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Our bookstore has four floors:

Spirituality books about spirituality and community

Sustainable Living access to practical wisdom, frugality, simplicity and sustainability

Community Organization how to do it

Justice and Peace books on the current context, from an ecumenical diversity of viewpoints, many subjects

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Dear friends,

This virtual bookstore offers you the opportunity to become acquainted with the wide variety of books that are available and that relate to the themes of the Justpeace websites -- justice, peace, oppression, community organizing, simple and sustainable living, Catholic spirituality. You can use it as a booklist for your local library, or to order from a local neighborhood bookstore, or you can buy them through our bookstore.

When you click on the "buy this book today" link by each title, it takes you to a page at with more information about the book; there may be reviews, pictures of the cover art, the table of contents, etc. To order, you click on the "Add to shopping cart" message in the blue box, and it puts the item in your shopping basket. Then you can use your browser's back button to return to my bookstore to add more items to your shopping cart. Or you can continue shopping at using their search pages after entering their site through our on-line bookstore When you are ready to proceed to the checkout counter, click the "View Cart" button in the upper right of every page. Before you checkout, you can remove items from your shopping cart that you don't want and save them for later or delete them. To actually buy the books, you proceed through their check-out system.

Like any bookseller, I don't necessarily agree with everything in all of these books; it seems to me, though, that they all offer important insights that are relevant to the vision of this apostolate. Truth can often be found in surprising places.

If your budget doesn't permit book purchases, print these pages and take them to your local library. If they don't have the titles you want, ask them to get them for you through inter-library loan, or through buying the book for their library patrons.

The proceeds from the small commissions we earn on these sales pays the cyberspace bill each month, and we are grateful to all our customers.

Please feel free to send me email about any of the books listed below; questions, comments, suggestions, curiosities are always very welcome. So pull up a chair, kick off your shoes, pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage, and spend some time scrolling the aisles of this virtual bookstore.

R.M.Waldrop, Bookseller and webservant

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Superna sequor

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