bags in van2017 Schedule
of Catholic Worker Food Deliveries
Help is needed for each of these food deliveries. All activities start at the Dorothy Day  Center, 4909 N. State, Oklahoma City, at 9 AM except during the summer June through September, when we meet at 8 AM). This is at the southeast corner of the property of St. Charles Borromeo parish.  State St runs into NW 50th.

If you have questions, contact me at Epiphany Church, 405-722-2110 ext 115.

All dates are on the 3rd or 4th Saturdays except for November and December.

Young people under 18, accompanied by an adult chaperone are welcome to help. We can sign reports for confirmation or school service hours.

Children under 13, accompanied by parents or guardians, are also welcome.

2017 Saturday Delivery Days

September 16 and 30
October 21 and 28
November:  All deliveries will be done on Saturday November 25. We will bag groceries on Friday, November 24th, at 6 pm. 

December: All deliveries will be done on Saturday, December 30. We will bag groceries Friday, December 29 at 630 PM.

In November and December, we need extra people because we do all 400+ of our deliveries on those days.

Venite Adoremus, 10 improvisational meditations on the music of Advent, Nativity, and Epiphany, recorded live by Bob Waldrop on the
Yamaha Conservatory grand piano at the Church of the Epiphany of the Lord in Oklahoma City. Funds from the sale of the CD benefit the
ministries of the Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House.