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Vol III, #2, Easter 2000.

Vol III #1, Winter Ordinary Time, 1999-2000

Vol. II #9, Advent 1999

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Vol. II #7, Summer Ordinary Time I

Vol. II #6, Trinity and Corpus Christi Sundays, 1999

Vol. II #5, May 4, 1999

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Vol. II # 4, April 4, 1999

Vol II # 3, March 24, 1999, Holy Week

Vol II # 2, February 17, 1999, Ash Wednesday and Lent

Vol II #1, January 6, 1999,

Vol I # 37 , December 16 - 29, 1998. Part II (Christmas)

Vol I # 36, December 9 - 15, 1998

Vol. I # 35, December 2 - 9, 1998

Vol. 1 #34, November 25 - December 1, 1998

Vol. I # 33, November 11 - 24, 1998

Vol. I #32, week of November 4 - 10, 1998.

Vol. I # 31 Election Day Special Edition, November 3, 1998

Vol. I # 30, week of October 28 - November 3, 1998

Vol. I # 29 + Fides et Ratio + Homily of Pope John Paul II at the canonization of St. Teresa Benedicta de la Cruz + Nobel Peace Prize 1998 announcement + Access to Amartya Sen + Pax Catholic Communications + Orthodox Peace Fellowship of the Protection of the Mother of God + Orthodox Peace News + Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Raska and Prizren (Kosovo) + Serbian Democratic Movement (Kosovo.com) + Vatican Justice and Peace News + Euthanasia and Extraordinary Care + UN High Commissioner for Human Rights + Why it is better to be poor in some countries than in others + Poor People and Library Services + National Economic Development and Law Center + National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship + National Housing Institute + Corporation for Enterprise Development + White Ribbon Campaign + Habitat in Developing Countries + Electronic Development and Environment Information System + Basic Principles of the Mondragon Cooperatives + Institute for Peace and Justice, Families Against Violence Advocacy + Human Development Report Office Occasional Papers + Development Journal On-line + Ethics Update: World Hunger + Center for Social Development at Washington University + Americans for Peace and Justice + Housing Assistance Council + IMF Web Site to heat up if transparency rules pass + ReliefNet Home Page + AlertNet + Direct from the Field + DisasterRelief.Org + GardenGuides + Frugal Living Page + Cooking Under Pressure + Voluntary Simplicity + The Frugal Connection + Thoughts on Frugality + Some hands-on techniques to save resources and money + One Income Living in a Two Income World + Living Within Your Means + Cutting Your Grocery Bill + Homemade Soy Milk + Master Mixes + The Quick and Easy Veggie Meals Under a $1.50 FAQ + Laurie's Veggie Burgers +

Vol. I # 28 We Cannot Be Resigned to World Poverty (John Paul II) + Catholic Worker Iraq Action Page + The Lilliput Strategy: Globalization from below + Edges on Line + Action NOW! + Crucified between two thieves: Catholic Social Teaching vs. Right and Left + Campaign to Stop House Demolitions in Palestine + Action Without Borders + Busy Justice and Peace Week at the Vatican and the UN + Index of Native American Resources on the Internet + Iroquois Confederacy Links + Witness for peace + More on Edith Stein + The Hidden Side of the Clinton Economy + The Zenit Weekly Report + Simple Living Department + Heirloom Seeds + Mr. Solar + Natural Disasters + Build your own generator using a lawnmower engine and an automobile alternator + Alternatives for Simple Living + Redwood City Seed Company + Urban Agriculture Notes + The Electric Holy Card Kiosk

Vol. I # 27 Amnesty International exposes US human rights abuses + Blessed Edith Stein to be canonized Sunday October 11th + The Jubilee and the International Debt Crisis + International Action Center + International Buy Nothing Day Campaign + Thomas Aquinas Institute for Law and Education + Indonesian poor seize golf courses and race tracks to plant food + City Planners threaten New York City gardens with destruction + Urban Agriculture Notes + Urban agriculture in Laos, Philippines, and Vietnam + Poverty Plunge in Kansas City, Missouri + Holy Spirit is Source of True Freedom and Ad limina address (Pope John Paul II) + US political parties + Living wage campaign links + Zenit weekly report from Rome + Cooperative month and links + solar cookers +

