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A Justpeace editorial by webservant Robert Waldrop. . .

President Clinton Should Resign or be IMPEACHED.

The latest pornographic revelations in the Starr-Lewinsky-Clinton Affair deepen my concern about the Clinton presidency. But this news of adultery, obstruction of justice, lying to family, friends, and the American people, all these are not the beginnings of sorrow.

Clinton has been presented as a friend to the poor, but I am dubious. He is harsh on women on welfare, and he has been enthusiastic about welfare "reforms" such as time limits. His response to the bombing of our embassies was to become a terrorist himself, armed with half-million- dollar (or however much they cost) cruise missiles. He hasn't changed the bi-partisan "New World Order" foreign policy first proclaimed in the 1940s, which has proved to be a fertile breeding ground for terrorism, war, and misery throughout the world. He refuses to use our leverage with the Israelis to get a fair deal for the Palestinians.

The Clinton response to the crisis in Russia is to urge them on, "More of the same, more of the same, keep on doing the same things". He has not done squat in regard to the international debt issue, and has nothing but cordial relationships with the World Bank and the IMF, even though these institutions grow fat on the interest they steal from the rice bowls of the poorest of the poor. He vetoed the ban on partial birth abortions and is a strong supporter of killing babies in the womb. To find out that he is an adulterer and willing to lie to a grand jury for political gain does not create a bad situation, it only intensifies and publicizes an already existing problem child president.

For the sake of the poor, President Clinton should leave behind his power because he has not been responsible in its use. If he doesn't resign, Congress should impeach him and remove him from office. Mary's prophecy is that those who are high will be cast down, and his downfall should send an important message to all who are similarly inclined to oppress the poor and take advantage of their powers, perks, and privileges.. This process should be repeated until the ruling class learns how to behave, whatever its political affiliation..

Clinton may be inclined to oppress the poor slightly less, or perhaps it is that he tries to be more humane in his oppression, than the Republicans, but I don't see enough difference there to warrant me going to bat for him.

I have Republican correspondents who are flailing away at my call for Clinton's resignation or impeachment, on the grounds that leaving him in office will help the Republicans maintain their control of Congress and position them strongly for the 2000 presidential election. So I am a "traitor" to the pro-life cause because I want to remove someone that the Republicans allegedly want around to run against. Meanwhile, my Democratic correspondents are arguing that Clinton should be supported because (a) everybody is doing what he did, and (b) the Republicans are worse and Clinton is a victim of their vendetta. Go figure.

As to whose side I am on in making this public observation, I am trying to be on the side of the poor, and that almost demands a position outside of the traditional political structure these days. I'm not sure the Democrats are always on the side of the poor anymore, and neither are the Republicans. These guys may be the only choices at hand, or it may be that they both profit from all of us believing that they are the only choices. I guess I feel my vocation is to stay in the deserts and the slums and the catacombs and undermine what Dorothy Day called a "filthy rotten system" from the inside.

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