Let's all go down to the Damascus Road

All too often we take our cues for the way we live our lives from the beacons of safety, security, and the notion of "being realistic". The kingdom of God is not about being realistic. The kingdom of God as revealed in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus beckons us to a life that is in congruence with the upside down economy of the Kingdom of God. Seek the way of the small, seek the way of the sustainability, seek the welfare of the marginalized, these are the things which we should seek after.

All too often we turn a blind eye to the oppressed and marginalized in the world, and then we turn a blind eye to Jesus, and in that indifference is where our sin lies. One of the biggest things that confounds our endeavors to live out the upside down economy of the Kingdom is the addiction to things, toys, gizmos, the latest and greatest device that will improve our lives; these are the things which blind us to the plight of the poor, the addiction to affluence is what prevents us from seeking the welfare of the poor. I am not saying that we should all become ascetic monastics, although it's a temptation for me, I do think that we must develop discipline in our lives that is akin to the life of the monastics. All too often religious faith becomes part of who we are, rather than the foundation from which we make all choices in our lives. Life is full of choices concerning our actions, and the ways in which we will live our lives. We must seek the more difficult way of the Kingdom of God, and we can not do it alone, it must be done in community. It is in community that we will be able to seek to begin to understand and live out a life that is in congruence with the radical call of the Kingdom of God.

Rev. Lance Schmitz, Church of the Nazarene

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