Vol. I # 26 POPE ISSUES STRONG APPEAL FOR SOLIDARITY WITH WORLD'S POOR + Africa 2000 Media Group + Margaret Sanger + The Buying of Congress, website of Public Integrity + Transparency International + Center for Economic and Social Justice + The Papacy in Political Philosophy + Pierre Toussaint + Structurally Adjusting the Poor to Death + The Ultimate Resource by Julian Simon + Cardinal George on the Transformation of Society + More World Bank stuff

Vol. 1 #25 Community Development Links + Virtual Library on Micro-credit + Promote Real Economic Democracy + Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center + Mondragon Study Tour + Florilegia Institute + Public Information Research + A note of thanks from the rich. + Africa 2000 in the New Global Context + School of the America's Watch + Congress, the Presidency, and the Culture of Death + Zenit Weekly Report + Home Canning Magazine + USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning + Cooperatives and Cooperation + Earth-friendly and Self-Sufficient Architectures + How to start a food buying club + Square Foot Gardening

Vol. 1 # 24 Jesuit.Org + Neo-liberalism + Letter to our Readers at the Beginning of our Fifteenth Year, by Dorothy Day (1947) + Sustainable Living + Eco-Village Information Service + The Knapps Favorite Links + Earthships + Sources of Sustainability + President Clinton Should Resign, a Justpeace editorial + Racism and Drug War + Sudan September Report +

Labor Day, Nine Days for Life, Africa News, Multinational Monitor Vol. 1, No. 23, September 2-14, 1998.

More response to US military misadventures, Global Policy site, Industrial Areas Foundation, Vol. 1, No. 22, August 26 - September 1, 1998.

UN Third World Youth Forum, a Lament about the foreign policy of the US, Vol. 1, No. 21

Edition of August 5 - 18, Vol. 1, No. 20, Sollicitudo Rei Socialis, Kansas City Catholic Worker Fast, Friday Fax from CAFRI.

Injustice great new links about an important subject in Catholic social justice, Vol. 1, No. 19, July 29 - August 4, 1998

Solidarity publication in Britain, Archbishop Chaput's new letter, international court news Vol. 1, No. 18, July 22 - 28, 1998.

Congress, Palestine, and Solidarity Vol. 1, No. 17, July 15-21, 1998

Papal statement on human rights, politics & poverty in Latin America Volume 1, No. 16, July 8-14, 1998.

Grameen Bank, East Timor, Iraq Update Volume 1 No. 15, July 1-7, 1998.

AIDS in Africa, Palestine, a Week of Novenas for Justice and Peace, Volume I No. 14, June 24-30, 1998

Just Cinema, New International Court, and China Abortion Policy, Volume I. No. XIII, June 17-23, 1998.

116 Just Actions and the effect of the New Jersey Welfare Cap, Volume I, No. XII, June 10-16, 1998.

Land Reform, African Trade, Welfare Watch Volume I, No. XI, June 3-9, 1998. Vatican documents, congressional acts, and a broad look at some aspects of what's happening with welfare.

Works of Justice and Peace, Vol. 1, No. X, May 27-June 2, 1998. A presentation by Justpeace webservant Robert Waldrop.

Distributism an economic philosophy of the early 20th century that was heavily influenced by Catholic social doctrine, links to G.K. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc sources, a strong influence on the cooperative movement. Vol. 1, No. IX, May 19 - 26, 1998.

International Debt Crisis, the Pope has called for consideration of forgiveness of the debts of very poor countries in observance of the Christian Jubilee in the year 2000. Vol. 1, No. VIII, May 12-18, 1998)

Co-operative Enterprise free market alternatives to hard-core corporate capitalism. (Vol. 1. No. VII, May 4-11)

Microenterprise, "entry-level" free enterprise, discusses how poor people can help themselves by starting their own very small businesses. (VI)

Memorial to the victims of the Oklahoma City Bombing commemorates the third anniversary of the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995. (V)

Holy Week Home Page access to meditations and scripture for Holy Week (IV)

Lenten Meditations Page daily justice and peace meditations for Lent, based on the lectionary readings. Lent Entrance Page (III)

Just War and the Iraqi Escalation page of information and prayers relating to the on-going escalation of the situation in Iraq. Includes novena to Our Lady of Sorrows and Angelus in Time of War. (II)

Roe v. Wade Anniversary with a prayer to Mary for Life by Pope John Paul II. (I)