emergency cleanup/sanitation during disasters, has excellent information on general preparedness for disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, and floods. Build your own generator using a lawnmower engine and an automobile alternator. No kidding, detailed plans, built it yourself. Alternatives for Simple Living, sponsors a "Whose birthday is it anyway" campaign at Christmas, provides bulk brochures at cheap prices, customized for various religious groups, regarding this theme; will mail you a nice and informative Resource Guide via the post office. Redwood City Seed Company, alternative seed company founded in 1971, offers old-fashioned open-pollinated vegetables, herb seeds, and medicinal plants, including many endangered species cultivars. Check out their hot pepper growing tips... Urban Agriculture Notes, by City Farmer, Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture. This site is so important I'm putting it here for a second week.

Just for Fun. . . The Electric Holy Card Kiosk, send a beautifully colored electronic holy card, for free.

On-going. . . CINJUST is a cyberspace discussion group devoted to Catholic justice and peace issues, moderated by Robert Waldrop, Justpeace web servant. To subscribe, click on the link and follow the instructions. Offered through the facilities of the Catholic Information Network. A message archive is available at the CIN site: Catholic Information Network This past week, subjects discussed included more Centesimus Annus, world poverty, rich and poor and the middle class, news about Nike, recent storm in Kansas City, class warfare, the rich in the New Testament, wisdom of mothers, classless actions, and popularizing the social justice message.

+ Send Email to the Editor. I would enjoy publishing your "Letter to the Editor" with future Justpeace Front Page issues.

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+++ Send email to James Wolfensohn, chairman of the World Bank. Share your concern for his soul due to his bank's cruel persecution of the poor. Read Robert Waldrop's Letter +++ Pray for the conversion of James D. Wolfensohn

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