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Studies in Prolife Feminism

From: Rachel MacNair

The Feminism & Nonviolence Studies Association announces that the print version of Studies in Prolife Feminism, an interdisiciplinary scholarly journal, is available for bulk donation to groups who will make good use of it.

The print version consists of 4 issues, 386 pages total. Content can be perused at

This was published in 1995, but printing costs forced suspension of publication and the journal has now been converted to an on-line format. However, we have an ample supply of the print version in stock and would prefer that it be put to good use rather than being stored. Though they are now old, the content is primarily not outdateable.

Groups that can make good use of these journals may request the donation.

We ask that such groups give a promise to use them and never throw them away, and that they pay the shipping costs. If your group would like to request the donation, please specify number.

Contact: Rachel MacNair, Editor-in-Chief

816-753-2057 voice

816-753-7741 fax

811 East 47th Street

Kansas City, MO 64110-1631

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